Sidney Powell Bails on Interviewer Who Grills Her on Election Claims

Screen Shot via Sidney Powell Twitter

Former Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, who has made powerful election fraud claims, but has failed to provide evidence to back those claims up recently bailed on an interview when grilled about her claims.

According to Mediaite:

Among those false claims and conspiracy theories: that Smartmatic owns Dominion (it doesn’t) and that Smartmatic flipped votes from Biden to Trump in multiple states (Smartmatic operated in just one California county during the 2020 election).

Ferguson first questioned Powell on how many states Smartmatic operated in during the election.

“I don’t even know the exact numbers,” Powell said.

This seemed to astonish Ferguson, who said Powell must’ve known the answer given her myriad of wild accusations against the company.

Many have criticized Powell for not presenting evidence when it could have helped President Trump fight the election results. Powell continues to make powerful claims even in the face of lawsuits. Her next chance to present her evidence will be during the discovery phase of the lawsuit filed against her by Dominion.

  1. Hopefully she has evidence but that she needs it to be submitted to the court during the lawsuit so that the court has to evaluate it instead of staying out of it completely like the Supreme Court did by denying jurisdiction.

          1. I am not making a false claim of voter fraud that no judge, even Trump appointed, will even look at.

          2. Guess you keep your head in the sand or whatever dark place you can find and can only understand WOKE which not a legal language in America. 1. 16 million 2020 election mystery ballots discovered nationwide. 2. New data indicates number of illegal votes cast in Georgia surpasses Biden’s margin of victory report. 3. Wisconsin election officials remove 200K voters from rolls. You do know that the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) requires ALL counties to send info to names that have not voted for 2 elections. If no reply the name is removed. If Wisconsin had been following NVRA orders there would have been 200K less illegal votes. 4,Maricopa county witness evidence confirms “sharpiegate” scandal. You do know “sharpie” pens are a NO-NO for ballots. Apparently a dumb jackazz election official gave orders for the pen to be used on election day. She even sent a memo to county election directors. Voter fraud? 5. Best yet. Mark Zuckerburg donated $350 million to the election ,,,,to Democrats. Oh the money wasn’t for those running for office. It was given to ELECTION OFFICIALS. Some of these officials took over and did not allow the workers to do their jobs. This was reported to members of the State Senate and audits are now popping up. Also several Secretary’s of State changed voting rules which is illegal. Only the Legislators can do that legally.

          3. You don’t have to they are so obvious we don’t need you to do anything

          4. No they did not!! And if this election was fair, then tell us why these monsters hired several lawyers to shut these audits down and why were they caught trying to erase evidence?! Hell no it wasn’t meaningless drivel, that pis ant can’t even speak right he stayed in his basement!! They have already found massive voter fraud!!!!

          1. You’re a woke plant and a troll no one should answer you you are a zero Albert-weenie boy

        1. President Trump’s team did err in one area. They should have challenged the use of mail in ballots in several states at the time they decided to use them, not after the election. That use was illegal in almost all cases, they were not approved by the State’s Congress.

      1. She ahs plenty evidence. And no way is she going to reveal it to corrupt Media. The Dominion Voting Machines were absolutely fixed to swing Trump votes to Bygon(not a typing error), they were sending the figures to other servers in Frankfort Germany, the Vatican were involved, China sent boxes and boxes of fake ballots that were made of bamboo and only had Biden’s name on them! Ballots were destroyed, burnt, thrown into dumpsters, landfills and rivers and many were put through the machine 6 x times (for Bygon of course)Military have the Blockchain QVS figures 81% Trump, and about 10% Bygon

    1. I agree with you.Praying for strength and wisdom for her during this time when the left is trying their best to keep the fraud hidden,apparently there must be as they have been fighting so hard to quieten anyone coming forward with info.

        1. And I suppose you like the idea that that imposter caused the death of our marines?! Raised our gas prices, taxes, and cannot even speak without a teleprompter?!! Sorry not sorry you are going to find out the truth! And you enjoyed the low gas prices and low taxes under President Trump so STHU!!

