White House Communications Director Makes Wild Biden Claim

In the eyes of White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield, “the president never shies away from taking questions.”

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According to Fox News:

White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield claimed Friday that President Joe Biden “never shies away from taking questions” from reporters, despite the sharp criticism he’s received for avoiding media queries.

Bedingfield made the media rounds Friday as Biden, who will speak later at the White House, grapples with the worst foreign policy crisis of his presidency in Afghanistan.

“Will President Biden, after his remarks today, take questions? He’s given a couple of speeches, he did the interview with ABC News, but the White House press corps. and the American people have a lot of direct questions for him. Will he take those today?” MSNBC host Willie Geist asked Bedingfield as she appeared on “Morning Joe.”

In May, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Biden taking impromptu reporter questions was not something her team recommended and claimed she often tells him, “Don’t take questions.”

Aside from not regularly taking questions from reporters Biden also lags behind the sit-down interview numbers given by President Trump and President Obama.

    1. Because the dumbokraps always do something our side can’t seem to or refuses to do.
      They stick together through thick and thin.

    2. They did the same with the Benghazi attack why do you think this would be any different. The liberal/democrats/socialists get away with murder, etc all the time. when will the republicans stick together and do something about them.To afraid to lose their paychecks & retirement benefits. Our government will never be for the people, just for themselves. We will be going to war, just to keep the democrats in power. The party won’t change while there is conflict with another country. Read the history of our wars, economy improves, while we lose many lives. That’s what those who stole the election wanted, their last ditch effort to control us. 1st they couldn’t defeat Pres.Trump, plus control/fear with cov-19, now with the threat of war. The Biden lovers need to leave our country and move to another.

      1. When do we call the actions of Domestic Enemies of the USA (i.e.- Democrats), those who hate the country and most of its peoples; who sabotage the country and its resources, when do we brand them traitors and mete out appropriate consequences?


        1. Exactly! And when do we get our President back in the White House? It better be soon because our America won’t last much longer under this ridiculous imbecile’s “leading.”

    3. I think Hunter has been sharing his drugs too freely around the White House, the entire staff seems to be delusional and disorientated. No single group of people could possibly lie this much, and this poorly, without chemical assistance.

      1. Probably mushrooms. They need to be kept in the dark, sprinkled liberally with sh!t(pun intended), and then produce delusions and hallucinations aplenty.

  1. Kate Bedingfield has said that “Biden never shies away from taking questions” But he has, many times, done just that! He often, in fact, says he doesn’t know the answer or isn’t interested in responding!
    Biden, in fact, is not at all suitable to be Pres. of America (despite the fact that’s just what he is at present — unfortunately, as he’s not doing at all well as spokesman!)

    1. Right now, Frances, we don’t have a President! What we have are a bunch of puppeteers and script writers who pull and manipulate his strings. I doubt he has any idea why he’s there or that he understands the true meaning of anything he reads from his scripts, monitors, and notes! Unimaginable that the greatest country in the world has reached the lowest point we have ever known — at least that I have known in my time. May God help us find a way to stop this madness, and save and restore our country and our freedoms — please.

    2. he isn’t doing well. with anything at all. and he isn’t President. he is the pResident who happens to be squatting in the Whitehouse, courtesy of dominion and all the devils henchmen. but, soon that will change. watch.

  2. Biden Is a pathetic, lying joke who doesn’t have the guts or brains to take questions from the press or real Americans who are concerned about his daily screwups and the damage he has done to our Country! Biden and his entire administration are total IDIOTS!!!

  3. Transparency is , they cheated once a cheat always a cheat. Once a liar always a liar. Once a skirt the issues always skirt the Issues. Once a bribe always a bribe. Once a left always a left .

  4. Hey listen folks, we all know that The Democrats rigged the election. I mean it only stands to reason. I’d hate to think that we have that many ignorant people over the age of 18 who voted for the token white guy with 47 years in Government and nothing to show for his efforts except for a Crack Head Son involved with every country considered to be our enemy. He choses a running mate who spoke so poorly of him during the primary race and she got 2% of the vote and the first person out of the race. Think about that for a minute, a guy who’s been in Government for 47 years and has done NADA, BUBKISS, and a VP running mate who has done less that he has. No wonder the illegals are coming in by the thousands rapists criminals all infected with COVID. The economy is failing miserably, gas prices going through the roof, and these two MORONS accomplished this in less that 8 months. Are you kidding me folks, if this hasn’t been deliberate I don’t know what has been. No President or administration has failed so badly so quickly in the History of the United States…even Jimmy Carter. I just hope there’s a lot of Democrats going broke because their not collecting their rents…you VOTED for him now suffer the consequences. He’s been so much better than the guy who twitted every day isn’t he. Wait you haven’t gotten your new tax bill, wait until that arrives…lol. I can’t even speak on Afghanistan I think we all know he shit the bed on that one.

