Former California Democrat Majority Leader Endorses Larry Elder For Governor

Sgt. Jacob Harrer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Gavin Newsom just suffered a devastating blow as a member of his own party turns against him. In a shocking turn of events former California Democrat Majority Leader, Gloria Romero has endorsed Republican challenger Larry Elder for governor.

The Daily Wire reports:

Elder’s campaign released a video of Romero stating:

Our public schools need big change. I’m Gloria Romero; I was the majority leader of Democrats in the state senate.  I believe in charter schools and and school choice. So does Larry Elder — but not Gavin Newsom. He shut our public schools while he sent his kids to private schools.

Yes: I’m a Democrat. But the recall of Newsom is not about political party.  It’s about Newsom. Larry Elder for governor.

In 2008, Romero stepped down as Majority Leader and became chairman of the Education Committee, where she authored a “parent trigger” law that was passed, making California the first state to adopt such a law. It permitted a majority of parents in a failing school to vote as to how to restructure the school.

Elder has emerged as the top Republican contender in the recall election against Gov. Gavin Newsom. The election will be held on Sep. 14th.

  1. If the people of California want to save themselves, they will vote for Elder. About time the Pelosi crowd stopped controlling California.

    Then, when Newsome is history, they need to get rid of the rest of the left-wing crowd, so they can survive.

  2. Great news, how many of us know that CA needs a change, and America needs a change? We are in a very dark place and need legitimate leadership desperately!

  3. America is in Hell now because Dems voted for Dems and Repl voted for Repl. If you have common sense, you don’t vote for your party if your party is doing a lousy job, you vote for the person who is running if HE or SHE is doing a good job for the Country. I hope Lary Elder voters remember this, Newsome only for those who are giving him a lot of MONEY to run, Newsome is not for the people, please remember this on September 14th. I’m sure LARRY will win because he is looking out for the people and not himself, I wish I could vote for him, but I am not in his district.

  4. I hope Republicans and Democrats voting for Larry Elder realize that they must take their ballots by hand to their main County Elections Office on Election Day, otherwise, the ballots Can be tampered with by anyone collecting the ballots before election day. This is a warning. Please listen up. Also, volunteer to help at the place that counts the ballots and get a pen camera.

  5. But Democrats don’t want minorities to have school choice, they want the teacher’s unions to be able to control your kids and teach them “wokeness”! Slavery guised in a different way, brought to you by the party that created and endorsed the original slavery. In fact why don’t we make members of the Democrat Party pay the reparations they are so desperate to give to the black community, after all they were the ones supporting slavery!

  6. California better make a lot of changes because it is the worst-run state in the union. The fools these people have voted into political office couldn’t run a popsicle stand.

  7. Get that gruesome newsome out of office and preferably out of California…and while you are at it…get rid of his despicable aunt Pelosi! There is no way she keeps winning election after election! California has been cheating in their Democrat elections for decades! I can’t wait till I hear of her untimely death and she is in her pit in Hell! She is revolting!!

  8. Newsom has lead California down the wrong path, people need to get their lives back and start living life again, working, running businesses, and raising families. Every liberal seems to have the wrong perspective on how to govern, they tear things down instead of building them up.


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