Buyers Remorse: Poll Says Trump Would Have Defeated Biden If Election Were Held Today

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Americans have buyer’s remorse. New polls indicate that Trump would beat Joe Biden if the presidential election were held today. However, what’s even more fascinating is exactly which demographics are expressing a change of heart. Women and Black voters responded to Rasmussen Reports that in an election do-over they would choose Trump’s mean tweets over Biden’s incompetency.

According to The Washington Examiner:

By a six-point margin, 43%-37%, likely voters would pick Trump over Biden “if the next presidential election were held today.”

The details of the survey, which samples more Democrats than Republicans, showed that Trump would win more women and blacks than he did in 2020 when he lost to Biden, 46.8%-51.3%.

A sizable 14% would choose “some other candidate,” though none were named.

The survey comes at a key point in Biden’s presidency. He is now under fire for bungling America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, increasing inflation, and spiraling crime.

Recently, Biden’s approval rating also sank below 50% for the first time since Inauguration. However, we predict that number to keep falling for years to come.

        1. I live in Massachusetts, our Govonor is a Republican, I have voted for him six times. I would never vote for Trump, he is not a Republican, he is a Totalitarian. He ran the company he inherited from his with total control, we the people do not want that, he does not own us.

          1. Did you get your forced covid shot from the current dictator? Forced mask wearing? do you have any of the millions of illegals living next to you? How do you like supporting cradle to grave illegals ? DemonRATS love fools as in you.

          2. We can just ignore little Al, Mustang, and I don’t care who he voted for for Governor, he obviously voted for the White House “squatter,” given his irrational hatred for our good President Trump. Someone who uses only the emotion of hate to make such an important decision, is simply “willfully blind” — shutting out the truth to justify his emotional action and destructive decision.

          3. I did not want Biden to be President.
            Two such truly horrible candidates.
            But not as bad as 2016.
            I have never voted for a Democrat.
            I have voted against Nixon, once and Trump twice.
            Except for the time it takes to vote in a primary I have never been a ‘party member’.
            Trump is a party flip flopper.
            He is not a Republican.
            He is not a Conservative.
            A true Conservative would never ever cut income with out cutting expenses.
            That is the path to the collapse of society.

          4. You’re correct on one thing,perhaps not a conservative, but Donald J Trump is a leader, and he puts our country first..when you don’t vote for a leader you get what big tech and the msm want you to have. How’s it working for ya now?

          5. Donald Trump puts himself first, always.
            There are no entry barriers to big tech or media.
            “Trump Conservatives” lack the skill sets, Think the My Pillow Guy, what a joke.

          6. Certainly Biden is a sleepy, creepy Joe. Extremely clueless and unabashedly incompetent. He like other Democrats are just treating sensitive issues of immigration
            and its attendant criminals with politically correct ideology . They dontvgive a hoot if Americans are killed. What they cared about is the illegals.

          7. The majority of Americans don’t like Trump, that is why he now lives in New Jersey.

          8. People with full size brains get vaccinated and wear masks.
            Ask most anyone suffering from Covid.

          9. What an idiot response! First any logical person needs to see scientific experimental data proving any hypothesis. At least two professors have proven that masks do not stop viruses with experimentation. Vaccines are a joke if you understand the hypothesis and flaw of this invalid approach. Albert Hess is a bozo and has no scientific background and does not know what logic is. Hess, ever taken college logic and actually understood the information given in class? Know what science is and how science is proven. Don’t tell me stupid efficacy data which is not science but lies. As Mark Twain popularized this saying: ” There are three types of lies: Lies, damn lies and statistics!” which is to say that proving something works sometimes only tells you it does not work.

          10. What are the professors names, where did they do their research, what are the names of the professional journals who have published their results, have their results been peer reviewed, how many times have their results been replicated?
            The Scientific Method is so tiresome.

            Studying efficiency/efficacy is not scientific?
            My lawnmower starts about 90% of the time. My lawnmower works 90% of the time. My lawnmower works

            The smallpox vaccine has a 95% efficacy. Have you had it? Your children?
            Don’t worry if you haven’t. With a 99.2% take rate the unvaccinated are highly unlikely to get smallpox, unless the take rate drops below 90%.

