Texas Governor Authorizes National Guard to Make Border Arrests

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott has authorized the National Guard to arrest migrants caught breaking the law by illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The move comes after months of inaction from the Biden administration and relaxed policies making it easier for migrants to illegally enter the country. Biden’s ineffective leadership has caused a spike in crime and drug crossings at the border which have decimated towns and cities near the border.

Newsmax reports:

“The Texas National Guard is playing an unprecedented role to secure the border because of the unprecedented refusal of the federal government to fulfill its obligations under federal law,” the Texas Republican governor said Tuesday in a release.

Abbott last month ordered National Guard members to assist the Texas Department of Public Safety in arresting illegal immigrants who break state laws.

“To respond to this disaster and secure the rule of law at our Southern border, more manpower is needed,” Abbott wrote in a letter sent to Major Gen. Tracy R. Norris of the Texas Military Department, The Texas Tribune reported July 27.

“DPS needs help in arresting those who are violating state law. … I hereby order that the Texas National Guard assist DPS in enforcing Texas law by arresting lawbreakers at the border.”

The move is likely to spur pushback from Democrat lawmakers and the Biden administration. Since Abbott launched Operation Lone Star, DPS has reportedly made nearly 5,000 criminal arrests.

  1. Seems the National Guard isn’t conducting police work. Instead, it’s defending our southern border against a clearly criminal and hostile enemy. If these invaders were not criminals, they’d have applied at the American Embassy in their home nation or at least at the embassy nearest their point of trespass.

    If they were not hostile, they’d have trespassed at a legal port of entry, in daylight and in front of property owners, police and National Guard. America’s enemies have distracted troops with pregnant women, babies and children in even the great wars. It’s hostile and unforgivable. They should be denied asylum without hearings.

    1. How about stringing concertina wire across the gaps in the TRUMP fence, about three to four strands high !!!

      1. Is that the wire that looks like an accordian. That would give anyone some trouble getting through even if they cut it. And then back if up with volunteers in the states with rifles to fire on the illegal aliens trying to sneak in or force their way in. And close the corridors in the national parks too. Time for the citizens to help enforce the immigration laws that the current government won’t.

        Tired of the dim wits and rinos acting like this is a free buffet for the illegals inviting them here. Some one picks up the tab and it ain’t the politicians but it is our dime though they get the illegal alien votes. Part of the new foundation for the plantation of the KKK (alias dim wits). The blacks are slowly getting the picture and leaving the plantation so the new illegal aliens are their new plantation transplants.

        Time to enforce the border and open season on the trespassers and the damn coyotes who escort them here for the cartels. And shut down the backdoor of the cartels. National forest on that border are their highways into the USA and always not discussed like no one knows this has been a fact for at least five decades. Let’s have a big shoot out with the cartels. Time to let them know there are still some folks with guts and guns willing to meet em at the border!

  2. Bout time, SEND THEM FREE-LOADERS BACK , WHERE THEY CAME FROM. About time we started taking care of AMERICANS. Being a Vietnam Veteran i was homeless for over 8 years. Nobody helped me , I pulled myself up by my boot straps and kept on truckin. We can’t afford to pay for their babies, food stamps, Hospitalization and all the other GOODIES they get. AMERICA FIRST. !!!!

    1. While I agree with you, your target is set too small. I give you McConnell, Bush, Murkowski, Graham, Ryan, and Romney just for starters.

          1. He didn’t start this it started long before him but yes he is the one who put it on rockets and now in his third term isn’t wasting any time with lite speed . The tali was a plan to weaponize them give them multiple billions of dollars to buy more weapons and they are going to be used against us. They are helping all our enemies become stronger to fight us .we are many. Bring even more over here there isn’t 200,000 that helped us give me a break these ppl are going to be fighters I’m sorry I don’t believe anything they say and what the media says. The drone they claim got isis I think is bullshit I heard it killed children and a u.s. helper. So until we the ppl stand up they will continue to help themselves and every enemy we have to take control and kill us off

  3. The Governor of Texas is just doing what his responsibilities require him to do, to protect his citizens and enforcement of his state laws. Joe Biden is not doing his sworn oath so he needs to step to the side and let a real leader get the job done. Other states need to follow Texas.

  4. This is disgusting. We have poor people living in the streets of our cities. Homeless veterans who fought for our country. Famalies without food. And thus administration is allowing illegals in droves to come into our country. Putting them up in shelters an feeding them. Our border controls can only do so much to stop this crap. Biden. Stop this NOW. And now with this evacuation of Afghanistan. We are getting more. When are we going to take care of AMERICANS. FIRST. Governor Abbot. Keep doing what your doing. Bring in as many troops you need. But stop them an turn them around at the border.

    1. Te Democrats won’t stop pushing for the end of democracy. In cities where defunding and destroying local police departments leads to not enough local offices the Democrats will declare an emergency and send in Federal troops to take their place. Once Federal troops are established in the liberal cities the Feds will seize all guns in the state.

  5. Just like Cpt. Willard in Apocalypse Now, Riverine type gunboats in the Rio Grande River, turn back boats to Mexican shore, disgorge occupants to shore, arrest el captain and torch his boat.

  6. The responsibility for the safety of the people of Texas falls first on the people of Texas. After that, the State is responsible for people in that State. AFTER THAT comes the federal responsibility via Article IV § IV. States ARE countries 28 USC § 297.

