The Most Unhinged Responses To The Taliban’s Takeover

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In the wake of Afghanistan’s collapse to the Taliban after the United States funneled trillions of dollars and 20 years, there are plenty of opinions to go around. The overwhelming majority of people have watched in horror as the country descended into total chaos. Americans and Afghan allies have been left trapped in the country with no way out as the Kabul airport was overrun by the Taliban and flights were canceled. Now, President Biden is ordering troops back to the country to ensure Americans make out of the country but the disaster is likely only just getting started.

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  1. Democrats comments you read them and think can anyone really be that stupid? Especially the one criticizing Tom Cotton could only be from a moron democrat in New York City, nothing but a s**thole. They’ve found the fraud time to start doing something about it.

  2. biden and the democRATS have blood on their hands. They have allowed the afghan peoples slaughter. The taliban will round up everyone that helped America and execute them. This is yours and your administration along with milley fault! PATHETIC FOOLS!

    1. And satan has a reserved seat for obama,biden, soros and the whole DEMONIC party! I’m LOVING IT! This stupid earth might not make these LIARS, TRAITORS, PEDOPHILES, and BIG ETC….pay for their crimes, BUT GOD WILL! The Lake of Fire is ready to receive them!

  3. The biggest error was electing Biden as Pres! America has been nothing but disastrous since his election! One can only hope that Americans are intelligent enough to remove Biden before he creates any further disaster!

  4. Pelosi’s response to Biden was about as idiotic as Biden is! One can only hope that he’ll be removed before too long and before he makes an even greater mess!

  5. Ah, nothing to see here. Move along folks.
    This morning, GMA put Afghanistan as their 4th story. Covid, Covid and booster shots is their foremost concern. They want this to go away ASAP. But, we shall not forget. 2022 should be the first lesson we teach DEMONKRAPS, followed by getting rid of this incompetent senile corrupt guy in the WH.

  6. Its obvious that Democrat’s and Rino’s minds are depraved, unable to function rationally anymore. There are consequences from stollen elections and turning away from a Godly society. No plan to rescue Americans in Afghanistan, just stay in place hunkered down. What a huge abandonment, same way Benghazi was handled. They couldn’t get to the Airbase if they wanted to anyway because of the Taliban.

  7. does it surprise anyone that the comments are coming from democrats, fake msm outlets like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNDC?

  8. since 1-20-21, Biden’s (or the continuance of obama’s) Legacy of Failure starts off with a bang….Afghanistan; our southern border; China’s virus and it’s delta variant; our energy, economic, education, medical crisis, and his lack of competence….

  9. Sadly, despite the idiocy that is usually spewed by The NY Times, this time they may be right. I’m sure the governments in Taiwan and South Korea are very concerned


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