    1. And those illegals are in for a big surprise when they learn that America is fast becoming like the countries they wanted to get away from! They should never have been allowed in. 🙁

  5. Kate’s lying or not paying attention. But whether he takes questions misses the point. Our leader is an imbecile whose brains have been scrambled by early dementia. He’s reached a point where he’s very dangerous for all of us, even the seditious b*st*rds who voted for him. Our nation is on the brink of collapse and our most minacious competitors are watching and waiting for their opportunity to be number one. Seems to me time has run out on this clown.

  6. Here’s why he doesn’t take questions.
    Yesterday I saw a clip from Tucker’s show, where he revealed a transcript from joe’s interview with George stephanopoulos. Of course it was edited out anyway. If people saw this, it would scare everyone to the core that this empty suite is running the biggest nation on earth.
    The questions for that interview were certainly submitted, he was prepped with the answers, yet couldn’t cut it. Yet, seems like our side refuses to call him out.

    1. He is called out regularly but the media refuses to report it. That’s why it seems like he’s getting a free pass, because the news outlets and reporters aren’t doing their damned jobs.

    2. I saw that, too, and very typical of the liberal media, of course, to edit it out. What a bumbling fool and laughing stock he’s making of America, not to mention making of himself.

  7. I’d be tempted to say that Hiden Biden is living in La La Land. But that could never be: the honest citizens of La La Land would throw the bum out, for sure.

  8. This whole Afghanistan debacle sounds like something Omar and Tlaib would orchestrate. The entire exit strategy has been a joke. Nobody is that stupid!! The far left hates the God of Israel. They are in bed with radical Islam to wipe Israel off the map and to persecute Christians. Biden is a front man who will take the fall for the true manipulators in the Deep State. Biden will be given what he wants – money and privilege. The true manipulators got to engage their true agenda (emboldening a terror state) , and they will continue on without blame or scrutiny.

  9. White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield is another Biden lackey. They must give a course to Biden appointees on how to lie and avoid answering questions. That is all they do.

  10. Get ready for his next mandate…that he will no longer take questions concerning our southern border of Afghanistan, he’ll only take questions about school kids wearing mask!

  11. Yikes!! what is Kate smoking? she is delusional!!!??? Probably-working
    for Biden can’t be easy! but come on man!!

  12. I read all the comments. I really have to say I am so proud of my fellow Americans. Was getting worried. We still aren’t in the clear. But we gaining steam. Slobbering Joe is not Our president. Need to keep it up and see this thing thru. Every tyrant that has been apart of all tgeir crimes. Need to be held accountable. Benghazi. The media. Fast and FURIOUS. Election fraud. Jan 6th. On and on. Need to hold their feet to the fire. (Not literally) We need to do this for our children’s future. We been sleeping at the wheel to long. God bless America. We need to stand together.

  13. He’s told to avoid questions because he is senile and can’t answer. Try him for treason with the ‘hoe and remove them from office. If they turn states evidence let them rot in jail instead of hanging

  14. He takes no questions unless they were given to their selected media stooges beforehand. He isn’t capable of thinking for himself so he isn’t put in a situational where he might have to. Wouldn’t you love to see the parts of his ABC interview that were edited out? It would be a great piece on America’s Funniest Home Videos.

  15. bedingfield, Yet another companion for Biden, Pelosi Schumer, Harris and psaki the well known comedy team of dumb, dumber and even more dumb and dumber! When is it going to end! The lying the subterfuge the mishandling the misleading the non transparency! When are we going to stop this nonsense of covid! We are all done with you. You are worse than useless, brain dead automatons!

  16. After making that comment, Ms. Bedingfield should have turned into a pillar of salt for one of the biggest lies I’ve heard come out from this Biden Administration.

    Right up there with ” We had no intelligence that told us the Taliban would do what they’re doing.”


  17. he must pay really well! I dont see how anyone could lie for that POS>. they should be glad I am not a reporter. I would come right out and ask why she is obviously lying. and that everyone knows he runs like a rabbit after he is forced to give even the shortest answers. there is no one on earth I would lie for, let alone this retarded pervert.

  18. Biden never shies away from questions. He loves to put his stupid on display, but his handlers are smart enough to not let him do so. Every now and then, he gets away from them and answers a few, bit they reel him back in asap.


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