Capitol Police Sue Trump

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Multiple Capitol Police officers filed a civil lawsuit against former President Trump, Roger Stone, and leaders of multiple right-wing groups on Thursday. The seven police officers filed the lawsuit with Washington, D.C. federal court against Trump and others over their alleged role in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6th.

The Hill reports:

The civil rights suit alleges Trump, acting in concert with groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, engaged in acts of domestic terrorism designed to unlawfully keep him in power despite losing the 2020 election.

The plaintiffs, five of whom are Black, say the effort was fueled by the defendants’ promotion of white supremacist-laden conspiracy theories and lies about the election being swayed by widespread voter fraud, particularly in areas with significant Black populations.

“As this lawsuit makes clear, the Jan. 6 insurrection was not just an attack on individuals, but an attack on democracy itself,” said Damon Hewitt, president of the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, which is representing the officers. “It was a blatant attempt to stifle the votes and voices of millions of Americans, particularly Black voters.”

In addition to naming Trump and his campaign as defendants, the lawsuit also implicated more than a dozen members of extremist groups and political organizations. Among those were Stone, a longtime right-wing provocateur and recipient of presidential clemency under Trump, who allegedly raised funds for the Jan. 6 pro-Trump event and was a key promoter of Trump’s “Big Lie.”

The lawsuit claims Trump and other defendants violated the Ku Klux Klan Act, an 1871 federal statute that made it illegal to use force or threat to prevent federal officials from carrying out their duties.

      1. SPOT-ON! There are already reports that have been leaked that Pelosi told the Capitol Police to “stand down” and let protesters through. We also know the FBI investigation concluded Trump was NOT responsible, and that the protest was not pre-planned. We ALSO know there were at least 50 FBI agents incognito among the crowd. This smells of a Pelosi SET-UP…

        1. The protest was not pre-planned by Trump. It was, however, orchestrated by democRATS using their FBI cohorts.

      2. Did Ronald really say that ? Ronald Reagan was a very moral man .. I’m sure he picked up something rotten about pelosi, and he was right!

  1. Political pawns. Once again the dems witch hunt is a farce, so now capital police will try to keep the dead horse moving.

  2. Those poor dumb fools. If Trump had wanted to make trouble or start an insurrection, he would not have offered the incompetant Capitol Police up to a thousand NG Troops for 1/6. You fellows will lose bigily just as the murdering Capitol Cop that murdered Ashli Babbitt.l

    1. President Trump, I am sure you have noticed, does not do things halfway. If he had wanted to start an insurrection, he’d have armed them with weapons and surveillance devices and you know what? He would have WON. And our nation would be infinitely better off…for a little while. But our President was much wiser than that. Setting the nation up for a dictatorship, no matter how benign, is a catastrophic choice. Because such an insurrection happens over and over…again and again…in banana republics. But Big Brother Joe Blow with his tidal wave of executive orders is paving the way to a dictatorship, aided and abetted by Mullah Barack Hussein, Comrade Sanders, Nastassia Pelovsky, Hero of the Soviet Union, and a veritable horde of sheeple and useful idiots.

      1. In Georgia, the ones doing the illegal stuff were mostly black workers pulling suitcases from out from under the tables after everyone of the poll watchers went home. They were probably Democrats anyway.

        1. we now have more pictures of the indoctrinated doing it again-right now.. guess that you do better as democrat worker bee, than simply a dem fool voter ..

      2. I agree illegal voting is the problem.Why are blacks continuing to riot and loot, even kill? Blacks need to answer for that.

    1. Yes especially now that they’ve caused so many deaths in the military needlessly as well as Afghans

  3. The so-called Capitol Police Force is a total clown show. Most of these guys would never qualify for service in the police force of a major city or county. They might qualify to be mall cops.

    1. …may be right. NEWSWEEK: “Byrd is a controversial figure with a record of mishandling firearms, including once leaving a loaded pistol in a Congressional Visitor Center bathroom.”

    2. No, they would not even qualify as mall cops because mall cops do their job; mostly and Capitol police only do what Democrats tell them to do.

