Judge Sanctions Two Pro-Trump Lawyers

Screen Shot via Sidney Powell Twitter

A Michigan judge has ordered sanctions against two pro-Trump attorneys over their attempt to challenge the 2020 presidential election result in the state. U.S. District Judge Linda Parker ordered attorneys Lin Wood and Sidney Powell to pay the legal fees of the state and city officials involved in the case, and also referred them for additional disciplinary action, which could include disbarment.

The Hill reports:

In a 110-page decision, Parker blasted the lawyers for seeking to undermine the election results with baseless claims of systemic election fraud.

“The attorneys who filed the instant lawsuit abused the well-established rules applicable to the litigation process by proffering claims not backed by law; proffering claims not backed by evidence (but instead, speculation, conjecture, and unwarranted suspicion); proffering factual allegations and claims without engaging in the required prefiling inquiry; and dragging out these proceedings even after they acknowledged that it was too late to attain the relief sought,” Parker, an Obama appointee, wrote.

“And this case was never about fraud—it was about undermining the People’s faith in our democracy and debasing the judicial process to do so,” she continued.

In July, Judge Parker raised concerns to the plaintiff’s attorneys regarding the “dubious evidence” used to support their arguments. In the virtual hearing, Wood claimed he had minimal involvement in the Michigan case while Powell defended the legal team’s case.

“We had a legal obligation to the country and to the electors to raise these issues,” she added. “It is the duty of lawyers in the highest tradition of the practice of law to raise unpopular issues.”

  1. Michigan??? What kind of judge do you think she is???? A leftist!
    People of Michigan, please get out and vote Witch governor out and vote for her opponent.
    Heard the polls are neck to neck.
    What’s wrong with you people???
    Haven’t you had enough of this power crazy tyrant???


        1. Science is pure lies.
          God does believe in science.

          I thank God every day for people who type in all caps.
          It let’s me know to skip their blather.

        2. CAPS emphasize the crapola going on. We’re losing our country, and ignorant libs have NO idea the end ramifications!

      1. Guess you watch the MSM (Main Stream Media once known as the Main Stream NEWS Media). “16 MILLION 2020 election mystery ballots discovered nationwide.” You need to keep up with Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, etc. Oh and by the way the Newsom recall in California has already ran into voter fraud. A drunken thug was found with 300 mail in ballots plus drugs, guns, money etc. Tsk, Tsk how stupid can you get Messy Hessy?

      2. The election in Micigan was stolen just like in AZ, GA,PA,WI,NV and many more states. Just how ole demented Biden and his evil satanist cohorts stole the election will soon be proven!!! Trump is our President and all the socialist Democrats will soon be gone! God wins and Satan loses!!!!You too, Albert Hess, you lose too!!!!

      1. I take it you’re saying that Michigan’s voters haven’t had enough of Gretchen???
        Does that include you if you’re from there?
        I always say: you get the government that you deserve, and no one can fix stupid.
        You can come back and explain your response???

          1. Still not believing 80 million people voted for a rich old white man who has been corrupt in govt for 40+ years and has been on the wrong side of foreign policy every time and now has proven his ineptness at running anything save for a money laundering scheme.
            This judge just shut down any hope this Republic had of rebounding and gaining our liberty back.
            We now are a dictatorship!

          2. NO Americans did NOT vote for this piece of chit government. We did not vote to have our country stripped of all dignity. We did not vote to have thugs (BLM) and /Vazis (Antifas) destroying, looting, murdering our citizens. We did not vote to have the jackzzes try to take our freedoms namely the Zombie in the WH braindead Biden, the Wicked Witch of the West Pelosi, China baby Swalwell, Lying Schiffless. the anti-American Squad, etc. And most of all we did not vote to have our warriors murdered. The above Democrats have the blood of our soldiers on their hands..

    1. Neck and neck? Only with the fraud is my guess. In every dim wit enclave the fraudulent cheating will be rampant. Expect no change if the legislature did nothing!

    2. Crazy like they have a choice right! Vote for socialism or vote for freedom. This is what is wrong in the world today. To many ppl have drank the cool side Satan had sweetened with false lies

  2. This judge has a lot of gall to try and disbar Sydney Powell and Lin Wood. Everyone KNOWS it was a fraudulent 2020 election. The judge is wrong!!!!
    Maybe she needs to be replaced on the bench.

    1. If every one knows it was a fraudlent election why is Biden in the White House?

      67 judges have now ruled against Trump claimed voter fraud.
      4 of them were appointed by Trump.
      Should they all be replaced?
      The President appoints judges.
      Trump is not our President.
      Do you want Biden to appoint the replacement judges?
      Elections have consequences.
      You backed a loser.
      You are not a loser…..