        2. You can say that after the last eight months under the Biden administration? How stupid can you get? The Zombie in the WH is the first American president to leave Americans behind. What good has he done for America?

      1. You can just pray Trump back into the White House like you prayed gay away.
        There are no more fruits.
        Oh the power of prayer…….

      2. She’s not about to ruin her reputation by lying!! She has evidence and it has been proven there was massive voter fraud!! No one with half a brain would believe Biden got 80 million votes!!even those who voted for him have regretted it! He is a loser!!!

    2. You would not want to play chess with this lady. She probably knows much more than she has indicated she has. I would like to be present during the discovery phase of this trial. Dominion could get hurt.

    3. She doesn’t need to supply anything until they go into formal discovery. Right now the prosecution is searching for evidence. When they go into discovery, we may see something. She is also searching for evidence. The FEDs want us to try her in the public arena. If we continue to do that, we pre-judge her and finding an honest jury gets real difficult.

  2. Sydney Powell is just trying to survive the Censorship and condemnation of the radical left. She has evidence and all fighters are trying to get the Supreme Court to evaluate evidence. Unfortunately the Supreme Court appears to be compromised. The evidence is of fraud is appalling, and more is to be uncovered if they provide the passwords to the servers. Since when can Dominion override subpoenas and American law? the more they try to conceal, the more assured we are that they committed crimes and treason.

    1. There is no doubt in my mind that she has no evidence. Never did. She lied through her teeth, IMHO, over and over and over to the point where she might have believed her own lies. Every time she opened her mouth, she hurt President Trump terribly since she was digging a bigger and deeper grave.

      1. She is much more intelligent than you
        Little girl when is about law.. we will see
        When the truth comes out in court..
        Maybe this is the only way her and the
        Pillow guy can get a judge to look at
        What they have.. she is not a dummy

        1. I hate to mention it, but she may need to lose this case on purpose so that she can eventually appeal to the SC which will put more pressure on them to hear the case. Kind of like when someone gets charged with an unconstitutional 2nd Amendment “law” – it gives the defendant opportunity to appeal to the SC.

          1. She can take her evidence directly to the Supreme Court.
            They will not hear it.
            What makes you think that the Supreme Court will hear a case that a lower court has ruled against.
            Wishing and hoping…….

          2. obvious you talk out of both sides of your mouth. The Supreme court does exactly that, it takes up cases that lower court have ruled against because of misapplication of the law and applies constitutional standards established by prior rulings which established precedence.

          1. The discovery has been submitted and rejected.
            No judge wants to hear it, not even a Trump Suck judge.

        2. What evidence does she have?
          Where is it?
          Why can’t she even get one of the hundereds of Trump’s appointed judges to look at it.
          They think that Trump is a weakling?

          1. Weakling? Donald Trump? Trump’s Contingency and Crisis Response Bureau (CCR) developed by Mike Pompeo under Trump. “The CCR provides aviation, logistics, and Medical support capabilities for the Departments operational bureaus, thereby enhancing the secretary’s ability to protect American citizens overseas in connections in the aftermath of natural or manmade disaster.” Trump met with Taliban leaders. He did NOT back down. He told them if any of our service persons were harmed that all hell would break loose. In the following 18 months not one soldier died. Biden has the blood of about 150 people on his hands. “A June memo signed by Brian McKeon, Biden’s Deputy Secretary of State, the CCR was destroyed a grand total of two months before Afghanistan withdrawal.” (Curious timing)? The entire Democratic party are weaklings and use lies, money, and HATE to get what they want.

          1. What year, 2025?
            God Damn Sidney.
            Is it a transman or a transwoman.
            It is so asexual.
            The cracking (Karcken?) voice is to die for.

        3. Judges have looked at their crap, even Trump appointed judges.
          They think the evidence smells like digestive waste.

          1. Like to see how many of those judges were paid off by George Soros or China. Leftwing judges legislate from the bench. They walk all over the Constitution.