  4. Where are all the black,white,Hispanic,all creeds & color,Police & civilians suing Kamala for all the riots & assaults & destruction in neighborhoods? Normal democrats like to live like this third world bull? FBI that doesn’t want to be implicated said there was no insurrection…because there wasn’t.

    1. Pelosi defunding the real Capital police, and then she hired her own friends, that were security, to be there on the 6th. The Proud boys ,and Antifa, and BLM are their groups, that’s why, they protected the guy who shot Babbott with everything they had. What was that evil mans name Officer Bird? We finally got his name.

      1. I meant that’s why, they protected the guy who shot Babbott. She got shot, standing right next to a BLM member, it was because she was wearing that red lets make America great again hat. The BLM member, Antifa, and the proud boys were paid to be there, and drove up in 5 brand new white trucks, that were seen on camera. Pelosi’s security let most of them in the door on camera. 3 social media accounts worked together to immediately cut Trump off, from their social media accounts, so he couldn’t talk. This was all planned ahead of time. Trump was still in his rally, for another 1/2 an hour, calling for peace at the end, while this was all going on. Zuckerberg admitted Antifa, and BLM were planning the attack for weeks, before it happened on Facebook. Why didn’t he let his best friend Pelosi know this info. He gave them 400,000,000 to rig this election but couldn’t let the now this very serious info.

  5. Ummmmm excuse me, we want to file lawsuits against the Democrats and George Soros for their funding of AntiFa and BLM for blowing up our cities, murdering, raping and mugging citizens along with destroying businesses and police departments!
    Those police being used by the Democrats should be fired immediately!

  6. The FBI has proven that Trump has nothing to do with the people at the Capitol. They were at the Capitol BEFORE Trump’s speech. And there was no insurrection since they has no weapons, not even the woman murdered by the Capitol Police. The so called reporters had everything on the news BEFORE any shots were fired. Nancy Pelosi and her gang planned the entire event. They are the ones who should be sued, plus tried for treason.

  7. They should really sue Congress they are the ones at fault. But I guess it is better not to sue the hand that feeds you. Time to taks a good hard look in the mirror because they will get nothing and America will continue to get screwed!

  8. That’s funny, the FBI and Antifa infiltrators had bad timing. They decided to instigate the crowd before President Trump made his speech. Nice try.

  9. The hearing that Congress had for January 6th, found NO Trump supporters were found to be Instigators or no planned terriost act. The case is closed, so Pelosi is telling them to sue, she’s so afraid he will run again. If we have a country left by then. With the military planning on giving the shot to all military they will be too sick to fight. That’s their plan, obum nut started depleting them.

  10. Garbage law suit, based on a completely concocted story. One of their own needs to be rotting in prison for murder.

  11. I’m generally supportive of our cops all over the country. I support and donate to NAPO.

    But these guys deserve no support and no respect at all. Are the CapCops now a branch of BLM? When can we see them suing the leadership of Antifa for their part in the January 6 fiasco or for the massive, destructive, deadly riots all across the country following the SUICIDE of their New Hero and Role Model George Floyd? Riots, I might add, that took the lives of Cops too!

    If cops are going down this road, then they can do without my support!

    1. IS, or maybe better, WHO exactly is filing this suit? Is it the majority of police there that day, or is it a small sell-out few and the “UNION”? – (nancy’s buddies) Maybe it is just a couple of chicken chit cops, like the one who murdered a WHITE WOMAN! Most of us in the real world, understand this is HOG-WASH and the facts say so…..BUT…. facts do not matter to Obama, Soros, Evil Nancy, or her lap dog Schoomy-boy, and the SCITT brigade… THEY CONTROL DC IN EVERY FACET. We have seen this game played for 8 years or longer. They hold all the video, 14 thousand hours worth, they own the attorneys, own the prosecutor, and OWN the judges in DC. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BET IT WILL HAVE TO BE TRIED IN DC? Just like our past elections – the COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY will not play unless the cards are stacked or they can cheat. In the America I grew up in – I would agree with most others that this is bullchit, and Trump will make fools of them all……BUT THIS AIN’T THAT AMERICA!!!!!!! they will not stop going after Trump….ever, unless they have Maw Clinton’s “murder inc. take care of him!