      1. We didn’t back a loser, little Al — we voted a second term for the best president our country has seen for decades — a true winner. We voted for our good President Trump who had lead our country to the best place America has been in years! Of course, there are those like you obviously, who prefer crashing economies, debacles and tragedies in Afghanistan and watching our troops being murdered there, sitting home and collecting free stuff and being exempted from paying rent, alienation from our foreign allies, bowing down to the mask control squad, etc., who backed and voted for the White House “squatter.” And unfortunately, all of us lost on that day the election was stolen– even those who don’t deserve it. And there’s no need to respond to me, because I will definitely not acknowledge your additional liberal b-S! 🙁

      2. Get your facts straight. 67 judged DID NOT RULE. the cases were dismissed before evidence could be presented.
        Right or wrong, we all wish we had Trump now instead of Biden, specially the 13 families of the Marines who gave their lives because of Biden’s stupidity.
        Trump said it.
        1 remove citizens and translators and those who worked with the USA.
        2 remove diplomats and their families.
        3 destroy all equipment or remove them.
        4 remove all military personnel.
        5 destroy all military buildings and say BY BY.

        YOU DON’T remove the military first, leave 83 billion in equipment, leave all buildings in tact, and then try to remove the civilians.

        FYI, 100,000 evacuated. 5,000 Americans and 95,000 translators?
        Nobody chose Biden, we got stuck with him because of voter fraud.
        Stay tuned, Arizona is about to blow up on the 67 judge’s faces.

      3. WRONG! The AUDITS are finding ballots on paper that is not used for ballots (water marks). Ballots where “Sharpie” pens were used. One of the election officers, in a memo, had ORDERD the “Sharpies” to be used on Election Day AFTER they were told NOT to use “Sharpies”. Best check was people who no longer lived at an address but voted in that county. which is illegal. Wasn’t hard to track down. The USPS keeps track of change of addresses. Guess you didn’t hear that Mark Zuckerburg spread $350 million around for the voting. Problem is he gave the money to Election officials in the states NOT the candidates. That is not even the tip of the iceberg. Know it is difficult for your week mind but why are the Democrats so angry about the audits and why are they trying to stop them? If they know there is NO fraud it shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. All 64 judges who ruled against Trump are wrong?
      All of them?

      Of all of the law suits Trump has been in what percent has he won?
      Single digit?

    3. No maybe to it just give me some moola and I will vote anyway you want. I’m voting with the highest bidder. Oh I forgot to mention their is only one bidder . Satan spawns

    4. The Judge will be replaced and Trump will be back. The Democrats are so scared because they know what is coming…..they will all be exposed for the evil Satanist they are and the election will be proven to be stolen!

  3. so,was this attorney(judge) appointed,OR elected. if appointed ,likely Obummer. if elected likely by voters with pronounced,advanced dementia. Either case points to a VERY co-opted ,VERY conflicted ,partisan communist ,with NO respect Or knowledge of provisions within the constitution that CLEARLY allow for ” evidentiary discovery” when fraud is suspected.

    1. Wait till all the fedetal judges appointed by senile joe take the bench. They’re all activists!
      But don’t worry, old Lindsay Graham voted for all of them. Lord help us!

      1. “They are all activists!’
        Biden has made no judicial appointments..
        Trump made more judicial appointments in four years than any other President ever.
        All two term Presidents have appointed more judges in their second term than their first.
        Trump has appointed his last judge.
        Trump may well stand before Trump appointed judge.
        The squirming will be a joy to watch.

    2. Four Trump appointed judges have ruled against Trump.
      That tells it all.
      His own people stab him in the back.
      More to follow.

      1. Hey Al, follow the money!! Tell me why you are here???? You seem to love the Democrats and their socialist and communist agendas so much,,,why don’t you take ole demented satanist Joe Biden and go live in Venezuela…you will fit right in.

  4. The World suffers from Myopic Leftist Rage. In their quest to restrict liberty, impose morality, and control culture, leftists who claim reality to science including soft pseudo, Simi and speciality…select-science often neglect to share ALL SCIENCE that disproves their FAUX Science agenda. From trans cult practices to faux comprehensive sex ed to Covid-19…..THEY CHERRY PICK SCIENCE TO JUSTIFY THEIR ABUSE OF POWER.

    1. Everyone cherry picks science.
      Trump Humpers pick the science of horse dewormer.
      They know what is making them sick.
      Eating horse turds.

      1. No we do not cherry pick science. See: 2 +2 = 4 (I know, you say it is 5). There are two sexes 1. Male, 2. Female. You believe in 60 genders. Almost 7,000 children died from 2014 – 2017 trying to change sexes. Their little bodies couldn’t control the testosterone or estrogen. You believe white people are bad. You believe America is evil. Your kind are really screwed up.

