Biden Changes Plans Amid Pressure

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden was set to leave on vacation after a 5-hour workday. The vacation followed a vacation at Camp David while the world was burning.

Media pressure seems to have caused Biden to reverse course. The President will now stay in DC while the border hemorrhages and Afghanistan descends into chaos.

However, there is no word if he will actually work.

According to Fox News:

President Biden Friday will remain in Washington D.C., reversing previous plans to leave the White House for Wilmington, Delaware, as the military and State Department work evacuate Americans and Afghan allies amid the botched withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

After the president’s schedule said that he would fly to Wilmington after delivering remarks on Afghanistan Friday, the White House updated his schedule to indicate he will remain in Washington, D.C. This followed pressure from Republicans and questions from media about Biden’s travel plans.

Biden spent most of the last week in Wilmington and the Camp David presidential retreat as the crisis in Afghanistan spiraled out of control. He was in Camp David when the Taliban completed their sweep into power Sunday – the same day Americans abandoned the Kabul embassy.

Amid intense pressure to return to the White House Monday, Biden flew into town and delivered brief remarks only to immediately fly back to Camp David. That same day, video splashed across the internet of Afghans clinging to a departing American airplane at the Kabul airport, before falling from the sky to their deaths.

The Pentagon has admitted that they do not know how many Americans are trapped in Afghanistan currently.

    1. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden meaning of working = molesting globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep daughters .

      1. Amen.!!! Everything demented Biden touch, it becomes a disaster.!!! The leftists
        cabal should all be removed from government agencies.!!! This shit political party
        embarassment to the whole world, always.!!! They are not incompetent they did
        work all these trash to destroy this country & around the world, their intention
        to make China rule not only America but globally.!!! These scumbags are all embedded with China for $$$.!!!

    1. Oh, he does a lot of “work.” The problem is that all of it causes tremendous damage. In his first 7 months, he has issued 57 executive orders to get around the checks and balances of government.

      If he has done this much damage in 7 months, imagine what he can do in 4 years. We’re talking apocalypse.

    1. Rinos are the ones who have been A-wol in this stollen election, and getting to the bottom of the stealth as well as going along with draconian mandates and loss of freedoms dictated by this administration,,, and they aren’t doing anything to stand up to communism….they just go along for the ride not to rock the boat, as long THEIR special interests are met for THEIR STATES. Alot of the Red states are investigation and getting on the bandwagon, but these evil anti-trumpets and Americans have been given alot of time to change their state’s infrastructure and laws.

      1. rinos totally a problem, but I’m also very disappointed in the rest of the silent republicans, they are complicit as well in my opinion.

      1. But wouldn’t you think that even dimocrats would have more pride in their jobs and not let our own people be captured by killers

        1. Their jobs depend on their keeping Nancy Pelosi happy, and Nancy doesn’t give a rat’s donkey about the nation. Only their power.

        2. Yes, of course anyone with a pea sized brain would come to that conclusion. But, unfortunately the KKKRAKA party of today has COMPLETELY LOST ITS MIND!
          My biggest concern is all the IDIOTS who voted for this debacle of an administration.

  1. Biden work???????? You’ve got to be kidding me. The good news is that Biden is so incompetent that the United States is much better off when he doesn’t do anything.

    The guy is a disaster.

  2. globalist puppet, chester the molester biden obeying all the orders globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ give him, globalist puppet $oro$ needs to stop writing his notes in jewish hungarian language and stop speaking in jewish hungarian in his ear piece so people can understand what the hell globalist puppet, chester the molester biden is trying to say .

  3. Its a little late don’t you think Plugs? Now you are putting our great military in harms way because of wrong sighted influences from the CCP! This withdrawal is as bone headed a move as Neville Chamberlain made.

  4. Don’t worry the Tally Boo will give you the # as they round them up, behead the men, rape the women and make them marry a tally boo and hold the high value ones as hostages for ransom. Then what will the big O tell him to do. Guess he will have poor old uncle Joe make him the point man on this !@#$. The dems defeat is now assured in the 2022 midterms even dominion and the Chicoms can’t save them from this fiasco. Way to go big O; oops I mean Uncle Joe.

    This guy can’t wipe his own ass unless jill is there to remind him or actually do it for him.
    It’s wayyyy past obvious that this guy CAN’T DO THE JOB! Let KAMEL TOE take over, then the world and all the idiots who voted for this disaster can see first hand she’s worse than joe.
    Wake the hell up people!