      1. It’s time to stop this insanity. Get Pelosi out of office along with Schumer. They keep wasting taxpayer funds trying to keep Trump from running in 2024. Pelosi and Democrats are so afraid that the Republicans will own the House, the Senate and White House, they are willing to lie, try, do, and say anything to stop Trump from running. Get back to real work otherwise we should stop their salaries and benefits

      2. Can’t wait for the My Pillow guy to expose what really happened on 1/6. After Arizona the Cyber Ninjas are going to investigate too. Look at the videos, there were Chinese weapons and someone had a flute made from bamboo! The answer is so obvious, it was Hillary!

  12. For what? your committing murrder? Check the FBI reports Democrats, lrt’s open up your swamp records. Crocodile tears from Biden, We have to hold those in charge for our Countries both losses human and materially criminally responsible If we don’t, we will not have any nation moving forwad. Biden, his back room bafouns have to pay a price for their unAmerican actions. It’s obivious boots on the ground advise, were totally ignored, trying to blame Trump is gutless , giving the names of standed Americans to the enemy is treason to the Taliban, need i say more? Mussolini was strung up for less,If the Public can’t see the biden’s taking a billion dollars from China is not corruption we deserve what is currenty happening. Is their no loyalty from the swamp today for our Country? We now have a stain on our Country that will never go away the least we can do is have the biden’s and his band of cowards go away.

  13. All Law enforcement that dealt with last years riots should sue blm, antifa, rioting activists and the scummy skeevee politicians that encouraged, funded and bailed them out. Find a way to do a class action suit OR take them down using rico charges.

  14. This is just another stupid democrat endeavor to get something on Trump and his supporters. Probably all the capital police that are suing are democrats.They are disqusting. Never, ever vote for a democrat. They will do anything to get and stay in power.

    1. Biden will never finish his term. The My Pillow guy is about to expose how the election was stolen on August 13. He just had the wrong year, in 2022. Can’t wait then Trump will be back in power to give a pardon to all the insurrectionists who tried to overthrow our government

  15. these people are commies including lawyer there punks they wont win i hope trump can turn around and sue them hey assholes what about babbitt guy was black that murdered white girl

    1. If you’re white you go to jail for lying to Congress like Flynn or not registering as a agent for a foreign government like Manafort or having your “college “ disbanded because it was a fraud. It’s not fair what they are doing now

  16. Remember this you slime ball sewies. We can very well turn you into the sewed. The American people are now mad enough to actually rip your bodies apart. We all know who is lying here. We now know the name of the officer who shot unarmed Babbit.GOD will get you for this you snake.

  17. the capital police are the PATHETIC POLICE, just like Pelosi, Schumer and The Fraud Squad plus 1.WOKE WOMBATS.

  18. The lousy bastards could of arrested that woman instead of killing her. Terrible, now those parents should of sued the pants off of them and that agent. I would go after him in a civil case. Wish I was a lawyer I would take the case for 30% of nothing. Karma Mfers, Karma.

  19. Pelosi bought them out, guaranteed. More Blacks will testify that President Trump has done more for the Black communities than any other President.

  20. I cant understand why cities waste $ on pretty blue uniforms to go on “Douche Bags” like the ones in DC who are trying to get publicity suing Trump for something their party set up and operated on. . .even killing an unarmed lady for effect ! ! !

  21. Trump needs to sue them for being incompetent. No one with their eyes open would believe this nonsense.

  22. Apparently these guys failed to read the opinion of several FBI investigators who found no collaboration between the rioters and Trump or his associates. Their claim should be directed at Pelosi who with other Congressional leaders failed to provide adequate security including National Guard troops offered by the Trump Administration. This is most likely just another misdirection by the party of misDirection.

  23. I say we hook up with Ashli Babbett’s husband and file and support a countersuit against the Capitol Police. I believe a lot of patriots would get behind that.

  24. The same action should go against antifa/blm for their insurrection….the democrats for their corruption in the last election….for opening the borders….for the chaos in handling the virus….for allowing terrorist, drugs, human trafficking and criminals into the country…and just for all the corruption that democrats are known for…

  25. Apparently these officers haven’t seen the FBI report that essentially found no evidence Trump had anything to do with the riots.

