Media Outlet Trashes Marines on Day of Attack

White House [Public Domain]

Vice News slandered US Marines on the same day 11 were killed as a result of a terror attack in Kabul.

According to The Daily Wire:

The same day at least 12 U.S. service members were killed in terror attacks in Afghanistan, Vice media ran a story titled, “Why Are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis?”

Meghan McCain, daughter of the late Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), reacted to the story on Twitter, bluntly posting, “Go f*** yourselves.” The tweet from Vice, which hosted the article, has since been deleted.

The Vice article, published at 9:15 a.m., complained about U.S. Maries supposed ties to “far right” politics and “neo-Nazism.”

“While many vets are being outed as far-right extremists, one branch keeps popping up when it comes to neo-Nazis: the United States Marine Corps,” Vice claimed.

According to NPR the link to extremism was from social media posts.

  1. Ex Military myself, Woke sissies are what they are trying to convert the Patriot’s who get to have any mind set they have, if it’s not White Rage? General Milly doesn’t understand it yet, because it doesn’t exist! But he will create it for them to Study at the Academies.

    1. Former military here too. I believe you misspelled the general’s name and believe it should be spelled “Millie” — snicker, chortle, snort.

  2. Biden, has become the loose cannon that can’t be allowed to continue, this person has lost all American values, He has forfeited his right, to any position of power, If he won’t resign it’s time for impeachment, let’s get this done, before it’s too late. THE FREE WORLD STAGE WILL NEVER TRUST ANOTHER DEMOCRAT PRESIDENT, BIDEN, HAS SEEN TO THAT FOREVER, WHAT A CORRUPT DISLOYAL PERSON, NO SOUL NO HONOR, NO LOYALTY, NO ALLIES, JOE AND HIS LACK OF MORAL TURPITUDE, Time to hold the Biden family responsible for their crimes against our Nation, Time to hold his radical cabinet members responsible for their crimes against the American people, Time for full accountability on acceptance of money from foreign sources, who are adversarial to our Governmental and it’s ideals. principals. Biden crime family has been allowed to continue for too long. Time has come to hold the Biden’s for criminal acts against the American people. The Country can not continue on this path without the full input of Congress to hold the executive branch to the laws they created and that are in place to stop incompetent self elected dictatorships from taking our country and overreaching criminal political obfuscation by a mindless leader.

    1. It is time to discharge the current President (Biden) as his mind is, and has been gone for some time. And he lies when the truth would serve, plus he does not know where he is, or what he is supposed to be doing. God knows that few of us voted for him due to his sorry dealings with foreign nations for years. We also need to get Nancy Pelosi out of the House as the only person she represents is herself.

        1. will somebody please organize a 10 million man march to dc to remove these pukes in office, then when democrats start an investigation as to root cause it will all fall on biden.just remember early patriots gave their blood,sweat and tears even their lives for this country and that is what it’s gonna take! they will not stop,biden is proof of that. action is needed now.power in #’s. SOMEBODY PLZ ORGANIZE A MASSIVE RALLY TO DC IF NOT I HOPE YOU LIKE EGG ROLES

      1. Sure, leave him alone !!
        He need to do his part in destroying the country, then, Kamila will continue to do her part and by the time she’ll finish whatever is left, our kids will find out what a Communist
        paradise they live in …. Just like N . Korea !!!

        1. Don’t leave any of them alone! If we want to save America, we have to get rid of all of the main anti-America, demon possessed democrats including Harris and Pelosi, before they finish the job of destroying our country.

      2. and a few months back I would have been saying “yes”, now I am not so sure that the ho would do what biteminehole has done. No way to know for sure, but I think that the $lut is incompetent enough that she would seek AND take the advice of senior military folks – a lot of them – not millie. just writing out loud about the schitt shower that we are all getting from the scum in the democrat KKK party of hores and gang banging aholes …

    2. Sure, I agree !!!!
      Just one question: who is going to start the impeachment process ??? Pelosi, Schumer, Warren , Bernie the commie , or any of the Marxist clan ????
      America is being destroyed in front of our eyes and the American people are still “ debating” …
      The enemy is in the government, the media, the big corporations, the so called “ professors “ who have brainwashed our kids for 2 generations…
      Too late !!!
      Welcome to the United Socialist State of America!!! In short USSA !!!!

    3. Agreed but also need to be rid of the fascists
      in Congress; aka, The Squad. How can Congress make laws for We the People if
      these left wing extremist terrorists are in a
      place of prominence but not for us but in it
      for themselves? They need to be investigated and thrown out, we sure don’t
      need them, they are Muslim sympathizers.
      We must not forget the majority of the left
      liberals are traitors too. Gotta be rid of all
      these traitors to our country, they are the
      real terrorists.

    4. It’s too late to cry “wolf”!on Biden, any other 40 year elected politician. Voters keep putting him in office, as they do all the others just like him on both sides of the isle. When you point a finger, there are three fingers pointing at YOU.

  3. Milley is more concerned about being Woke than building an effective military, this piece of shit needs to just admit he’s a girly boy and apologize for his ineptitude.

