Georgia Board of Election Launches Review of Fulton County Votes; Takeover Possible

Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta, Georgia via Wikimedia Commons

The Georgia Board of Elections has launched a review into the votes in Fulton County and has set the stage for the possible takeover of oversight of elections in the county.

Board member Sarah Tindal Ghazal stated, “It is both my hope and expectation that the members of the review board who have been nominated today will take their jobs very seriously and will engage in the review with the singular goal in mind.”

According to NBC News:

Georgia’s Republican-controlled State Election Board took a step Wednesday toward a possible takeover of elections in Fulton County.

The board has decided to take aim at Fulton County, which delivered key wins for the Democratic party during the 2020 election cycle and has long been a target of Republican lawmakers.

Many Republicans continue to claim without evidence that fraud in the county contributed to former President Donald Trump’s narrow loss in the state. An independent monitor found no evidence of fraud or impropriety.

The board voted during a meeting on Wednesday morning to appoint three people to conduct a performance review of Fulton County. Members include Republican Ricky Kittle, chairman of the Catoosa County elections board; Democrat Stephen Day, a member of the Gwinnett County elections board; and Ryan Germany, general counsel for Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Republican lawmakers in Georgia asked the board to appoint an oversight committee to look over Fulton County’s handling of the 2020 election.

The whole process is expected to take about 90 days, from the request to the point where a preliminary hearing on the investigation results will be presented.

The inclusion of the general counsel for GOP Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger could lead to some criticism due to his conduct following the election being questionable.

    1. Sounds like a fix is in the works to dismiss the fraud in 2020. Now if they were really looking at the evidence this might go better but this is just to settle the whole discussion via a small group who really are not auditors. More talk and no action! At least in AZ a full audit is being conducted.

      What is the problems in Georgia other than a week republican legislature? Maybe too much bribery, or too little courage in the republican sector? But get them to at least put laws in place to hole up the ways dim wits plan to cheat in every election including getting rid of the roulette voting machines.


  2. “Many Republicans continue to claim without evidence that fraud in the county contributed to former President Donald Trump’s narrow loss in the state”. Without evidence? The evidence is everywhere but it’s hard to see when you refuse to open your eyes. TTN writers are pathetic and should be ashamed of themselves…

      1. Every article about election audits by mainstream media contains that “without evidence” statement. Always remember the part of the line from Time mag’s 2021 article “a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information.”

      1. Yes, president Trump never conceded; and he was re-elected 2021.
        FRAUD voids all contracts, including contracts for employment as POTUS and VP, by way of elections. 2020Election is rife with fraud resulting in Biden/Harris usurping government job employment for which they are not eligible. Contracts are void for 2020Election FRAUD. President Trump is still POTUS, but his 2nd term is usurped so far by criminals in Office. ARREST Biden/Harris/Obama/ Omar,, immediately; restore Trump Presidency.

        KAMALA: What is important to know and fight against is this fact:  Kamala is usurping OFFICE by election2020 fraud, and she is not eligible for VP or POTUS because she is not a Natural Born Citizen of USA as her parents were alien student visa travelers NOT US Citizens. Like the 2-Term Usurper Muslim Infiltrator Barack Obama who has finally admitted he was born in Kenya not USA, Kamala Harris must be arrested immediately for her federal level felony treasonous crimes, then after prison, both she and Obama should be deported and banished from USA forever!
        Biden/Harris are usurping Offices by way of massive collusion with China’s CCP to corrupt our 2020 Elections, and therefore you must resign immediately , or be arrested for TREASON.

        1. I agree that ‘something should be done’…. the American people are waiting for someone with some courage to DO SOMETHING about the debacle unfolding in the White House occupancy and the ‘not eligible’ VP. WHY IS THERE NO ONE WITH ANY COURAGE ?? We desperately need a real-time ‘Patrick Henry’…. is one to be found – anywhere? PLEASE step up and, if possible, infuse some common sense into the minds of the people in charge.

        2. That’s the way it SHOULD work, but I fear there are ways that contracts can be voided. Having a Biden Administration should show why Democrats should not be running anything on the national scene.