  26. These Capitol police are just like the DC Guard during Desert Storm. They had to have their orders revoked from being sent because they were unfit and untrained for their mission. Now Capitol police want to sue because they couldn’t handle their jobs and even murdered a woman in cold blood then swept it under the rug just like a good politician.

  27. These CAPITOL POLICE, who work for NANCY PELOSI, were probably sent by her to sick TRUMP, because most of the people involved with her 3rd IMPEACHMENT of TRUMP lost steam and fizzled out, without the results she wanted. Now she is still not satisfied, and instead of turning to what’s important right now for the country, she is still obsessed with stopping TRUMP from running for Election.
    These CAPITOL POLICE should get the facts straight about 1/6. Check with the FBI about the planning of the INSURRECTION by BLM and ANTIFA for a whole month before Jan. 6th, and were allowed to do all this planning on FACEBOOK, believe it or not, and FACEBOOK did not censor any of it. They dressed like TRUMP SUPPORTERS, just to fool people, but, they got caught and were arrested. SINCE
    FACEBOOK WORKS FOR THE DEMS, NANCY knew all about it. She was in charge
    of the PHONIE INSURRECTION; just to blame it on TRUMP. I heard that when she
    lost her laptop, the FBI found it. I wonder how much she paid them to keep quiet about what they saw on it?

  28. This is more evil spew of Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi. She is surely the most evil person in American politics today. This lawsuit is just one more way for her to reinforce the false narrative of a preplanned attempted revolution on Jan 6. It is Democrats (Pelosi, et al) who are conducting a revolution, passing crazy election laws guaranteeing easy election fraud and trillions of dollars into a budget of nothing but budget busting waste Democrat pork.

  29. Another political hit job by Queen Big Nosey and the Schmuck. Demokraps are nothing but commies today.

    All the officers are black, and they’re going after this on ‘civil rights’ issues. Funny how the three deaths that were reportedly linked to that day were all white people, isn’t it. More kabuki theater.

  30. When ever the Marxist lose ground, as in this instance the investigation revealed no Trump involvement, the Marxist automatically go on the offensive. Quite a contrast from what republicans do; they throw in the towel. McConnell is really good at it.

  31. All eyes are off what the left is doing with our government,while our attention is diverted to the Afghan “ mistake”. The murder of our Marines was planned. It was no mistake and I’m sick of Republicans & democrats alike,bloviating about this or that should have been done. STFU and start working on the problem because you’re not telling the American people anything we don’t already know. Wise up. It’s all part of the plan.

    1. They can’t prove it so they just take advantage of illiterate people who want to believe anything they say. Remember when some buffoon told them he would build a wall and Mexico would pay for it. All his rallies were like a high school gym before the big game. Chanting the 3 magic words “ build that wall”. If they believed that they’ll shove a light up their ass. Can’t wait to see what the Cyber Ninjas turn up.

      1. You should put your act on DVD and sell it. It’s hilarious! Then you can do a mournful eulogy on GFloyd, your alter-ego, the career criminal drug abuser who once held a pregnant woman at gun point while he stole everything of value she owned. Then you you can whine about the lethal doses of illegal street drugs that he committed suicide with. Yessir, take donations for a Gfloyd statue and block long mural depicting his saintly life. Yup, you’re a total joke just like he was. Enjoy your Communism when they hand you a shovel and put you to work, LOL.

  32. Hold on a sec ! Didn’t the FBI , just say. “ That they found no evidence that the January protest that occurred this year was planned at all. Definitely not orchestrated by President Trump .
    That is the end of this debacle .
    It was entirely spontaneous , and helped along by the security that was there that day! The security or police , removed the barriers and waved the people through.
    There are more questions than answers here, and pelosi needs to be made to answer them all !

  33. This is the epitome of a frivolous lawsuit. There is no question this is a product of Pelosi. She will do ANYTHING to disparage PRESIDENT TRUMP. Those who initiated this lawsuit need to pay ALL the costs associated and admonished for abusive use of the Court System for their own publicity.

  34. I have seen video’s before they were taken off the internet showing the capitol police urging people to enter the capitol building. They are the ones that should be sued!


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