      2. Albert Hess, you are as sick as the left is…you into pedophilia like ole Joe? You seem to love your loss of freedoms and your hate for Trump matches the left and their hate and rage against Trump and his supporters…so sad for you. Justice is coming, hope you have a crying towel ready cause you are gonna be needing it. Talk about losers, you are the biggest! HAHAHAHA!

  5. Now the socialist judges are abusing their power in a Stalinist style. They make sure the democracy is put out of functions as the Democrats can now do any voting fraud they like and they cannot be challenged.
    If nay use the legal system for political purposes it is the Democrats but they have a free ride.
    Socialism is a disease for society and rule-of-law.

    1. What about the Trump appointed judges who have ruled against him?
      Are they Stalinist Socialists?
      Are you a fool?

      1. You are obviously the fool Albert, every one of your comments are not in the plus range, they are in the minus range. The fool is you, stupid bastard.

      2. Hey Al I hear this will be the last time we get to vote at all that the privilege will be taken away. What say Al?

    1. Trump appointed more judges in four years than any other President.
      He has weaponized our judicial system to the level no banana republic can achieve.

      1. and yet some of them have gone against his will. Trump’s appointees actually look at the facts and rule accordingly.
        Leftist appointees are just liberal hacks who never vote the other way.
        I rather have open minded judges ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. You are so wrong. Trump didn’t weaponize the courts. He appointed judges who know the law. These judges do NOT make up laws as they go. Leftwing judges legislate from the bench. The California Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals was stacked with leftwing judges for years. It was the Lefts “go-to” court. Yet through the years they held a 42% turnover of their decisions by the Supreme Court. It was considered one of the worse courts in America.

  6. someone tell that judge all she has to do is look at arizona….and all the other states that have found election fraud!!! maybe Lin and Wood should sue the judge

      1. Dah, Blah Blah! Get a hold on your hopes Blah Blah! You wish it was going down in flames, BUT IT ISN’T and I put is all in caps so you could read it clearly!

    1. Do rightest judges make judgements without viewing the evidence?
      Do rightest judges even exist?
      Is a leftist judge any judge whose ruleing you disagree with?
      Do you think that all four of the Trump appointed judges who have ruled against Trump in voter fraud cases are leftist judges?
      Does that make Trump a leftist?

    1. Hey al, Biden is the turd…he can be smelled all the way to Cuba! Hell, Biden needs help wiping his butt….how do you like the stench, Jill???? You two deserve each other, you both stink!

  7. I think we should have Judge Parker investigated and even the law firm she worked for and an IRS audit for ten years back!

  8. Lin Wood probably caused the voters in GA to reject the Republican candidates in the special election for the Senate by repeatedly saying that the candidates had their chance in the regular election. DUMB!

    As for Sidney Powell, she gave her legal support to the likelihood that there was massive fraud in the 2020 election. As it turned out, proof has been exposed, but no courts have given the matter the chance to be heard in court, as leftist judges prevented its introduction for consideration. Much easier to deny entry than to overturn actual evidence. The leftists are playing dirty, as usual.

  9. I wish they would stop saying “baseless allegations of voter fraud.” More and more evidence of fraud keeps coming to light. Biden is illegitimate.

  10. Parker was appoint by her buddy oblamer which should tell everyone she is a democrat dn does not judge by facts, proof

  11. They will appeal to a higher court and force Dominion to bring in the goods for public examination. I am sure Mike L will provide all the tools that they need

  12. Tell me this doesn’t sound fishy. Judge Linda V. Parker was nominated by President Barack Obama to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan on July 25. Nothing like a little bit of judge hunting to get a decision in your favor. Aren’t we seeing proof of fraud coming out of AZ and now several other states? Didn’t some guy out in California, just get busted for having over 300 ballots in favor of retaining Newsom as Gov. The guy was a convicted felon. He was found with the ballots, a few thousand Xanax pills, and a gun. Yeah, nothing to see here folks. And those ballots are just the ones they know about. How many more are out there that haven’t been found?

    1. Indeed there is proof of fraud and stonewalling by dim wits, rinos and dominion for delivering the machines and routers for tracking where those mysterious changes were sent and received from. The judge has given the avoiders their notice once the state legislature reaffirmed again they needed those machines and router data. Even if they wipe them that is also proof of destroying evidence kind of like Hillary and the bleachbit since this was demanded for turnover intact along with the secret codes, this will likely lead to jail time for a few folks. And the data may still be made available. Now why go to such lengths if there is nothing to hide? But never fear this is still a lot of evidence against that county board, the voter counters who did sign those tallies, the state official running the show totally and that does include the Dominion folks. All violated the judges orders and have participated in the biggest fraud in the USA history. Now tie it all up to the participants and lock em up!.


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