          11. I snuck to the end of the other line 3 times at basic training. I avoided the jabs. Never got sick. Nixon was the one who drafted me.

          12. But you’re ok that the White House “squatter” and his puppeteers, and Mz Pelosi are attempting to own and gain total control over us, Al? You’re right, we the people DO NOT WANT THAT — OR THEM! At least President Trump had things under control, unlike the uncontrolled chaos and destruction we are seeing increase in America day after day. Oh, how I wish that our good President Trump was back there where he rightfully belongs. I won’t bother to list all of his accomplishments that raised our country up and benefited we the people during his presidency. And me? I LOVED the fact that he didn’t talk “pretty,” and out of both sides of his mouth, pandering like the demented, insidious Democrats do! He said what he meant, meant what he said, and did what he said he was going to do! Oh, how far we have fallen these past months. 🙁

          13. Trump wanted total control of everything.
            Americans do not want Totalitarianism.
            Maybe if he had reached across the aisle he would be in the White House today.
            Trump was too weak to hold the house.
            Do you think that her election was rigged too?

          14. This Albert Hess is just a dumb troll and a liar. Trump is a Nationalist you idiot not a Totalitarianist. Trump is against the Globalists. Do you know what a Globalist is Mr. Hess? Do you know who the Bilderbergs are? Tell me what is the difference between currency and money. Tell me what is fiat currency and sound money. Tell me why fiat currency is a hidden tax and theft of wealth from the workers. I wonder if you know anything!

          15. I know what a Globalist is.
            A Globalist is a person who does busisness all over the globe.
            They have realestate all over the globe.
            They buy their goods and services from all over the globe.
            Trump is a Globalist.

          16. There is a commie umder every bed.
            Have you ever read Marx?
            Just what your pastor tells you to read, and think?

          17. Absolutely the senate was rigged in Georgia and absolutely rigged for president. The audits will tell exactly how much Trump won over Biden.

          18. Sounds like you want control of everything too, it would help though if you were ever right.

          19. You really have that skewered. President Trump worked for his father as a builder. He and his siblings each inherited $1 million from their late father. He then turned his money into Billions through hard work, courage to try new things and take gambles Kindly do some genuine research before putting out lies

          20. you voted for him 6 times in one election because he hasn’t run for anything 6 times

      1. Albert get a real job dude. I see your back at it again. When are you gonna learn no one cares what you think. Grow up gets some crayons and color what’s left of your time on earth

        1. The people who voted for our one and only President care what I have to say.
          Our military cares.
          The President serves at the pleasure of the military, they have the guns.
          If the military thought that creepy sleepy old Joe lost the election creepy braggadocios old Don wouldn’t be living in stinky New Jersey.

          1. Al come on you don’t believe that crap. Your for Obiteme cuz he is for your brothers following Obumturd orders. We know who and what you are. We’ve been thru this b4. There is nothing you can say or do to undermine or change the way these comrades think. Your cognitive inabilities are showing again and you know it’s not healthy. Not that I really care so pick up a set of tiddlywinks and enjoy your time left on earth. Or better yet move back from once you came. You are way left that’s not gonna change the right you are outnumbered and will always be. The left will loose no matter what they do. We outnumber them by far you can’t win no matter what. Even created a virus to take control. It’s not gonna happen dude. Go back to your homage and take these sob low life satanic devils with you…. God always wins.

      2. This guy again…who cares where he lives…he was a world of better gov. Than Biden..u have to admit the Middle East was at rest with trump this idiot is going to get us into a war! I guess u like the new border guests. Hope they don’t take ur job ..or run u over because the left wants to give them voter rights and licensing to drive! Probably wants u and me to pay for their new cars also! WAKE UP !

        1. What does driving have to do with immigration status? Like vaccines I would like everyone to licensed.
          With or without a license people are going to drive, it’s how America works. Wake up.

        1. People like Al, who hold so much hatred and negative emotion in their hearts, are not capable of thinking rationally, so I guess you might say that, yes, he and the others could very well be morons.

          1. Send his ass to the middle east, he will wake up real fast, he wouldn’t survive, as me and many veterans of the wars there did.

