POLL: American Support This Freedom Loving Nation

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American support for Taiwan is at an all-time high according to a new poll.

According to The Washington Free Beacon:

A poll released this month found the highest ever rate of American support for Taiwan.

The poll, conducted by the Chicago Council for Global Affairs, found that 69 percent of Americans support Taiwanese independence, 53 percent support a formal U.S.-Taiwan alliance, and 52 percent support the deployment of U.S. troops in response to a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the highest number since the poll started asking that question in 1982.

“The American public supports a range of US policies in support of Taiwan,” the Chicago Council wrote in a statement. “While a significant portion of Americans appear unfamiliar with Taiwan, a majority of Americans seem prepared to recognize independence for Taiwan should the US government change its existing policy toward Taipei. … Moreover, support has increased considerably for defending Taiwan in case of attack, which may itself bolster US credibility in a crisis scenario.”

Mounting support for Taiwan comes as China intensifies its campaign to take control of it. Beijing’s military officials have conducted a massive buildup of missile, warship, air, space, and cyber capabilities they plan to use in an invasion of Taiwan. Chinese president Xi Jinping says he aims to seize Taiwan by 2049.

The debacle in Afghanistan could lead the Chinese to test the Biden administration with Taiwan.

  1. PINO, is not his own Puppeteer, they are giving away the Wealth, and Spirit of America. This is “On Purpose” not bad judgment.

  2. America supports freedom. America demands those who do not be denied our rights. that would mean vast majority of evil traitor democrats.

  3. The free world must defend Taiwan from CCP, PLA, China take over! The World’s major chip manufacturing is in this one area. The loss of Taiwan, will leave the free world defenseless against China. To find out crucial information read “The World Turned Upside
    Down” by Clyne Prestowitz, China expert spells what must happen to depend this chip industry!!

  4. After Biden abandoned American Citizens and our Allies why would any country count on the US while this Administration is in office ( If it wasn’t for all the money we pour into NATO I can’t believe they haven’t expelled us yet ) Biden forgot the one major rule of being a leader ” LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND ” It’s sad he didn’t even tell our Allies he was pulling out, just bam in the middle of the night, like a coward.

  5. If Biden is noy impeached there will be no Taiwan, Our government is in crisis, If Democrats don’t decide soon, to remove Biden from office as a National Security risk, then the American public should decide to vote out every democrat they can, out of office. The Nation has had enough of his anti American actions, has well as his family enjoying millions of dollars from China and Russia. Time to hold the Biden family responsible for their crimes against our Nation, Time to hold his radical cabinet members responsible also for their crimes against the American people, Time for complete accountability on acceptance of money from foreign sources, who are adversarial to our Government. it’s ideals. principals. Biden crime family has been allowed to continue for too long. Time has come to hold the Biden’s responsible for criminal acts against our American people. The Country can not continue on this path without the full input of Congress to hold the executive branch to the laws they created and that are in place to stop any incompetent leadership from taking over our country.

  6. BIDEN CORRUPTION, Should the American people be concerned? We have a President who can’t and won’t answer questions, about his judgement or decisions. We have a President who has been corrupted by the Chinese and Russian’s for his family taking large amounts of money for what? We have a President who is not taking advice from the professional military consultants,we have a President who has left our borders open for crime and virus, we have a President who every decision seems to go agaist the American way of life. We have a President who has caused loss of jobs, highest inflation in years, gas shortages,food shortages, supply shortages.We have a president who won’t take a fit to serve, medical examine,we have a President who has lost all trust from our allies around the world, we have a President who can’t complete a thought without screwing it up, we have a Presidet who left Americans to an unjust fate with our enemy’s.We have a President who is still protected by the democrats knowing he lacks awareness for all his mental decisions. The swamp has won a big one here, but if they don’t move forward to have this National Security risk contained, we will not have a Country left.

  7. The U.S. has planned for a few years another military base/harbor on Japanese soil East of Taiwan for a second new expanded U.S.Carrier Strike Group to be permanently stationed..

  8. Joe Biden is not going to do anything to upset Communist China, so Taiwan should not depend on the U.S. as long as Progressives are in charge of our nation. China has part ownership of Biden, and Biden is going to do whatever China wants him to do.

  9. America must kick these Marxist usurpers to the curb and get a real American back in the White House. The world is a very dangerous place with these criminals infesting our government.

  10. We better support Taiwan or start building out our own semiconductor plants pronto! Semiconductor supplies could be the 21st century version of oil, which has caused many wars dating back to WW2 with our threats to shut off oil to Japan in their quest to conquer the Asian theater.


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