Biden Ally Claims Trump and His Supporters More Dangerous Than Two Terrorist Groups Combined

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An unhinged ally to President Biden is pathetically trying to claim former President Trump and his supporters are more dangerous than Al Qaeda and the Taliban combined. David Rothkopf, a far-left columnist for The Daily Beast who has clearly lost touch with reality is doing what liberals do best in the face of their party’s clear failure; trying to flip the narrative to that so-called evil Republicans.

While Afghanistan has broken into all-out chaos under Taliban rule after Biden’s disaster of a withdrawal Rothkopf is busy attacking Republicans.

Fox News reports:

Rothkopf, a Daily Beast contributing columnist and the CEO of The Rothkopf Group, an interactive media and advisory firm, has written several columns heaping praise on the Biden administration, which has gotten the attention of Klain. His columns also attacked Republicans, including one earlier this year that said the Republican Party is the “party of thugs, terrorists, racists and dopes.”

In an email to Fox News on Wednesday, Rothkopf acknowledged that the “Taliban and Al Qaeda are among the most vile, dangerous violent extremist organizations in the world” and that they “pose a threat that must be taken very seriously and actively combatted.” However, he doubled down on his tweet and claimed they do not “pose an existential threat to the United States or our way of life” like Trump and his supporters do.

“Trump and his supporters have, with support of one America’s most dangerous enemies, actively sought to undermine democracy in America. The coup attempt on January 6th and the propagation of the Big Lie are an example of this,” he said. “Their efforts to suppress the vote are an example of this. Trump’s active obstruction of justice is an example of this. Should they succeed, democracy in America will be gutted, our way of life end, our values undermined and our standing in the world destroyed. They may yet succeed. As a consequence the threat they pose is far greater to the United States as a whole.”

Rothkopf continued by mentioning the hundreds of thousands of deaths from COVID-19 last year and claimed, “No terror group could ever hope to achieve such a level of damage” from Trump’s “mishandling of COVID” and “ignorance and self-serving spread of lies.”

It seems that Rothkopf might be the only journalist left on President Biden’s side. Even Politico accused the Biden administration of gaslighting as the President tries to claim he’s in control of the situation in Afghanistan despite the mountain of evidence and reports pointing to the exact opposite

Politico reports:

“I don’t think the president’s rhetoric matches the conditions on the ground,” said Jenna Ben-Yehuda, a 12-year veteran of the Bush and Obama State Department and president of the Truman Center, which is coordinating with other groups to try to evacuate Afghan allies.

“They keep saying this was inevitable, but there absolutely was a way to avoid this — if that’s not the definition of gaslighting I don’t what is,” said Chris Purdy, the project manager of the Veterans for American Ideals program at Human Rights First, which has been part of the coalition to help evacuate people from Afghanistan.

  1. Rothkopf needs psychiatric treatment ASAP…please, someone help him. Actually, maybe he’ll just accidentally shove a firework up his a$$ and explode.

  2. When folks like Rothkopf whine, I always assume it’s due to sour grapes. But these days they have little to be sour about because it was Trump who was scorned, cheated and defeated. Perhaps he should just shut up and enjoy the spoils.

    1. The people complain and. Accuse Trump of killing thousands of people with his failure on Covid 19. You have got to remember that the democrats tried to change everything he wanted to do. When he tried to stop Chinese from coming to the country , the democrats were telling people to ride the subway snd go to theatres and go to Chinatown and celebrate. You also should remember that there was no vaccine and that Trump executed warp speed to develop vaccine in record time. No one has come up with a successful way to prevent it. The dust masks do not stop the virus. And the democrats have made billions from these fake masks. The vaccine does not prevent the virus and people that have been vaccinated are still infecting other people. The only thing that has helped is distancing yourself from other people.. The claims of so many deaths from the virus had been greatly exaggerated. No one came believe anything news media anymore.

  3. David “The Dolt” needs to realize that if the Trump supporters wanted to initiate a coup d’état on January 6, over 1 million people would’ve showed up with weapons. That however, wasn’t the case. Remember, not a single weapon was found on any Trump supporter. Now if you wanna talk about BLM or antifa, that is right up their alley.

  4. Clearly the man has access to drugs that we common folk can’t get. I have chronic pain in my lower back. Will your drugs help me, Mr. Rothkopf?

  5. I am a Trump supporter and a Republican. I am a danger to no one. I have never been arrested in my life. I have never been to a protest. I stay at home and tend to my own business. I wear a mask when I go out which is not often because I have MS and can’t walk. My husband works for a living. We don’t live off of any government funds. I am not on disability. When I tried I didn’t have enough quarters in because I also have Crohn’s disease. I hadn’t worked in years. I stayed home because I raised my child and I was sick. Don’t call me a terrorist. Look up the definition for a terrorist and find out what terrorist is. Not me!