  4. There facilities and homes need to experience the lefts acceptable and encouraged NOT SO PEACEFUL BLM STYLE PROTESTS. TIME TO PUT A HURT ON SCUM BAGS LIKE THIS. TAKE THEIR RIGHTS.

  5. Also go fk yourself, u pathetic, sick,woke jokers, our military in afghanistan, are nothing but heroes, put in harms way because of an incompetent,leader that has no clue what the hell he is doing, along with his incompetent, administration. All of them need to be removed, arrested and charged with treason and espionage.

  6. laying odds on the 3 idiot owners, Suroosh Alvi, Shane Smith, Gavin McInnes, never ever served one day of service to Canada or the US….

  7. Considering that we have a Vice President who has stated publicly that veterans need to stand on their own two feet, stop being a protected class and that all our benefits should be given to “poor”, what else could you expect. They’ve been giving billions to the “poor” for generations and all they’ve done is create a class of lazy, unproductive leeches. How could we expect the far left base of the Democratic Party to do any less than to disparage our military? I’m often reminded of the lines of Jack Nicholson from A Few Good Men. I wonder if any of these cretins would ever stand to post?

  8. and then every time Megan McCain can trash Trump, someone who loves the military, she takes it every single chance. People feel empowered to speak about our military like this when even pretend conservatives attack a guy who cares about the military like Trump does. Megan has made it OK to create this illusion that white supremacy and insurgencies are going on in this country by her confused position that makes her appear to support these kinds of claims, and no amount of outraged profanity will cover that up.

    1. I think she does that cuz her dad John turned on the Military and like Biden sided with the natzs. He told on his fellow service men and got a lot killed. She’s a nobody anyways just like her dad.

  9. I wonder if any contributors to this story served in the Marine Corps or any other military service. I doubt it. Fact is, when people enter the service, they pretty much reflect the U.S. population. And when they exit, they carry a torch for the constitutional republic that provides a host of freedoms not generally allowed in much of the world. Those who denigrate the military are stomping on thin ice.

  10. The neo Nazis are inhabiting the halls of gov’t not the USMC! They’re also found in the fascist anarchist groups like the nblm & antifa.

  11. Megan McCain, daughter of John McCain…. One minute she is on the side of our soldiers and the next minute trashing the best President ever ! President Trump ! The media is going to get theirs, they will all go down for their Progressive socialist communist Leftest lies they have been spewing for years. Q

  12. Vietnam vet here! The current president, his administration, the military high command, commie loving lame stream media Are all responsible for the deaths that have occurred since 1-20-2021. The incompetent generals and admirals at the pentagon would never have survived Vietnam! The ignorance and stupidity of giving up our best and largest air base @Bagrahm that had four runways and secure from attacks, to move to a one runway airport in Kabul surrounded by mountains show that Biden and company are utterly incompetent and should be removed from office

  13. Whatever this VICE is they a dumb shits. Nazism is on the left with all the other types of socialist/communist/kkk, etc. If it opposes what is in our founding documents, Declaration Of Independence, Constitution, etc. including rule of law and capitalism it is left-wing. If you are for and support the previously mentioned documents and economics you are on the RIGHT. The cannot be an “extreme right”. You are either on the Right or you are something else. So get it correct. Yes, we vets and active vets love our country and what it stands for and are willing to die for it. We will not fight or die for any left-wing system of SOB.

  14. Vice news, you are trash, garbage. You are ignominious, unpatriotic liberals who hate the military and everything the nation stands for. you are part of the problem that our great nation is facing daily. You should leave this nation; move to Afghanistan or Cuba.

  15. I’m still praying that someone in the military will roll the dice and roll the military into Washington and remove these open traitors to our nation.I’m talking about the swamp rat democrats and some upper echelon republicans and politically appointed military generals who seem to be commie plants.Despite the mainstream medias constant stream of saying the election was valid…it’s very clear that this election was stolen.Ever wonder why Biden did’nt bother campaigning?He knew what was going to happen.How does a demented old geezer who drew crowds of 50-100 people at his few rallies win and election with historically staggering numbers..numbers that happened only after they mysteriously closed the polls for a few hours.This is an illegal and illegitmate administration…they need to be removed.How about this…lets have anohther presidential election…next week….Trump vs Biden and see who wins….they won’t have the time to pull the bullshit they did….I’d place my money that Trump wins in a landslide…I live in NY and I have a hard time finding many people who voted for this imbecile.

  16. All Registered Voting Demodouchebag Commies that voted him in are responsible for this mess, as well as the whole Biden Regime including Xiden, EmbHarris, JCoS General “Woke White Rage Christmas Tree” Milley, SoDef Austin “Woke” Powers man of Commie Mystery, SoS Not Thinkin Blinken, and any other woke robots that work for these Marxists, are also responsible for this mess. They all need to resign immediately.

  17. No one wearing a military uniform is wearing it because they look pretty in it. They wear it because they are proud of their country and will defend it, and the Constitution with their life if necessary. It even includes the right of a free press to express their own Marxist opinions and call them ‘Neo-Nazis’. All those in uniform are ten times the American than all the Liberal-progressive-Democrats in all of Congress and the blue states in the country put together.


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