Former Top ABC News Exec Hit With Bombshell Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Jim.henderson, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

An ABC News producer has filed a lawsuit against former “Good Morning America” producer Michael Corn. The lawsuit filed with the New York Supreme Court alleges Corn sexually assaulted “GMA” producer Kirstyn Crawford during a business trip to Los Angeles in 2015.

Fox News reports:

“While in an Uber to their hotel, Corn pulled Crawford’s head into his chest and began kissing her and rubbing her legs,” the lawsuit alleges. “Each time Crawford tried to pull away, Corn pulled her right back. Later that evening, after Crawford believed she had escaped to her hotel room, Corn came to Crawford’s room for the express purpose of attempting to have sex with her.”

The lawsuit also claimed Corn – who abruptly left ABC in April – sexually assaulted another ABC employee that reported to him, Jill McClain, who is not listed as a plaintiff. It alleges that Corm “assaulted McClain on two separate occasions—once on a redeye flight from Los Angeles to New York, and once in London—both times while traveling with McClain” for business.

“Corn groped McClain’s vagina over her jeans on an airplane, pinned her down on a hotel bed, pulled down the top of her jumpsuit, and fondled her bare breasts,” the lawsuit claims. “Both Plaintiff and McClain were traumatized and rendered incapable of reporting the incidents for fear of losing their jobs, since Corn was their supervisor.”

Corn denied all wrongdoing in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. “He said he would be defending himself ‘vigorously,’” the WSJ reported.

The lawsuit also alleges Corn fostered a toxic work environment. Crawford currently works as a producer for George Stephanapolous and the suit claims Crawford informed Stephanopoulos of Corn’s alleged assault, but no action was taken.

  1. 6 years later or is this just coming to light? think its a low blow to McClain for Crawford bring her into this unless Crawford has in writing permission to do so and if not in writing hope McClain goes after Crawford….

      1. Stormy first kept insisting that NOTHING happened between her and Trump!!! THEN, when she realized how much money she could make, she changed her story. So, was she lying THEN, or is she lying NOW???? Notice you don’t hear too much about her these days. You can accuse anybody of anything these days. Put them all under OATH!!!

        1. How much money did Stormy get from Trump?
          Do whores lie?
          Their John’s?
          Trump’s sex life is as pure as the driven snow.
          Just ask all of his wives and chippies.

      2. Hey Al can it dude. Your a paid troll who really doesn’t matter in life. And who ever is paying you is an ass. Your both satans pawns. God always wins.

        1. No one pays me.
          God is a concept.
          One that embraces hundereds of Gods.
          Which one is the honest to God true God?
          Or just the version you believe in?
          Am I going to hell?
          Did my parents?

      1. Your primary source of income is George Soros who pays you to write nasty comments on Conservative sites. Do you get paid by the word or by the comment?

  2. And these are the sleaze bags accusing President Trump of bad behavior. The mainstream media is so corrupt and it is RARE that any of them are ever held to account. I hope they nail all these slime balls.

        1. I have a life, a job and a family who loves me.
          Trump does not.
          Just his fond memories of the hot sex with the Big S.

  3. These are all Democrats couple million bucks it all disappears or they get suicided like Epstein I bet Harvey Weinstein walks too These child molesters protect each other

    1. Will seventeen get Matt twenty.
      Will his fellow inmates make it hard on him?
      At least ten inches of BBC at least twice a day….

  4. Surprise! I didn’t think these great moral lions from the “objective” media would do such things. They are our superiors, don’t you know? (SARCASM)

    1. Scumbags to Left.
      Scumbags to Right
      Humans are scumbags.
      Humans murdered Jesus H. Christ for Christ’s sake.

    2. The media had nothing to say about Stormy Daniels.
      They wouldn’t even say what Stormy willingly did that all of Trump’s wives have refused to do.
      You have to pay cash for the really good dirt.

  5. One thing you can be sure of: THERE WILL BE MANY MANY MORE OF THESE PERVERTS REVEALED AS TIME GOES BY, because no one of them have any Traditionl Values or moral Conscience and they should be POLITICIANS instead of so-called Media personnel. So corrupt are all career pols we EXPECT them to be perverts!

    1. You expect all politicians to be pervets?
      All politicians?
      What perverted things did he do with Stormy?
      How much did he have to pay?.
      Is he still paying?
      That burning sensation.
      The smelly discharge….

    2. It’s coming more arrests all the time. You wouldn’t believe how much they have pulled the wool over our eyes. We have been told hogwash and lied too and haven’t been told the truth for a century. But it’s coming out… just have patience. Some ppl you see are really not them if you get my drift…

  6. I wonder when we start seeing these kinds of lawsuits dating back to the Civil War. Not making light of sexual harassment, by any means, but how long do we inflict 2021 “values” (I use that term lightly) on the past? Will people in their 50’s and 60’s start suing school districts for abuse when slapping students on the arms with rulers was acceptable discipline? Women have used their sexuality to get their way since Eve got Adam to bite the apple. Again, not defending harassment, but let’s be honest here, in most cases, it takes two to tango…

    1. Inflicting pain is unacceptable behaviour.
      Adam made the decision to bite the apple.
      That was not all he bit.
      Don’t you just love Biblical stories.
      It is all the God’s honest truth.
      Like Trump.

    2. And it was a MALE SNAKE who started all the trouble BACK THEN too. Get rid of men and about 95 percent of the world’s problems would disappear with them!!

  7. The depravity of man is staggering, just like it was in the Days of Noah. God gave them over to a depraved mind for suppressing the truth in unrighteous, so they would do what ought not to be done. Its obvious.

    1. Thanks for the Bible Babble.
      God will soon fix everything.
      Joe will die a horrible death.
      We the people will return President Trump to the White House in golden sedan chair that we will melt down into a golden calf.
      It is God’s will.

  8. Are Democrats better at extra martial sex than Republicans.
    Is Stormy Daniels a Republican?
    Her client’s?
    Is it important to Trump Humpers?

  9. The strongest man in the world could have put and end to Covid a year ago.
    He could have used his strength, intelligence, charm and wit to convince eighty percent of the world’s population to wear masks and socially distance eighty percent of the time.
    He did not.
    Trump is not strong, intelligent, charming, witty or convincing.
    Trump is now officially one term.. XpresidentRump.


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