    1. I believe every word you wrote, Monica and with that said………you and people like you, peaceful, clear headed and logical, are the greatest danger of all to marxist/Dems! Dems understand, uphold and support terrorists as friends. You however are feared because to criticize you would be imbocyclic!

  6. We find out through the Arizona voting audit that Demoshits were guilty then all BET ARE OFF THE TABLE AND DEMOSHIT ASSES ARE OURS….FACT


    1. At that time, every visitor to USSR was screened by KGB (they even were keeping your passport, 3-6month took to get visa) and every useful idiot was sign in as their agent, informer.I would like to see Bernie Sanders dossier at their archives. By the way, you serve them till you die. There is no back up once you are recruited. How about that Bernie?

      1. Obama said he would “side with the Muslims if the winds change.” I think it was in his book “Dreams of my Father”. I read the book when he ran for President. Talk about racist.

  8. Mental morons like him are the reason the mainstream media has no credibility anymore. They grasp at straws because they have no capability to make an informed decision about anything. It’s a wonder they can remember to get up in the morning.

  9. David Rothkopf – just another liberal moron! Personally, I wouldn’t give any of these nit-wits any publicity. Maybe then, they would go away.

    1. better watch out trying to imposing unconstitutional mandates like vaccination, mask, lockdowns, and the New World Order if we are a threat.

  10. Most of the Democratic Party are trying to put an end to our freedom. They want to return to the Programs they installed decades ago. Well fare and food stamps except now it is, being given more money to stay home rather than go to work. In this way they have citizens under their control by using this free money w/o working for it. Nancy Pelosi is the main one responsible for the attack on the Capitol building on January 6th, 2021. She was warned about possible problems arising there and did nothing to reinforce the Capitol Building in case it was needed. This Fake Insurrection Hoax she played out was another effort in trying to Charge Insurrection against President Trump in order to keep him out of Politics forever. Joe Biden and his cohorts stole the Presidential Election by Changing the Voting Rules w/o the States Legislatures approvals. After Biden took Office as POTUS he immediately started attacking President Trump by signing 17 Executive Orders reversing much of what President Trump had done only by him and some of his administration people and always fighting The Democrats for 4 1/2 years as they tried to keep him from Becoming the POTUS by starting and keeping the Russia Hoax investigation going on. Of which Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid 10 Million Dollars for the Fake “Dosier’e. That investigation has been going on now for years as we are still waiting to hear how John Durham has done the investigation and who if any will be charged,HA-HA, good luck with that. The SCOTUS Finally got something right by ordering the Southern Border closed and for immigrants to stay in Mexico. I am very disgusted with the SCOTUS for not allowing a hearing into the possibility of Voter Fraud. President Trump was up Hundreds of thousands of vote in Pennsylvania and the next day he was down by 70,000 votes. Nothing like a tractor trailer with pallets of votes from New York arriving in Pennsylvania. The truck driver signed a sworn affidavit as to the contents of the trailer and where they came from and where he was instructed to Deliver them too. How about the Video that showed most of the Voting counting people being told to leave the building along with the observers because there was a severe worker leak. Then the 5 or 6 people left started to pull out cases from under a table covered with a table cloth hiding them from site. What else had to be told and possibly shown to the SCOTUS for them To order an Investigation into the Possibility of Voter Fraud. Biden was Elected in this way plus he had many big tech companies behind him and all the News Media except Fox News showing and telling of untruthful narratives about President Trump. You know I always wondered how we as a Country supposedly being free and having support from our Federal Government never cared to look at our own Country’s Corruption in Politics. And we want to be a symbol for other Country’s seeking freedom. It is up to us to stand up for our rights and many millions of Trump supporters should march on Washington, DC and stay blocks away from the Capitol Building but demand our Politicians to work to Keep America First and Not the Phony Biden Motto of “Building back better.” He had killed 10,000 jobs on the Keystone XL Pipeline which would help keep us Energy Independent and He gives Putin a waiver to continue their Pipeline for Europe. Now as we need Oil to continue to run our Country we have to buy it from other Nations. President Trump had Mexico keeping all illegal Immigrants in Mexico until they had their Asylum cases heard. The W.H.O. is run by China whom seem to have Biden in their pocket with all the Money they gave to Hunter Biden on his trip their on Air Force 2 with His father. Also with the $1,000,000 from the energy company in the Ukraine. Of which Hunter Biden had no experience or qualifications in either the Energy or Investing on that level of Money, 1.5 Billion Dollars of which some others in the Biden Family shared in. And 1.5 Million Dollars from a Russian Mayor’s wife. Obama Retired with enough fortune to buy a $14,000,000 estate. When do we wake and realize that so many Politicians are very wealthy and that is why some of them stay in Office for decades to keep going to the “Federal Government Cash COW that is available for some of them. Bring Back President Trump as he would have withdrawn our Troops after all the Americans And the SIV Afghanias were evacuated. Also President Trump had Russia at Bay along with the Iranians and China. President Trump was the one and only person to get a vaccine made in record time as his opponents said that it was impossible. But low and behold President Biden steps up to take credit for the Vaccine. All my friends who are Democratic Voters and supporters will wake up one day and realize the Mistake they had done in Voting for this sad to say very sick man. So everyone contact your Representatives and let them know you are so freaking mad over how they are not standing up to the Democrats who will ruin this Country of ours if they are allowed to continue doing what they have done for the last 8 months. One voice is not enough so get busy calling your representative and give him or Her an earful.

