The One GOP Senator Who You Would Never Guess Would Call for Impeachment Just Called for Impeachment

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Lindsey Graham is a personal friend of Joe Biden, but that is not stopping him from calling for the impeachment of his friend.

Enough is apparently, enough.

According to The Daily Wire:

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), who is friendly with President Joe Biden, told CBS this weekend that he believes POTUS should be removed from office, slamming the president for the botched withdrawal in Afghanistan that “set the conditions for another 9/11.”

“I think it’s dereliction of duty to leave hundreds of Americans behind enemy lines, turn them into hostages, to abandon thousands of Afghans who fought honorably along our side, to create conditions for another 9/11 that are now through the roof,” the senator told “Face the Nation” host Ed O’Keefe, according to The Guardian.

“If you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, then you got a problem,” Graham said in 2015. “You need to do some self-evaluation. ’Cause what’s not to like?”

Though Democrats control the House and the Senate, “Graham told CBS he still thinks Congress should make Biden the fourth president it has tried to remove, after Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Trump,” The Guardian noted.

Graham’s relationship with Joe Biden, has, however, soured over his relationship with Trump.

  1. He is only doing this because his poll #’s are in the tank and he will not be reelected if they stay this low. Graham opposed Trump enough said.

    1. He is such a flip flop. I never know what he is going to do. Supposed to be Republican. Does not act like one,(my opinion. He is only loyal to himself and doing that causes him to be a negative force that wears Republican hat but acts different than a true Republican he is a coward (my opinion)

  2. Articles have to come from the House, not the Senate. Graham better get busy with his GOP pals next door and make this happen sooner rather than later. Heaven only knows what else will get screwed up by this POTUS.

  3. Gram is always talking shit and no action, I’m still waiting for him to get to the bottom of the FBI BS that he said he was going to do and the Clintons , Election fraud and on and on

  4. Strategy s/b to install Trump as speaker in 2023 then impeach both biden & harris by 02/23 then Trump becomes President and gets elected again in 2024 thus 6 yrs of Trump.

    1. President Trump is President. He never conceded and Military recognize him as Commander in Chief. So why is Biden the one who made decisions in Afghanistan? This puzzles me

  5. Biden has committed treason against the United States. He swore an oath to the Constitution on Inauguration Day to protect and defend the United States of America here and abroad. Treason is warranted by his disregard for the removal of troops prior to removal of USA citizens and allies, leaving massive of military weapons and machinery behind, giving the Taliban the data base of Americans and Afghanistan interpreters. He caused the deaths of 13 military personnel and the other commanders involved hold responsibility for dismissal as well. Impeachment is too easy. Crimes against our country has happened since day one with the southern border. And the northern border is open. How many terrorists are coming over here in this country? With 9/11 coming everyone should be worried. It’s time to make the GOP work hard, RINOS too before we are in serious trouble. Pelosi is a thorn, but something needs to stop her from not putting this on the House floor. We are in for a rough ride. Pray!

  6. the Flags of this GREAT NATION should remain at Half Mast until this IDIOT is out of Office! Impeach BIDEN NOW and then that Whore Harris next!!

    1. And then we get Pelosi, or worse! The Democrats set this all up nicely while the GOP stood idly by watching.

  7. I wouldn’t put much into what Lindsay Gramnisty has to say, he is as two faced as they come. He is the definition of a RINO.

  8. I am going to say the quiet part out loud once and for all. Joe Biden, his wife and the entire Biden administration has to be put to death in a tribunal!

  9. Hey Lindsay, what’s not to like about Joe Biden as a person??? How about the family grift machine that has apparently been putting America 2nd for years!!!

  10. TIME TO REMOVE JOE BIDEN FROM THE WHITE HOUSE AND OUR PRESIDENCY — ANYWAY POSSIBLE — by Impeachment or Resigning or have him, Harris and Pelosi marched out of D.C. by the Military Police. Amen.

    Notify President Trump of date Biden is relieved of his duties so DJT is ready to step back in the White House where he rightfully belongs along with his administration!

    Want to fix our Nation? This is the only viable solution! NO BIDEN, NO HARRIS, NO PELOSI, etc!

  11. OBiden is the most worthless one ever in the White House and his administration is by far the most inferior and lamest group ever!

  12. BIDEN AND HARRIS AND PIG PELOSI ALL NEED TO GO FOR HELPING TO COMMIT VOTER FRAUD. The election committee came out and said over 15 million ballots were either lost(another name DEMOSHITS use for Republican ballots that were thrown away). The 2020 election should be cards aside and redone.

  13. Graham runs hot and cold! You never know what his position is from day to day. A year ago he’d go on Hannity and tease us about all the surprise information that was going to come out early in 2021. WHERE IS IT?

  14. You can say what you want to try to influence anyone, however who your FRIENDS are says the most about YOU. Are you listening, Sen, Graham?

  15. My god, how long does it take to take this criminal
    out, and that is Biden.Disgraceful, ugly, demented,
    etc etc.We cannot go on with him as president. He
    knows nada and is just hugging up to China etc. To the
    aged home with him!

  16. You are known by the company you keep is the conventional wisdom. Now I know why LG gives me the creeps.

  17. Biden is not honorable, nor admirable. He is a dunce. Always has been. Lindsay, you don’t choose your pals well. McCain was a t u r d too.

  18. Only one? where are the rest?Will they be require to return the money Biden’s got over a billion from China… Biden’s mental diaper changes have now become National security risk, Along with the Biden’s being bought and paid by China and Russia your right, like I said before impeachment is not enough, Biden’s betrayal should be held on the world stage for his Crimes agaiinst America, against our allies, against our military, against those Americans who were killed, against his corruption, against his personal attack on American values, against our Country, it’s more then just politics, he seens to have total hate, for our way of life. Once again, look at the money the Biden’s have received from China, Russia, those decisions he made to benefit China and Russia, which no American would choose, against our Country’s welfare and values.Without Biden’s being held accountable. for their betrayals, we will never be able to move forward, in Biden’s mind if the Clinton’s got away with it so can he ten fold. Impeachment is not enough it should just be a start. China Makes Its Move On Funding The Taliban… And It’s Worth At Least $110 Million.Good news for joe earning his keep.

  19. Golly, another RINO tries desperately to make political points. Half the night crawling RATS in the GOP have been Never Trumpers, voted with their Democrat friends, voted to “impeach” Trump, and ignored Election Fraud and a host of critical issues.

    Now ONE says “Impeach” Obidma. Where were they when the INELIGIBLE Obama was destroying the nation, our freedoms and the military for 8 unrelenting years!!??

    Well, they were riding the coattails of a few like Trump that tried to fix a few things.

    Too bad those few things didn’t include Election Fraud and the US Dep’t of Mal-Education.

  20. What about vacating the speaker’s chair and getting Piglosi out? She won’t bring articles of impeachment of Biden to the house floor, if she remains as the speaker, it can’t be done! And—- SHE needs to be investigated for the Jan.6th debacle she created in order to blame and impeach Trump! She is covering for Biden and his boss Obama. She knows this Afghanistan thing was a plan to arm our terrorist enemies with OUR weapons, and endanger our country!


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