    1. Creepy Sleepy Joe has Dr. Jill trying to help hold his feet in the stirrups of his “Wonder Horse,” looking like he is in control of things. He has one in the White House, one aboard the helicopter, and one at Camp David ; each one with a rocking chair type base, maintaining the illusion of Joe being still in the saddle, in control. However, his image is now damaged, revealing that he went to the General George Custer School Of Leadership Strategies, and the Benedict Arnold School Of Patriotic Loyalties, for his Leftist degree in political science. He thinks he has one-upped General Custer now, by donating his weapons to the enemy. He saw “no way to get out of Afghanistan without chaos,” because Joe is CLUELESS about well-reasoned logic ! He wanted to hurry in his plan to get the U.S. out of Afghanistan ; and not turn that war over to a fifth POTUS. Therefore, he abandoned the 20 years’ worth of efforts there, abandoning all hope for a better life for Afghan people ; knowing that he would be unable to stay in his White House charade much longer. His Democrat Party has become totally Leftist, through their infiltration over the last 70 years. When Joe said that “America is back,” he was lamenting the fact that Republicans had slowed down his Socialists’/Communists’ goal of putting America under tyranny, which our founders had escaped by forming this “more perfect Union” some 245 years ago. Joe is in the pocket of Leftists, AND IS OPPOSED TO OUR REMAINING FREE AS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!!!!

  6. I have long realized that our current President is not mentally capable; but I did think we had a State department and and a department of defense, that was smarter than I am, since they have information I did not have, re: this pullout

    1. I actually think that you and I would do a fantastic job if we were in WA. Have you seen or heard the secretary of state?
      He is a complete know nothing moron.
      Saw him being interviewed last Sunday with George stephanopoulos. His mouth moved alot, all the while saying absolutely nothing.
      The great/late Rush Limbaugh said that, if joe got elected, our government would be run by wanna bes, power hungry, know nothing beaurecrats.
      People who never ran for office and we DIDN’T VOTE FOR. I think we’re there.

  7. Biden will never be a failed president as long as he has George stephanopolous and ABC editing his so called interviews!!!!

    1. Yes, but lately they’ve had no choice but to report mostly truth. They have a brit over there who has done excellent reporting and basically saying that what’s going on there DOES NOT MATCH what senile joe is spewing out of his ice cream pie hole.
      I’ve been saying for quite some time that eventually things would get so bad that the media would have no choice but to report.
      I believe it’s happening.

  8. Ignorant fool. Should have at least gotten them out before starting withdrawal! This shows how unprepared this fool is to run a country and how prepared he is to destroy America! Never ever should have been POTUS and we did not vote him in. What a horrible sham!

  9. Bidumb, at most, can concentrate for 3 or 4 hours a day. That’s why he’s always unavailable in the afternoon and evening. It’s called “sunset syndrome” (Alzheimer’s)

  10. Biden is a slobbering BAFFOON who doesn’t know who he is, where he is or even what day it is so what difference does it make where he is because in the end the results will be the same……total chaos and his administration trying to blame everything and anyone else but them for the DISASTER in Kabul and Afghanistan as a whole!!! Any American still in Afghanistan is totally screwed if they’re depending on the IDIOT-in-Chief Biden to get them out!!!!

  11. Did anyone just watch corrupt joe’s address to the nation, where he blatantly lied through his false teeth on every single point?
    Afterwards, even ABC’s David Muir, Martha raddatz, John Karl and Stephanie Ramos ALL SAID O’bite me owns this debacle. The points he made DO NOT MATCH the reporting on the ground by Ian, a brit reporting for ABC and others pleading for help.
    John Karl even said the fake prez has had 7 months to figure this out. When the media no longer will cover for you, something’s up!
    Soooooooo obvious he can’t get the job done!
    Soooooooo obvious he’s mentally challenged!
    jill, take your dam crazy husband to the nursing home. NOW!

  12. If only we could get him back to Camp David, where he could be kept busy working crossword puzzles and not having more deleterious effects on the nation! He and the Democrat Party are proving their danger to our once-proud country.

  13. The disaster doofus in the White House. He f____ks up everything he touches. Even Obama said not to underestimate Biden’s ability to f___k things up. He needs to go and so does Harris and Pelosi. Horrible human beings. Not sure they even qualify as humans.

  14. This incompetent, sockpuppet, should stay in his basement, every time he makes a decision, it costs jobs,lives,homelessness, poverty,inflation, and benefits our adversaries, this mentally unfit,nincompoop, has no bussiness making any decisions for our country, he isn’t the president,but an empty bag of bones, with an airhead.

  15. Give me a break! The phony in Chief has not put in an 8 hour day of work in years. He is a puppet and anti Americans are running the show. Any other person would have been sent to a dementia ward several years back. Trump accomplished more by 8 am than Joebama accomplishes in a week.

  16. Work??? This douche hasn’t worked a day in his life. He’s been spoon-fed on the tax payer’s dime for over 40 years and it continues today!!

    THANKS to all those who voted for him – funny I can’t find anyone to admit it now!

  17. The lead picture to this article says it all …. kammie & biden think all of this is one big GAME, and they could not care LESS that their SHOW ABOUT NOTHING is taking our Country in a downward spiral …


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