  11. Well to begin with. Who the heck is David Rothkoph. ? Never heard of him. And who even cares what this nobody is saying

    1. AMEN ELSIN!!! You said it all, he is one of the narrative monkeys that Sharyn Attkisson so aptly describes in her book “Slanted”. Another effing “expert idiot” who no one ever heard of…JL

  12. Only empty headed marxist/Dems agree with this hypocrite! This is just more idiotic “fodder for explosive barf”!

  13. My hope and prayer is that EVERY LIAR IN POLITICS, WILL LOOSE THEIR TONGUES! That when they open their mouth, God would let their tongue fall out of their mouths!

  14. Exactly what facts do you have that your accusations are true Mr. Rothkopf? How exactly 1. does Trump suppress the vote??? and 2. how does he actively obstruct justice? and how exactly does “democracy in America will be gutted, our way of life end, our values undermined and our standing in the world destroyed”? I would like to hear some valid facts – or can you not present them??? You are good a running your mouth – now prove it.

  15. This is not surprising at all. I am actually surprised that more media outlets have not done the same. I guess even most liberal media platforms do have their limits after all. Who knew?

  16. Democrats are the TRUE Enemy Within….. just look at their Totalitarian Policies and their efforts to Destroy America

  17. Seriously? Well it looks to me that the Biden Administration is worse than two terror groups combined. If Trump were President, who the people voted for, none of this would be happening. We would have energy independence, low priced gas, control of our border, safety from terrorist threats, and a well planned exit from Afghanistan! I would guess that most of our population would love to have him back.

  18. The Taliban, all of them together, plus every Al Qaeda fighter in the world, do not pose the threat to the United States that Biden or Biden supporters do. Let’s maintain our perspective inspite of useful idiots like Rothkopf

  19. Yes indeed! President Trump is an extreme danger to all criminals, corrupt Politicians, Pedophiles, money launderers, swindlers, baby murderers etc. I agree 🙂 Oh and Trump supporters who believe in God, family values, historic traditional values and law and Order are indeed a terrible danger ???????? Thank God

  20. Simple solution for Rothkopf, move to Afghanistan, it’s safer, according to his own logic. You know this is how species or sub-species die out. The Mayans died because they left the the people they sacrificed to the God’s to rot near their food and water supplies. I see no difference in the sub-species Liberilus Idioticus to meet s similar fate at some point, death by following one’s misguided beliefs or soon to be known as liberalcide. As long as you liberals practice what you preach and don’t take anyone with you that is unwilling then you are free to pursue death, tyranny and the pursuit of unhappiness to your hearts content, but again, please do it on your own.

    Anone still supporting Biden needs to be put on a list for psychiatric evaluation, stat! There is defending your ideology and then there is the middle of the pack lemming that sees his brothers and sisters going over a cliff and still decides to join them. Good luck to David Rothkopf, but by doing that I am bidding you goodbye to your journey on this dimension if you think your approach will bear fruit. So long, farewell, we don’t mind seeing you go!

  21. Rothkopf needs to be assigned a 6 month tour of duty to Afghanistan honestly appraise the situation there and keep America informed that there are no atrocities taking place and Biden’s policiy failiures are a complete fabrication of the Jan 6 extremists. On the 31st he also could hsve the honor of becoming the first headless US journalist to celebrate the peaceful Biden sponsored escalation of Afghanistan, to a world military power…

  22. Biden who has either dementia or alzheimer is the more dangerous to our country, our citizens, our way of life, our freedoms….

  23. Rothkopf is an ostrich burying his head in the sand. Obummer administration was saddled with IRS scandal, fast and furious, spying on Americans, Benghazi (now Afganistan), Clinton’s obstruction of justice, and all the treasonous acts selling our country out to China and Ukraine and the Biden administration is just an extension causing divsion between white and black, unvaccinated and vaccinated NO integrity or unity here


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