Supreme Court Says Trump’s Remain-in-Mexico Policy Must Stay

The Supreme Court delivered President Biden some bad news when it ruled that Trump’s “Remain-in-Mexico” policy must stand. The policy requires asylum-seekers to remain in Mexico while awaiting their court date. The Supreme Court voted along ideological lines to maintain Trump’s Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

The Hill reports:

Justice Samuel Alito wrote that the administration had failed to show it was likely to ultimately prevail in defending the lawfulness of its decision to rescind the Trump measure, officially called the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Alito, who handles emergency requests from Texas, referred the matter to the court. None of his fellow conservative justices commented on the matter, though the court’s three liberals indicated they would have granted the administration’s request.

The court’s move comes after a federal judge in Texas ordered the Biden administration to reinstate the program in response to a lawsuit by the attorneys general of Texas and Missouri. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit let stand that ruling, prompting the Biden administration’s emergency request to the justices.

The Biden administration sought to formally end the Trump-era policy in June, which was spelled out in a memorandum by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In August, Trump-appointed judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ruled the Biden administration failed to provide a legally adequate reason to rescinf the Trump-era policy.

  1. The scotus, what took u so long, our country has been invaded, by over 1.5 million illegals already this year, from around the world,including many terrorists, asleep on the job, just what we need.

  2. Upholding President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy is like closing the barn door after the horses have escaped. Most of the Supreme Court’s “huge'” wins have been in favor of the democrats. This “win” is a Phyrrhic victory.

    1. People don’t fully understand the consequences of what the Biden administration has done. He has totally changed times and laws and reduced America’s standing in the world as well as America as a nation of freedom and liberty. Bad times are ahead.

  3. Well, what about the million + illegals already in the country???!! WHAT are we going to do about tracking them down? WHAT are we going to do about them?? Wait until some terrorist kills a bunch of us? Yes, probably!!

  4. Thank you Dear Lord for common sense prevailing at last!!!! Thank you judge Alito.
    On another topic:
    Please, please CALL. JOE MANCHIN and
    KIRSTEN SIENA (sorry, she’s from AZ) I forgot her name??? PLEASE ASK THEM NOT TO VOTE FOR THE 3 trillion + bill that Old Crazy Nan wants to pass. If it does, our lives are changed forever. As if they already haven’t.
    This is extremely important for ALL OF US AND OUR COUNTRY. We have so much coming at us.
    Intentional, of course.

    1. not too late, it only passed the house, Manchin & Sinema are in the senate and have said they do not support the bill but they need many calls anyway.

      1. I’ve been calling all senators, not just my own. Their votes affect the whole country.
        But, most importantly Joe M from WV, and Sinema from AZ. Please know that they are not answering their phones. Leave a message, and proceed to call their field office.
        My coward Senator decided not to have anyone pick up the phones. So I left him a not so kind message on all phones.

  5. I have lived in the US 46 years, never seen such a sad situation like this current state of the union since the shameful fraudulent election of 2020. The US used to come to 3rd world countries to observe their elections … hahaha. I suppose oblahblah successfully fundamentally transformed this country into a communist country as he vowed to do.

    1. I’m totally with you. Came here as a child.
      Never, ever seen this situation.
      Every election cycle we say is the most important. However, 2022 and especially 2024, I feel are absolutely the most important ones.

      1. The left wing of the Democratic Party and some RINO have shown their true colors.They say that they are for the people, but they are only for themselves.
        At the moment we are stuck with them. We have to make sure that we clean the sewer in 2022 and 2024.
        I never thought that the cess pool would be able to steel an election in this country.
        I am an immigrant also, who served the country and know how you guys feel.
        God Bless America!

        1. First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SERVICE! I’m certain that what’s going on abroad is concerning to you. I can’t even imagine the bravery of all the men and women trying to deal with this situation.
          For the next election (2022) we need to research those running against the swamp, especially for the house. Then, we need to support them in every way. Financially, volunteering and ultimately voting for them.
          The scary thing is that name recognition goes a long way and unfortunately that’s who the party tends to support.
          Thanks for your response.

  6. The SJCis so inconsistent in EVERYTHING it does that it has no credibility with a lot of Americans. The largest failing was the refusal to hear the hundreds of affidavits by American citizens directly involved in monitoring and other aspects of the 2020 election whose claimed under oath allegations of massive fraud were ignored by that body.And, WE WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE TO BE DEALING WITH THIS ISSUE OR A LOT OF OTHERS IF THE JUSTICE SYSTEM WERE EQUITABLE AND NOT AS TERMINALLY CANCER AFFECTED AS THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY WITH TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.! In just 7 months , THIS Adminisrration is proving itself to be the most inept, confused and incompetent in national history and these people have to go.! Remember THAT when next you go to the polls to VOTE because the future of this country, your freedoms, choices, private property and YOUR CHILDREN depends on putting RESPONSIBLE AND ACCOUNTABLE CANDIDATES IN OFFICE, and not the totally inept, incredulous idiots we now have and have had for far too many DECADES!!