        4. Lots of judges have looked, they have been driven off by the pungent odor of human feces of a woman of certain age.
          She has Lesbo written all over her.

          1. You should know about queers since you watch them on MSM!! AND NO YOU DO NIT KNOW! THEY DID NOT LOOK AT THIS EVIDENCE AND THIS IS THE TRUTH! TRUTH THAT THE FAKE NEWS WONT TELL YOU!!

        1. She knows that Sydney yhe Scammer got nothing.
          When will Sydney show her damming “evidence” to the American people?
          The 15th.
          The 15th of never….
          Sydney sounds like a TransWoman’s made up name, did she go with a penisectomy?

          1. You are nothing more than a DemSoComm traitor with a mouthful of lies , a boatload of stupidity and a keyboard to hide behind in your momma’s basement ..go f yourself

          2. Sydney and Rudy are tragic comedians.
            Trump is all done with them
            Mike the Krackenhead is next.

          3. Just ignore these dumbasses!! You can’t fix stupid! Besides they’ll probably take the jab and be dead in a short while since they trust these idiots!!

          1. Probably by the end of this year if that long. Biden is fading fast and Camela is not very popular with her cackling HA HA. Americans are not very happy with the BS the DEMS are pulling. You wouldn’t understand as you are a Communist Democrat Liar.

      2. Read “ License to Lie “ by SydneyPowell…brilliant…Sydney would not lie. Sydney will not reveal her evidence until she is ready…Sydney is an expert at exposing liars!!!

        1. When will she be ready?
          Justice delayed……

          Specifically which liars has she exposed?
          How many have been arrested?

          1. Democrats arrest Republicans.
            Over 600 in the last six months.
            The really fun part is watching them rat each other out.
            But not as much fun as watching them take the mighty BBC for being rats, never for true love…

          2. BUT it has just came out that it was NOT a resurrection and most of those arrested are minor crimes. MSM probably ignored that so Pelosi can go on trying to impeach Trump AGAIN. Pelosi… the most hated woman in America.

        2. You are correct!Sydney is brilliant and does NOT need to lie.These lefties will never know or accept the truth,because they choose to beleive the lies.

      3. And you know this how?? When the courts refused to look at the evidence, and MSM told you she didn’t have it you really should wait til court convenes, before you call this nice lawyer a liar.

      4. If she did lie then that is a federal offense if proven, and that would make her a Felon. I doubt that she lied simply because of that. She’s not stupid as some might think. However, if she DID LIE and nothing comes of it then she is working with the left and this is all a staged event…which from where the public is sitting and watching is entirely possible because it would be too unbelieveable to true in most people’s eyes. But a good look at everything happening under the sun screams that this could all have been staged to keep the masses busy watching it while something bigger is going on behind the scenes.

      5. Oh so you think you know there was no fraud?! An whose the lying moron that told you this?! She does have evidence but you listen to a bunch of dirty communists! AZ and others have proven fraud! President Trump will be back and that’s the promise of God!! Plus they have a video of cheaters Ruby Freeman and her minions pulling out bogus ballots after telling everyone they were done counting because of a so called water leak! Also others were caught running the same ballots through! Cameras don’t lie!!

    2. Have you seen the evidence or are you just taking her word for it?
      The Supreme Court has seen all of her “evidence”.
      They do not live in a bubble
      Three of them are Trump’s very own.

      1. “The Supreme Court has seen all of her “evidence”.” – THIS is a lie, the supreme court REFUSED to look at it.

        1. The Supreme Court does not live in a bubble.
          They don’t need to “look” at it, they know what is in it.
          They know the pungent odor of feces.

