Report: ISIS-K Surrounds Kabul Airport, More Attacks Expected

Afghans climb a luggage slide in a desperate bid to escape Kabul International Airport. Photo: Nicola Careem via Twitter.

New reports say that hundreds of ISIS-K militants are surrounding the Kabul airport and more attacks are expected. The reports come after two suicide bombs rocked Kabul Thursday morning.

The Daily Caller reports:

“Hundreds of ISIS-K in the vicinity, attacks likely to continue,” the source told Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich.

Multiple explosions ripped through the crowd outside the airport earlier Thursday, causing multiple civilian and U.S. service member casualties, Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said.

President Joe Biden has been briefed on the explosions and remains in the White House situation room, according to CNN. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson will chair an emergency cabinet meeting on the attack.

“(The) coming hours will remain extremely dangerous in Kabul and at the airport,” French President Emmanuel Macron said, CNN reported.

So far it has been confirmed that three U.S. Maries have been injured in the attacks. However, the number of casualties and injuries is expected to rise.


  1. Again I write; It is not a matter of if they will shoot down one of our planes it is a ? of when. My best guess would be one IN THE NEXT 24/48 HRS so as to stop all flights out and therefore hold our troops there so they can be repeatedly attacked thus killing more of our troops. I Hope/pray it doesn’t happen. If Biden had stuck with the Trump plan this disaster would not have happened and we would not 13 dead marines today. ? to Biden s/b “WHY DIDN’T YOU STICK WITH THE TRUMP PLAN?? i REALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHO TOLD HIM NOT TO FOLLOW IT. MY GUESS WOULD BE THE BIG O.

    Let’s all pray for God to protect our troops that have been put in this untenable situation. Even though I hate to pray for Biden for anything I think we should put our dislike/distain for him aside at this time and pray God will give him the wisdom to extricate all of our troops w/o further loss of life.

  2. Isn’t this what democrats want? They voted for bumbling biden and stand by him so this must be what democrats want. It is common knowledge that democrats and biden don’t care about america or Americans. Dems want socialism and communism. I just can’t see where they got lost along the way.


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