          2. What were you fighting for?
            To throw off the yoke of Comunism from the backs of the Afgan people?
            Trump made a deal with the rag heads. Joe has let it play out.

          3. Did you hate Hillary, did you want her locked up?
            Don the Con was too week to make that happen.

          1. Makes one wonder if Jack flunked his GED final.
            Rudolph Hess spent his life fighting Communism.
            It was Hess who convinced Hitler to attack their Russian allies.
            There was no way the US was going to defeat Italy, Germany, Russia and Japan.
            A little history never hurts.

        1. Yes Herr Drumph family origins and mine are the same, his got here two hundred years later. We are proud of family name, we have never wanted to change it. I can see wanting to change Drumph, it sounds so gutteral. He has managed to hang onto his gutteral mouth….

          1. Name calling?
            The only name I used was Donald John Trump’s historical family name.
            Trump is made up name.
            His granddad wanted to try to fool people that he was an American.
            If you had studied German you would know how gutteral it is.
            So profane sounding
            Like Trump.

        1. I have now won four general and two special elections. Always with at least 60% of the vote. What office does Trump currently hold?

          1. oh my GOD.! a school committee ,with this lunatic ..really SCARY !!! just think of all the damage this idiot has NO DOUBT wrought !

          2. It’s what happens when you have free and fair elections.
            My town voted 73% for Trump, the first time, 52% the second.

          3. Except for the steal in November, he would be in his rightful place in the White House at this very moment, replacing the “squatter” who currently sits there — at least one day a week he sits there I guess.

          4. Ain’t gonna happen, Trump is losing support everyday.
            Most everyday we have a newly minted RINO politican at the Federal or State level.
            The Lincoln Project keeps growing in size.

          5. In the end the President serves at the pleasure of the military.
            They have all the big guns.

          1. Albert Hess same initials as a famous German leader who thought he could dominate world like you do. Trump Did win the election when you count the legitimate votes. The proof of cheating and fraud is coming out more than ever. Go back and take your reality nap big boy.

      3. President Trump lives at mar a Lago in Palm Springs Florida. He has a Golf Club at Bedminster New Jersey. Glad they left New York under the Communists and Washington DC which is not part of America and is a Freemason /Communist/Satanic place

        1. Trump sleeps in Jersey.
          Biden sleeps in the White House.
          If our military thought that Trump won he would still be sleeping at the White House.

  1. SOOOOooo! Frog march those POS-Biden/Harris/OBAMA/PELOS, etaI, OUT NOW;
    President Trump belongs in the W.H. since JAN. 6, 2021. !!! We Americans have been cheated by DNC/Biden/CCP/DeepStateFBI-CIA!!!!!! TREASON !! Hang’em high! NOW !!

        1. You backed a loser.
          I did not back Biden.
          I did not want Biden to be President.
          Like 2016 the 2020 viable candidates were crap. We the people had to pick which piece we wanted in the White House. We did. Once Trump, once. Actually we the people never picked Trump. Electorial College politics are complex.

          There is a chance that Trump, without the Electorial College could have won the popular vote. The Presidential candidates don’t spend much time or money in states that can’t be swung. That does not serve we the people.
          Presidents who fail to win the popular vote always have questions of legitimacy. Bush Two was not considered legtimate until he won the General. Trump has won one election and lost three.

          By the way, how many 2016 vote fraudesters has Trump put in jail? 2020? If Trump has such a high level of support why aren’t his people bustimg the knee caps of the vote fraudesters, it’s not like they don’t know who they are.

          1. The 2016 election was won by Trump because Hillary Clinton and the DNC didn’t cheat enough, but they made it up in 2020.

          2. Albert just admitted there was voter fraud and they do know who they are but ‘they’ have intimidated the courts and paid off many others not to say.

      1. We are the smart ethical ones, you back the party of the degenerates. Trump brought America back from the brink so the CCP released the virus on the world killing millions. There is no confusion here, but you are either ignorant of basic facts or are just as evil as your globalist masters. Either way you need to take a good long look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself when did you become such an idiot.


      1. When will the Norwegians give Trump the recognition he so richly deserves for bringing peace to Ukraine?

        1. well, likely on some kind of drugs..what should REALLY frighten everyone is his statement about his involvement with schools..