          1. Well that’s a cop out if ever I’ve heard one. Which is it? Either they saw it and didn’t go with it or they refused to see it but it can’t be both. Truth be told…they refused to even look at it. Why? Because it has been tossed out of court a hundred times. And why has it been tossed out of court? Because the judges were either threatened or paid off is the most likely answer. Why do I say that? Because if it was rubbish to begin with no one would even look at it after the first time it was cast out. And why is that? Because that’s generally how the courts work. In all honesty I doubt that the judges were competent to begin with and that Sydney does indeed have proof. And why do I think that? Because I was watching CSPAN on January 6th and several Republicans had boxes filled with fraudulent voter ballots but Pence went along with the Democrats because he’s a huge chicken of the Hitlery crime syndicate t ha t why. One good look 9n his face right before he went with the Democrats tells all.

          2. They don’t live in bubble they are well connected people they know Trump..
            Which judges were threatened (who would dare to threaten Clareance .Thomas, he is a Bro, he knows people who can get guns).
            Do you know which judges got paid off or is that just wishful thinking?
            Do you have any proof….

        1. Do you expect all of Trump’s judicial appointments to submit their opinions for Trump approval before issuance?
          Is that how our government works?
          Everyone reports directly to the Supreme Leader?

  3. How could they state that Sydney had no evidence? She had prepared 240 plus page document citing all the fraud. I had it all, and the courts would not even look at the evidence. How is that for sick, biased, and unAmerican?

    1. the problem is the American people ” We the People ” will not stand and fight anymore not even for our own country , our way of life, our children or our ancestors , we cower and hope it just goes away ..but it won’t because we do not take the fight to them and stamp it out in it’s tracks ..we have become cowards

      1. Look what happened on January 6, 2021. No we vote, and the big crooks in tech and MSM squander our vote, when we protest, as many did, many are STILL IN JAIL, no bail and very little legal help

        1. Exactly. I’ve been saying that, but I don’t see much response. Where are the families?
          What exactly are these people doing in jail, when states are releasing murderers?

          1. No poopy but an American Vet was shot by a Capitol cop and he was exonerated. She was unarmed (as was just about everybody at the party). The officer did not warn her. Maybe big bucks for her family. I hope so.

        2. What happened on Jan 6.was a true tragedy.
          If Trump had been very clear about hanging Mike Pence he would be President today
          He would have defeated the Taliban instead of just the Afgan Government.

        3. That was not Trump supporters ..That was as Pelosi planned it and the fake media hawked it for the politicians as they always do ..politicians back to fleecing America before President Trump became president ..political business of getting rich as usual

          1. Trump has so many very rich supporters, but not the very richest, they think he is a crass bore.

      2. We the people stood and fought for Biden to be our President.
        We really did not want Biden to be our President.
        He was the lesser of two evils.
        You people were weak.
        You just stood by and allowed rampant voter fraud.
        You got what you deserved.
        An orange blob living on a golf course in New Jersey.

        1. Have you seen any of the evidence? You talk a lot crap for a clueless person. No one discloses the evidence before they go to court. You know nothing about law. There is video of the votes being switched on national TV, video of running ballots over and over again. Give a rest moron.

          1. I have seen just as much evidence as you.
            The judges have seen just as much of the evidence as you.
            Even the Trump appointed judges see no evidence.

    2. Have you seen the 240 pages?
      What is in them?
      How many of the hundereds and hundereds of Trump appointed lawyers have seen them?
      What did they think?
      Good law suits are concise.
      240 pages is a pile of garbage
      Throw in everything and pray that something sticks.

    3. I have a 240 page novel that no one will read either.
      It is just not fair
      It is the God’s honest truth, every word of it.
      My lawyer can vouch for it.
      I signed an affidavit.
      It has to be the truth.
      If I lied I could go to jail…..

  4. Wow. Is this the Trump Train, or the Democrat Loose Caboose? This article sounds like one written by the enemy. God bless and protect Sydney Powell. She is a truly powerful warrior, surrounded by Lions in the enemy’s den. Can’t submit evidence when crooked demonrats block its presentation everywhere. You have not helped the situation.

