Britain Calls Out Biden Admin for Lying

Screenshot via MSNBC on YouTube

The United States is trying to blame the British for keeping Abbey Gate open, but British officials have said this is simply, not true.

According to The Daily Wire:

Top British officials are forcefully pushing back on classified records that appear to have been leaked by the Biden administration that blame Britain for the Abbey Gate remaining open when an ISIS terrorist detonated a suicide vest, killing 13 U.S. service members and roughly 200 Afghans.

“Just to pick up on something which has emerged from the United States over the past 24 hours, there seems to be an accusation by the Americans that we somehow endangered their forces on the ground by insisting on one of the gates at the airport, remaining open, what is the truth of it?” a Sky News host asked Dominic Raab, Britain’s Foreign Secretary and First Secretary of State.

“Look, we coordinate very closely with the U.S., in particular around the ISIS-K threat that we anticipated, although tragically we’re not able to prevent,” Raab said. “But we, it’s certainly right to say that we got our civilian staff out of the processing center by Abbey Gate–, but there’s no, it’s just not true to suggest that other than securing our civilians staff inside the airport that we were pushing to leave the gate open.”

Raab continued, “In fact, and let me just be clear about this, we were issuing changes of travel advice before the bomb attack took place and saying to people in the crowd, which is what I was particularly concerned that certainly UK nationals and anyone else should leave because of the risk.”


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The US claimed that they kept the gate open in order to allow British allies to evacuate through the gate. That was reported by Politico.

  1. so should we believe that dementia ridden lying dog faced pony soldier O’Biden who couldn’t tell the truth even if he knew what it was & has screwed up everything since he came into office. I don’t think so, father forgive me for what I’m about to type How about someone give him a covid shot and see if we can get him to stroke out in the next 72 hrs.

      1. That just wouldn’t work. Like O’Biden her whole life has been an inversion of right and wrong. She wouldn’t have a clue how to do the right thing.

          1. Globalist George Soros is behind almost all of our problems. He has dual citizenship with U.S. and Hungary. Hungary doesn’t want him. Is there a cure for this infection?

          2. YES! The cure is exactly what Hungary threatened if he (Soros) did not leave the country – homicide. Maybe someone in this corrupt Democrat administration can get the CIA to do something useful, for a change – like getting rid of Soros.

        1. I don’t think Harris has the intellectual capacity to be a leader. Pelosi is being very quiet. She knows Harris doesn’t really want the job of president and Nancy would die for it but if she lobbies for it the uproar would be tremendous. Having power hungry Marxist Pelosi for president isn’t any better than having demented crook Joe Biden for president. America is between a rock and a hard place. .

          1. Yes, we are. All because people in this country have lost their minds.
            I know there’s the stolen election situation.
            However, many triggered idiots went out and voted for this. And I mean people who voted for President Trump the first time.
            Each and everyone of them now have blood on their hands after this huge debacle in Afghanistan. Shame on ALL YOU IDIOTS!

    1. I would agree with the stroke-out statement if it were not for the line of succession. The thought that COMMA LAW and miserable Nancy are in line after Biden scares me almost as much as Biden being there. I would just like to know who is pulling the puppet strings.

      1. Seems biden and company picked Harris to ensure job security. The thought, by most Americans, is that dementia Joe in ANY condition is better than Harris. Let’s keep him alive even if we have to prop him up ala week end with bernie.

        1. Been telling folks to do the right thing and push for Biden’s removal by any means possible. It should be clear just by the casual observance of the Biden Administration’s actions since his “installment” that Joe Biden is not the President running the show from the Oval Office. We’re currently controlled by a cabal of non-elected political appointees and far left wing advisors, some of which are evidently among the most stupid folks on the planet.

          Harris needs to move on this quickly. Power via the constitution is vested in a single executive NOT a cabal of unaccountable individuals we currently have. Harris needs to be President so that American can have a leader in office and I use the term leader very loosely.

          Harris should have Biden resign and if he won’t then she should move to have him impeached. Biden has ruined the office of POTUS in the eyes of our allies and is not trustworthy because of the continuous stream of lies about what he is doing and the broken promises he made to said allies regarding Afghanistan. The rats have set themselves up for a disaster in 2022 and they’ll be making it even worse for themselves in 2024 if recent history is telling us anything.

          1. Your libby snow flake husband and his boyfriends don’t allow you to think about pussy . . . .

          2. My hubby gets me from behind, while I give him a reach around. All the while I fantasize about the Magic Mulatto and Big Mike! 😚

    2. Biden will be forever reviled for bringing our troops home.
      Our will troops will be forever reviled for killing 200,000+ Afgans.
      They will have their revenge.
      They are a very old culture.
      Much much older than your beloved Jesus Christ.

      1. Oh, Albert, I see you are at it again with your BS! Our beloved Jesus Christ is who gives us hope and peace knowing there is a Heaven and a Hell, and He is a God who loves honesty and justice. Hell is waiting for you Albert…but you can repent and choose a life of joy and peace. I pray for you and those like you who mock our Lord and Savior…you should never mock Him, big mistake, but then you could never understand that in your jugemental unsaved mind!