    1. “without evidence”… right!!! Nothing to see here, folks. Just move on!!! Anybody with a brain half working who watched Mike Lindell’s 72 hour symposium could easily conclude that the election was stolen. The “fix” has been in for quite a while… the commies have infiltrated our government at all levels to the extent that we may never see the “old” America again. They will put the icing on the cake when they are able to eliminate the Second Amendment and confiscate our guns, thus eliminating any chance of an armed uprising.

          1. Wish I could say that. Don’t know what I will do when my house is surrounded by a Government hit squad?

    2. “Without evidence? ” – are you surprised??? the writer doesn’t even have the guts to put his/her name…. “NBC NEWS”

    1. Weak rino republican legislature. Probably already owned by Abrams who is a Soros animal. And her sister, a judge, as well. Soros is stamped all over Georgia in every politician!

  3. They keep stating ” Allegations of Fraud without Evidence ” . There is plenty of ” Evidence ” in almost Every State . Don’t expect me to produce the proof . It’s my job and beyond my capabilities , but there are people who have the Evidence .

  4. No evidence? REALLY! CCV from election night at the stadium clearly shows 4 people running the same piles of votes through multiple times. Get your head straight. Quit lying. Sooner or later this will come out.

  5. They should have investigated the 2012 election. I’ve been an Election Judge since then. Several voters told me that their votes were changing on their touchscreen to the Democrats candidates BACK THEN!!! They said that they had to change them several times before their votes stuck. How many people didn’t notice before they hit the send button? Obama said to tell Putin that he’d have more flexibility after he was re-elected. Notice that he said AFTER, not IF, like it was a sure thing! Hillary lost by the Electoral votes. That’s why for Biden they had to flip and ship ballots to the SWING states this time. They could keep Biden, and his senility, hidden in his basement because they knew that they were going to rig the election AGAIN. I bet if they subpoena the right emails, they will find evidence of the details necessary for shipping ballots where needed. Subpoena emails and phone records. If this happened to someone else, someone weaker than TRUMP, they would’ve just accepted the outcome and never exposed all the corruption. Trump brought GOD back into this country’s equation, and God is using him and protects him!! God bless Trump and the US , and give the Traitors the justice they deserve.

    1. I think Trump’s Pride led to his fall. If he had given God the credit for all the good things he did instead of bragging about what “he” did, he would still be President

  6. Blaa , Blaa ,Blaa just more BS that will never get done thanks to the spineless Republicans that hide like cowards and a corrupt media and government RIP I’m done with politicians and Corrupt News !!!! I’m buying guns and Ammunition

  7. Why is it that every news piece about election fraud from any state includes the comment “without proof of fraud”. Numerous claims of fraud exist and are proven. Many others were summarily dismissed by Democrat Judges and AGs. Why are Democrats solidly AGAINST any audits in any state? Possibly because they know fraud was committed?

  8. Every Democrat should hang their heads in shame that our people and people of so many other nations were left to die in Afghanistan by this worthless batch of illegitimate DemSoComm administration ..had enough yet America …time to right this wrong has come

  9. Without Evidence? I think not! 133 million registered to vote in the November Elections.
    159 million votes were counted
    That is 26 million fraudulent votes! They better be careful as Military have the correct figures. Trying to overthrow a duly elected president is TREASON and we all know the penalty for Treason!

  10. “An independent monitor found no evidence of fraud or impropriety.”
    How much were they paid and was their job to find none?
    Almost every election in America has some fraud or impropiety.
    Fulton probably had more than most and needs a forensic audit or people will not trust future elections.

  11. “Many Republicans continue to claim without evidence that fraud…” Can someone please tell me why these “journalists” keep saying there is no evidence of fraud when there are virtual mountains and mountains of it?

  12. Biden to trapped americans in Kabul….You are on your own and the only reason you got trapped is because you are a Trump supporter…..

    Only a Total IDIOT would think that there was NO MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD…AN IDIOT

  13. The fried chicken eating queen of Georgia, Ms. Stacey Abrams, will certainly not like this! This is obviously racist, Jim Crow antics by the white supremacists’. Hopefully these same actions will happen in a number of states across this nation.

  14. We know without a doubt that the presidential election was a total hoax and fraud.What about the two senate seats that went to schmucks?


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