      1. More and more news outlets are turning against Trump.
        For good reason.
        He lies.
        Busisness men do not lie.
        That’s for politicians.
        Trump is no politican.
        He can’t even win, as the incumbent, over the likes of Sleepy Old Joe, how embarrassing is that?
        Trump wouldn’t notice

      1. RINOs are now the majority of the Repuican party.
        They had to add cars to the RINO train.
        The Republican Party needs a new leader.
        Preferably one with a solid history of winning elections.
        Dump Trump

  5. “Trumptrainnews”…really? And yet you say that voter fraud is a conspiracy theory when you know it happened and proof has been presented. The problem is the left hates the truth so they always scream “conspiracy theory.”

    1. Where has the proof been presented?
      Does any judge think it’s true?
      Do you subscribe to the theory that Democrats conspired to steal the election?

      1. I remember when America was great.
        Cancun Ted the Latino attacked Trump.
        He will again if Trump slips anymore.
        Such is the honnor amoung liars.

    1. Yes, like the majority Americans this site is commie lefty.
      Your kind is out of touch with America.
      It is so easy to tell that you backed a real loser.

  6. There is plenty of evidense of fraud in 6 states, and finding more in other states, how can 15 million votes vanish in to thin air,they can’t. Fraud is what’s it called for, use idiots. U think u got away with it,but evil has a way of catching up with u. DJT will be the president very soon, he never lost to begin with, and will make sure he gets elected again, to clean up hidenbiden’s mess.

    1. When and where will a judge hear the evidence.
      When will the hundereds of Trump appointed judges do their jobs?

    2. Will you cover a ten thousand dollar bet that Trump will be honnored with his second inaguration on or before Jan 6.
      Should Jan. 6 be a national holiday?
      A day to enjoy smearing our very own feces in our very own institutions of power.
      Wear a mask (just for the smell, not COVID-19), socially distance, that brown stuff gets everywhere, we don’t want noone getting sick.

    1. It’s spelled LYING not lieing, silly.🤣🤣🤣 Your spelling leaves A LOT to be desired. Don’t give up your day job to become any kind of journalist…unless it’s for CNN. They suck so bad that nobody cares if they can spell or not because nobody watches their B S. anymore. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. No one spoke up when the Election Day was changed in many states, no one prosecuted the people that signed affidavits as to wrong-doing which they witnessed, and the whole congress “wimped out” and are in therapy, because a huge crowd stood with the former president, as most people believe that fraud occured, IMO. When no court looked at the evidence, it is hard to prove

    1. Election day was not changed.
      States determine their voting procedures.
      Some even allow vote by mail, Florida is one.
      Some states only allow vote by mail.

  8. They will trash Sidney and others involved in the Election fraud. Just know that 133 million citizens are registered to vote, but 159 million ballots were counted! Thats 26 million fraudulent votes! They can try all they like to discredit Sidney Powell. It wont work

  9. The PILLOW GUY has her evidence in spades. Can’t waited for the lawsuit dominion filed against him to get to court and he gets DISCOVERY. I bet a $ to a donut they drop their suit because they know the truth and the truth will send them to jail not sit them free.

  10. Take the house & senate back; Finish the wall; no $ or help of any kind or health care for illegal persons; English language only; teach US history and Constitution in schools; audit the Fed Reserve; no visas of any kind except merit visas, revert to back our $ with gold, cancel the security clearances for all Obama, Biden hold overs and RINO’s & get rid of them; voting with photo ID only, NO MAIL-IN voting, NO SAME DAY VOTING REGISTRATION AND VOTING; no doing any business with China; do not use dominion HAMMER computer and scorecard software in future voting; seize all bank accounts belonging or affiliated with George Soros’ Open Society Foundations; stop the resettlement of illegals around the USA. This is my opinion.

  11. So I guess no one ever looked at her website showing the massive mountains of evidence of vote cheating, changing, and criminal election fraud acts of shipping in fake ballots, etc on ??? Wow, how convenient for lying criminals who committed felonies in the massive criminal vote changing scheme and conspiracy (a criminal offense are “conspiracies” in all 50 states).


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