        1. I am enjoying my stimulating, enterprising career tap, tap tapping away on my little keyboard. My benefactor and boyfriend, the venerable Mr. Soreass pays me US $.05 per post. Soon I will be joining the ranks of the super rich…jealous?

      2. If you love God you love your country. If you live Satan you hate your country. Gee that’s like biting your nose off despite your face. Do you actually believe they are gonna save your nasty Ass Al you ain’t nothing but a paid troll . You know who is the first to go all the backwards idiots. Yep history repeats itself. Satan keeps trying but it’s not gonna work. It is what it is

    3. When globalist puppet chester biden strokes out then we have globalist puppet harris and eventually end up with globalist puppet pelosi .

    4. oh I love dogs and ponies! Please don’t insult them:) I feel the same way….Father forgive me…..but this schmuck can screw up a wet dream! Sorry guys, I don’t type that bad, but he screws up EVERY THING he touches. What scares me is, once he’s gone, kamala takes over, and since she didn’t win any popular contest, it shouldn’t last too long, BUT THEN, we’re looking at the biggest witch (beside michael, obama, killery…) on the largest broom…nancy! You think America is nightmare now? Ha, Ha, it’s only the beginning!
      Jesus is coming back SOON, and He will obliterate evil! Have a nice trip demos!

  2. All you Libs and the media in Britain who tried to portray Trump as the devil are also to blame for what you are seeing today with Biden. You asked for it, you got it, believe me we are living the nightmare much more vividly than you on a daily basis!

    1. True they wished for this bungler and they have a small piece of him while our nation is being destroyed under his incompetance.

        1. First of all, albert, DO NOT USE GOD’S NAME IN VAIN, and with an attitude, asking for forgiveness like yours, hell is where you’ll end up! UNLESS of course if you ask Jesus into your heart (if you have one) and ask for the forgiveness of your sins. But jerks like you, seldom do!

      1. Get used to it…there is no sleep in Hell either…only agony. Satan loves you and can’t wait to get you in his Hell Hole!

  3. Do love Dan’s comment below, we are on the same page. Not difficult to catch Biden in a lie, you know, if this fool’s lips are moving, he’s lying.

    1. globalist puppet biden is only reading the notes and messages on the teleprompter and repeating the messages from $oro$ in his ear piece .

  4. Biden was born to be a habitual LIAR.. He wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him smack dab in the mouth. This administration MUST be held accountable for ALL the hell it has caused our country from day one. NEVER MY PRESIDENT

  5. Well the news media may cover up for Biden, but apparently our allies can call out LIAR Biden and get away with speaking the truth about our Bumbling demented excuse for a POTUS. You may have hated Trump and his unreserved love of our nation but he never played the fool unless it was trusting some of the deep State advisers he was dealt, and at least he challenged them when they abandoned the big picture. America a free nation under God.

  6. This entire thing is a preplanned thing to bring about the Obummer goals to destroy the USA and give it back to the rightful owners as he said when he was running for president. Obiden does not even know where he is or what day it is. Remember Obummer telling the Obiden puppet at the very beginning that he didn’t have to do this.

  7. MY GRANDDAUGHTER has a phrase she is stuck on… that sums up this situation… “What the …. ?” (that’s all …just … What the?)

  8. I’m confused. When has this ridiculous excuse for a human being much less president EVER told the truth. The word truth and Liberal just cannot coexist. There is nothing more self serving than the Democrats. The only good thing that may come out of this (and that is a very big MAY) is that now you can see for yourselves what a piece of crap this entire administration and their cronies are. All I want in my President is a love for this wonderful country that people bitch about and yet come here by the thousands. Oh and the mental fortitude to lead and not be a frigging puppet. Joe Biden is a disgrace and an embarressment as is the Democrats and most of the GOP. I don’t see anyone stepping up from the GOP either. Just enough to make some noise but not enough to be considered worth a damn.

    1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Where did you get your history lessons???? The only thing demented ole Biden is great at is corruption. China owns him and ole Joe doesn’t want to give the millions back to China and Ukraine and all the other countries he sold the US out to.

  9. As an unfortunate side effect of my military career, I had to spend time in the Washington area. DC is the gossipiest town I have ever known. It was common knowledge around Swampville that Biden was not the sharpest knife in the drawer, and that his relationship with truth was, at best, a nodding acquaintanceship.

    Senility has improved nothing about Biden, and in fact he seems to surround himself with a pack of misfits chosen for their race or gender, and their willingness to lie about anything and everything. (Guess they are in training to work at CNN or NBC w/PMS after they get kicked out of government service

  10. I wouldn’t believe anything that comes from the left wing liars. They leave billions of dollars of military equipment to the hands of terrorists and then they would love to disarm the American people. Sounds like they are in bed with the taliban.

  11. Keep exposing this worthless US Administration for what it is G.B.; maybe we can get rid of them sooner.

  12. what do Dems do????LIE.. CHEAT…NEVER HAVE YOUR BACK… The media is just as guilty… they have covered these Dem/ Communists/Chinese/ Russians all along.

  13. All right you Poindexter’s, listen up! I’m having my coming out party soon and you are all invited. The theme is S and M…I’ll name the time and place…stay tuned!


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