      1. and cause she was poor and had no food to cook for the soldiers……….beat her to death in front on her daughter

      2. Biden is following the deal that Trump made with the Taliban. Trump would not even talk to the Afaganistan government.

  3. What do you mean, “Trump would beat Biden if the election were held today”?! Trump beat Biden November 3, 2020!!

    1. Where are the voter law suits? Trump has a supermajority on the Supreme Court and he appointed 347 Federal Judges. Of course the four Trump appointed judges who denied to accept Trump’s claims of voter fraud are nothing but RINO scumbags. All four of them promised life long fealty to Trump. They lied. Trump is poor judge of character. Trump is yet another loser who lives in Jersey

  4. Trump already won the 2020 election by a landslide! Don’t forget that!!! It’s the voter integrity issue that is the issue here. Not one Candidate will ever will an election again as long as voter integrity is not addressed and safe and secure elections can take place! Prevent the Socialist Democrats from ever stealing these offices ever again!

    1. Superlandslide!!
      Trump actually got 99.9643% of the vote.
      Stop it with your little boy lies, it’s time for your big boy lies.

  5. Please watch this movie and tell your friends please.This will let you see what happens when you are evacuating an embassy in a foreign country and what they are going through. The movie is-13hours:The secret soldier soldiers of Benghazi.

  6. if stupid people actually paid attention to the politics and not just “Trump says mean things” they would have already KNOWN was was coming with biden in charge.

    1. Trump released 5,000 Taliban fighters as part of his Art of the Deal to bring peace to Afaganistan. They are enjoying their new digs at the former US Embassy.
      Afaganistan for Afganis, what a cleaver idea.
      You go Joe.

  7. Trump won the 2020 election and anyone with a brain knows it. The Democrat Political Party cheated and the Covid garbage gave them all the cover they needed for the ton of fraudulent mail-in ballots that were submitted. And now all the Democrat Political Party does is block every serious investigation into the election.

    The only thing I wonder about is what fraud tactic they will use in 2022 and 2024? You know they are going to do something.

    1. That story will not be in free market history books in ten years. Maybe in a few state mandated high school text books.

  8. I was the first to post, but as usual the turds are awake now and wouldn’t let it through.
    We’re here because UNINFORMED voters took the the polls out of hatred for President Trump.
    To triggered by tweets. Now they may all have to deal with an attack on our land.
    To little to late!

    1. You backed a loser. On the bright side two more condo buildings decided to Dump the Trump name. They Dumped Trump as a management company years ago. They are now concerned that the Trump name will devalue their units.

  9. TRUMP WON THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION…period!! Anyone who has a decent intellect can see this plainly like the nose on your face!
    1). Look at ALL the Rallies Trump put on and the mega numbers of people they drew — thousands upon thousands came with huge long car lines reaching for miles!! That alone is the BIGGEST RED FLAG EVER!! Biddyboy Biden hardly had maybe 50 people show up for his speeches. Come on Americans! You do not have to be a math wizard to figure this one out!
    2). When “everyone” you know is voting for DJT and no one likes Biden— second 🚩 flag!!

    Every person in our area voted and voted for DJT — no one voted for Biden. When we talked to family and friends living across the States if they voted, they ALL voted and voted for Trump! Even people who were democrats were voting for DJT. Many dems jumped the aisle because of Pelosi’s pigheaded actions and voted for DJT also!

    So how in the name of God did biddyboy Biden, SOMEONE WHO NO ONE WAS VOTING FOR, win an election when no one was voting for him??!? Something is more than fishy here. Something Damn right STINKS LIKE A DEMOCRAT PUKE!!

    The very last straw is how Biden irresponsibly handled troop removal from Afghanistan CAUSING MANY AFGHANIS TO DIE…OR WILL BE KILLED BY THE TALIBAN! What biddy did to the Afghani people is unthinkable and irresponsible, so much so that it is a sign of totally incompetency which requires Biden to step down from the Presidency. He will never leave unless the Military Police physically escort he and his extremely LAME ADMINISTRATION out of the White House!