  7. At last!!!!! SCOTUS did something FOR America! Now get rid of HR-4 bill so our elections can be fair again. Stop leaning so far left. We do not need a Communist Supreme Court, we need one for the land of the FREE. Restore our rights and uphold them like you said you would when you were sworn into office.

  8. I think most people misunderstand what the Demon-crats are doing. The idea of letting so many illegal aliens into the country is so they can settle in states where voter ID laws aren’t enforced, so the Demon-crats can win elections without needing votes of dead people and registered house pets.

  9. Yes, Its the law, stand up for the law instead of making themselves the law like the Democrats do. Whatever they don’t like or doesn’t suit them, they change.

  10. Dry up the money and they’ll go back where they came from… no welfare of any kind for illegal immigrants… no health care, nothinnnnnnnng…

  11. Time to impeach,Treason, Should Biden face treason Charges? Abondament of classified property to the enemy is a crime, violation of the uniform code of militiary justice is a crime, not too honor your oath of office. to protect and serve, is a crime, held a top secret krypto designation while in service breaking any of those items is considered a crime of treason, Commander and Chief down to to any private, all must abide, people have kicked out of the service, shot or even hanged, look at the poor soul took a picture,of himself to send home while in a sub etc and he was put in jail. Why are the Bidens above the laws of our Country, they are not, China has decided to dump tons of money into their country, already established airports, some what modern cities, rare earth materials, government to bribe, guess the money the Biden’s got from China, has paid off big time, 80 billion dollars of US equipment to barter with,China can’t stop laughing,Too remain a country, Biden must be impeached and charged.

  12. Everyone sympathizes with abused and impoverished people. But individuals who use their troubles to justify asylum in the U.S. is ridiculous. Most who flee, choose the U.S. because it offers the longest and most sumptuous list of entitlements. Aliens granted asylum become wards of the U.S. taxpayer at a colossal cost. Most American citizens find illegal migration abhorrent because it accomplishes nothing for either nation.

    If the pandemic is real, these people need to “shelter in place” and practice “social distancing” like the rest of the world. They have no special immunity and if already infected, leave a trail of sickness through several nations. They’re also dangerous in other ways because many are criminals. Their primary problem isn’t different from ours except in magnitude. The primary problem of course is the government. It rarely helps except in time of war.

    They need to have their revolutions and adopt the U.S. system, a constitutional republic. If they don’t like that system, they need to find another nation within which to seek asylum. No other system ensures the freedoms and prosperity provided by nations with intelligent constitutions and law enforcement to protect peaceable, lawful citizens from their government. They should create it for themselves instead of running away.

    Funding anything beyond deportation is not a responsibility of taxpayers. Medical care is expensive and an individual responsibility unless the home nation provides it. Regarding creature comforts while under arrest, most citizens would rescue abused dogs before illegal aliens. The message is clear. Find another nation willing to provide free food, shelter, medical care, education, transportation, cell phones and money for creature comforts.

    1. I saw a guy the other day with a 1000 dollar ph.and couldn’t even buy food so he took food from a spot a yard pantry next to me . I can’t even afford one.

  13. folks, the supreme court can only follow the laws that congress enacts for a long time we had a radical courts that tried to legislate from the bench, but thankfully we now have a conservative court that follows CONSTITUTIONAL law and not the radical crap that was being done in the past.
    to the people saying they were slow in reaching this decision, it was not their fault the rules were followed as they should be so please direct your anger and votes to where it belongs in CONGRESS, write them and show your displeasure and then inform yourself on who will serve this country and will make laws protecting the land we love.
    I too am frustrated with how things are currently being handled but I am being active in trying to change it, VOTING is the least you can do, donating to someone that will try to make changes for the better if you are able,, donating time to help get good people elect that will work for the people instead of themselves, talk to friends and neighbors all this and more is needed to effect change for the better, American politics is not a spectator sport you need to get involved, find the facts for yourselves, quit relying on the media and their spin artists and quit listening to the armchair rambo’s online who’s only entertainment is trying to create chaos


  15. What a surprise decision! This will help sustain us, even with Biden at the helm. Big win for Trump! Maybe the SCOTUS isn’t lost after all.


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