  7. Texas is showing the nation what states should be doing while the President is failing to do his duty. Good for Governor Abbott! He is setting an example for many other governors.

  8. Let’s deposit them in N CA where they LOVE them above all else, and Minnesota and NY where their government officials can get a taste of their own medicine – or better yet, fly them out of the country to where ever they claim to be from on a one-way ticket. Setup a Go Fund Me page that asks for help to resettle them – and get them the hell out of the USA. Please vaccinate them on the way out so we do not provide further harm to anyone.

    1. agree with the first sentence, the rest ONLY if you want to pay for it! just kick them back over the border where they crossed!!!

  9. Other governors should join Governor Abbott and they should send a clear message to joe.
    The ANSWER IS—-HELL NO! We won’t take these invaders in our states. Send them all back the same exact way they got here.
    It is obviously clear that this administration cares about the ILLEGALS way more than it’s citizenry.
    We have to wear masks, forced to get jabbed, all the while these people are bringing it in and spreading it. Get the hell out of our country!

  10. If and when implemented this will be a great starter and example-setter! Now what to do about the hundreds, perhaps thousands of covid-infected illegals that Biden crammed into planes and buses, and ?, then scattered them all over the country? An illegal stupid act followed by another even worse one in Afghanistan which killed -13- Americans! Any arrests yet?

  11. It is time we all wake up. It has been clear to me something is very wrong with this two party system. It is no longer a two party system there are no checks and balances. One party has all the power and the conservative party has the virtue and good ideas. In 1962 John Kennedy allowed the Federal employees to Unionize. As a result fast forward to today. Every government agency and office are now Union members of which i have heard some 90% are Democrats. These employees Consider their loyalties to the Unions of the Democratic Party. Many of which will do anything to maintain their power. All the things we conservatives consider unfair, or wrong of course are used to raise contributions, but nothing to really solve the underlining problem. The Deep State is the Public Employee unions which have total control no matter which party is in office. Just look what they did to President Trump during his time in office. Look what they did during the November Elections. The Voter registrar, IRS, CIA, DOJ, Teachers, Hollywood, News Media ( which are part of Hollywood ), and all of the major trade unions all are against American citizens being free or to have the right to shear thoughts unless they agree with the left. The power is in their total control, and they are using it against common since. The unions put in governor Brown in California for two additional terms because they could control his every move, and give the government employees unions more power more Union jobs withe higher government paychecks, but less efficiency or responsibility. The same thing with President Biden. Most of the stimulus money went to government employees to do less or not work at all 
    ( PAYBACK ). If you notice no one seems to pay for Fast & Furious, Clinton Emails, Muller Fraud, Hunter Biden, and all other crimes that any one with a conservative point of view would immediately be prosecuted for. This is the Deep Union State/ Democratic’s control they will have total control until America is destroyed. Instead of beating around the bush with each symptom of the problem recognition of the problem is needed to find a solution. There will always be differences of opinion life’s circumstances adjust our points of view, but total controle of our government agencies are leading us to be a Communist country. The Unions helped Russia become a Communist country, and history is repeating itself. There may be a few ways to change back to a balanced system with all the complications with so many Americans owing their livelihoods to the government. I have only been able to come up with one. Every Conservative at the wright time, change their party designation to a D instead of an R, and take over the Democratic Party including party leaders Senate and Congress. Since this is what the Democrats seem to want. Except we would all be one party I think with more conservative view points. This may take away from the union controle, and allow better representation. I don’t relish the idea of a D by my registration, but I would like to get back to both parties doing what is best to represent American interests. My thoughts continue to find a good solution, someone else’s thoughts may come up with a better one. I listen to a lot of conservative talk shows, and hear what they are saying but never quite getting to the cause of the problem I think it is the dominance of the Public Employees Unions.

    1. Please be careful. Nothing is more dangerous then a wounded wild beast. If you can find damning evidence of your suspicions make copies of everything and place them with trusted accomplices. Unions in America have been shady to say the least forever and have even been able to act outside the law. Anger a union and you create an enemy.
      You may be correct about them but don’t expect them to play fair.

  12. I wish ALL the Republicans ( not the RINOs of course) would grow a big set, like him! I am so proud of him!

  13. Months ago, Governor Abbott should have declared the United States government in dereliction of its duty to protect the State of Texas against invasion pursuant to Article IV, section 4 of the Constitution and thus abdicated it right dictate its defense.

    The Texas National Guard should be on shoot to kill orders. Start killing invaders and they’ll stop coming. Stop this legalistic arresting stuff. Invaders not under flag have no rights. arresting them gives them rights they do not deserve.

  14. Good job, Gov. Abbott! Smart move. Blowback be damned! These communities have suffered enough! America is being torn to pieces – physically, financially, emotionally and psychologically – by people (and I use the word loosely) that want nothing more than its handouts!

  15. If there is one thing you can be sure of Dems you can be sure they do not care about our citizens, our country, our laws…. And if you are depending on a Dem to have your back… check Aphganistan….. Remember Clintons Black hawk down. Remember Bengyze,… Dems only goal is to raid the treasury. Cover their behinds… Look at every Dem state. DA. GOv. .. What the Dems do best is lie. And steal.


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