    PRAY, PETITION that this happens fast. Biden is the worst thing that has happened to America AND THE WORLD! If he isn’t escorted out soon, too many irate and extremely Angry Americans may want to take this situation up another notch.


  10. T R U M P WON in 2020 — where have you been ? — review Mike Lindell’s videos — the proof is there now and has been !!!!

    1. Trump’s super majority Supreme Court has seen Lindell’s “proof”. That is why Biden is in the White House.

  11. This is what you get when you vote against someone and not for someone … and also, why is Trump banned from Twitter, BUT THE TALIBAN IS NOT!!!

  12. Trump only wins with a fair election process. If it doesn’t get fixed we’ll never know the true outcome of another election. Simple as that.

  13. The 2020 election was stolen by the democrats and it has been proven many times that President Trump won the election.

  14. The White House “squatter” didn’t win this election! And while it’s great to see that people are waking up and seeing the light, polls like this will only increase the insidious Demcrats’ frenzy as they try to figure out how to steal the next one!! And somehow, some way, we have to figure out how to stop them!!! May God help us figure out how to do that.

  15. No he wouldn’t — he would lead until the early morning hours when ‘glory be’ — look at all those Biden votes. “Honest men have NOTHING to hide — CROOKS don’t want anybody looking over their shoulder”.

  16. Russia took control of eastern Ukraine and Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula when Obama and Biden occupied the White House. They did nothing! Russia pipeline to Germany dkayed by Biden; Keystone pipeline cancelled. Looks a lot like Obama and Biden are “Putin Puppets”. Clearly more likely than the Mueller investigation was able to show that was the case with Trump. Might it not be concluded from Benghazi,and blaming it on white Americans being insensitive to the feelings of kind and gentle, extremely religious Muslim men, Afghan collapse, begging OPEC to provide us with oil after crippling Trump’s success in making America energy independent, Iran nuclear deal, release of Gitmo held Taliban in exchange for Bowe Bergdahl (one of whom is reportedly in charge of Taliban takeover of Kabul) all under either Obama, Biden or both that it is a bad idea to have Democrats lead the fight against Radical Islamic Terrorism. Democrats seem much better at fighting the threat of domestic terrorism fostered by those extremely dangerous American white people. And our military brass seem better at understanding “white rage” and Critical Race Theory than they are at understanding the “Toxic Masculinity ” of the Taliban. Democrats are all for disarming Americans but not too concerned about arming the Talban through utter capitulation to these men who have no respect whatsoever for “gender neutrality” let alone basic women’s rights. Talk about “gun violence”! Gun belts draped around their necks and unnecessary assault weapons. How dare they! Biden is demanding that elementary school children wear masks that are not good for breathing nor according to Dr. Fauci very effective. Since elementary school age children are not prone to serious affects from the Covid -19 (#19 of China Originating VIral Diseases) does it not make better sense to demand that teachers, school administrators and staff be vaccinated and to wear masks for their own protection. Why try to force parents to risk damage to their childrens’ respiratory systems when they are not the ones needing protection? Why Joe? Explain! And explain how an open southern border helps contain the spread of the Chinese Virus? Go ahead Joe. Explain! Wait a minute. Sorry. That’s Comma la’s job.

  17. What do you mean “would have” … he did, they just cheated. And they will cheat again.

    I don’t think we’re voting our way out of this, kids.

  18. That’s funny saying Polls show that if election was held today Trump would beat Biden. No one mentions the Fact President Trump already beat Biden in 2020. But , they stole it from President Trump. And no one stopped. Just let them take it from him. They should have been put in Prison or lined up. And President Trump should still be in Whitehouse.

  19. What do you mean he WOULD WIN if they voted today ….. HELL, HE WON THE ••••FIRST••• TIME !!!!!!! If we don’t get the election integrity problem solved it’s not going to make ANY difference on how many SAY they would not have voted for BuhbuhbuhbuhBidun…… THEY WILL JUST HAVE RECOUNT THE SAME FAKE BALLOTS A FEW THOUSAND MORE TIMES —AGAIN !!!

    1. If the proud and patriotic men and women in our military thought that Trump won the election he would not be sleeping at a golf course in Jersey


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