JRB is as Overwhelmed as LBJ

The photo of Joseph Robinette Biden slumped over at the presidential podium last Thursday has become the defining image of his young presidency. Little more than seven months since his inauguration, Biden is encircled by crises and overwhelmed by his own incompetence, disengagement, and disastrous decisions. 

From the Afghan meltdown, to the erased southern “border,” to massive spending, to the return of inflation, to coddling criminals, to embracing Critical Race Theory, JRB is drowning in a piranha-filled whirlpool of his own making.

The picture of Biden curling into a veritable fetal position under withering questioning by my intrepid Fox News colleague Peter Doocy parallels another gripping photo.

On July 31, 1968, White House photographer Jack Kightlinger captured an equally exhausted President Lyndon Johnson deep in apparent grief and exasperation as he listened to an audio tape sent from South Vietnam by U.S. Marine Corps Captain Charles Spittal Robb, his son-in-law who was fighting in that conflict. The voice of Chuck Robb, the young man who went on to become Virginia’s Democrat governor and U.S. senator, seemed more than LBJ could handle.

The parallel pictures of two Democrat presidents swamped by events are as poignant as they are ominous.

Bonus: Watch President Ronald Reagan bid farewell to Kightlinger as he retired from the White House Photographer’s Office on March 29, 1985. “Turnabout is fair play,” Reagan quipped, just after snapping the lensman’s picture.

[jwplayer 1Oblz4RT-lzmB6GEw]

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Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

  1. Vietnam & Afganistan side by side one Vietnam instigated by LBJ, Afganistan handed down since 2003

    1. LBJ also gave us the Great Liberal Wet Dream: The Great Society that enslaved thousands of our black poor and reshackled them to the Government Plantation. It also encouraged the decline of the nuclear family as their integral unit of society. Has it improved the lot of the poor? I rest my case.

  2.  It’s past time for incompetent, imbecile Biden to resign. to be court-martialed, or impeached for high crimes against America and American citizens. Biden is encircled by crises and overwhelmed by his own incompetence, disengagement, and disastrous decisions.

    1. Thousands of illegals entering the U.S.A.; 20% positve for covid and responsible for hundreds of covid deaths all along the U.S.A. – Mexican Border, especially in Texas.
    2. Thousands of Afganistans not tested for covid nor vetted, to be located in Texas. Many of these Afganistans are not Americans nor interpreters for the U.S.A. The BidenRegime left Americans and interpreters in Kabul and loaded American aircrafts with thousands of ???
    3. This will take some self-control, but try to put aside for a minute your disgust at the moronic, clueless, and deeply symbolic– for terrorists anyway –date of9/11 for the pull-out and consider this question: “Why was so much equipment left behind?!” Billions of dollars of military equipment for Isis and the Taliban to use against Americans.
    4. The death of 14 American soldiers in Kabul. “Joe Biden just pissed away America’s reputation of legitimate superpower leadership, military savvy, and American greatness for a disaster of his own making. A generation of military combat vets is embarrassed by their commander in chief selling out their sacrifice. What a disgrace to their honor and service.”

    JEANINE PIRRO: “Mark this day as the day the United States of America officially fell from grace as the world’s superpower, due to the ineptitude, the incompetence, and the dereliction of duty by a so-called commander in chief.”

    1. This is so true. Thank u MSM. which has all blood on its hands as well. YOU, as a propaganda machine did what Hitler did; YOU facilitated the destruction. You are not Patriotic, you are communisms in its infant form and, sorry to say, YOU need to go, whether by your own admissions or a militant group taking YOU out. It has to happen. Our forefathers never said ‘please’.

      1. Right! When the Red Coats told the Americans to lay down their guns the Americans shot them. My great#gandfather was a Minute Man under General Marion the Swampfox.

    2. The Supreme Court should have taken care of this. He never should have stepped into the White House. They turned down over twenty states that made complaint. Justice Robert’s was at the center of this disgrace!!

  3. The odd thing is that image which will forever be used as the trademark for the Biden presidency happened for a completely different reason than the one believed about it.

    Yes, Doocy was challenging Biden. But Biden thought he was being full of bravado as he mentioned that Trump had a May deadline for withdrawal. For some reason Biden thought he was being impressive when he challenged Doocy with that fact. And he was shocked that Doocy was not cowed by it. It was exasperation Biden was showing at Doocy’s lack of comprehension that made Biden put his head down, as in – what is it going to take to get that guy to realize his errors in understanding?

    Doocy needs no lessons. Biden is a doofus. But Biden’s perception was that he had won that one and he couldn’t believe that did not silence Doocy. That was why he put his head down. Biden was frustrated that he was dealing with a stubborn newsman who refused to learn. Oy.

    Dr. Jill ought to be ashamed of herself. She knows he is not up to this job. She has known all along. Yet she allowed this travesty to go on.

    Another thing happened in a debate where Biden actually said something right and no one heard it or noticed it. Harris was criticizing Biden for voting against busing so blacks could go to better schools. “I was one of those little girls you affected by that vote.’ Harris said smarmily.
    But Biden answered, “I voted that way because of state’s rights.” That actually was a logical answer for those years. But it got lost in the shuffle.

    I am still trying to figure out how Biden sounds strong and decisive sometimes and then other times he is a blithering, doddering, soft voiced, incoherent child.If someone is giving him something to make him seem okay, we should all have access to whatever that is.

    1. They are changing history and it will have him as a ruler the man that changed America into ChinaAmerica the new world order. Ppl we all need to unite and stand up. We are in the first round of 7 and when 7 gets here most of us will be gone. Read your bibles. Unity is power.

  4. But its really not incompetence, senility or stupidity. It has all been intended from Droll bucket’s first executive order from whom he took instructions, to the Border to the emasculation of the military to Afghanistan. This is all intended by his Jacobin puppet masters.

  5. Of his three choices, Biden should just resign. He is a complete disaster after only 8 months. Impeachment or court martial are the other choices he has. He has committed treason by aiding and abetting our enemy, causing the deaths of 13 military heroes and weakened our country. Yep. Treason=impeachment..

    1. Can’t court marshal him and the demturds are not going to impeach him. They have the house republicans don’t. I wish it was that easy

  6. Hilarious!!!
    The best thing is for biden to have a heart attack and KAmala to take over and the world to see what kind of buffoons Americans elected!!!!!

  7. I don’t know about y’all but, I’m just sitting back and waiting for the great reset. In which will reset everything as we know it and honesty will become the new world not dishonesty from the new world order. Some of you ppl know exactly what I’m talking about..,,,,,,.

  8. The handlers of Joe Biden deserve even more punishment than Biden does. Reportedly, this is Barack Obama and his cohorts exercising his 3rd term. He was too slow for his backers during his first 2 terms, and he was converted to a billionaire. Now he is under the gun and can’t waste any time converting USA to a socialist/Marxist nation – as he “promised.” The Critical Race Theory has firmly been made a part of military and business life, as well as in the schools. Fortunately, parents are moving against the gullible school boards. It may not be too late, but the 2022 elections must give Republicans veto-proof majorities in Congress (yes, that includes the Senate.)

  9. You think Biden is hanging his head in shame? Not so. He is waiting for the next orders from Susan Rice on his earpiece.

  10. CHEATER Joe Biden has made “COWARDACE” as the major factor in his American leadership!!!! By the way, since the White House controls him completely, is that their “COWARDACE” on display for we, all the American people, to see and don’t we have a right to know who that “COWARD” is programming him as our American leader????????


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