Nice Guy Joe Morphs Into Mean Mr. Biden

President Joe Biden talks on the phone with U.S. Sen. Angus King, I-Maine, during congressional call time on Friday, July 16, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

NEW YORK — President Joe Biden got elected largely because millions of voters found him caring and empathetic. Mr. Nice Guy, the argument went, would be a welcome relief from the sometimes abrasive and combative President Donald J. Trump.

But Biden’s winning, grandfatherly persona is among the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Americans abandoned in Afghanistan. As the President retreated from Kabul, to the beat of the Taliban’s drummer, Nice-guy Joe morphed into Mean Mr. Biden.

The president’s true colors now shine with searing clarity. He has exposed himself as calculating, callous, and cruel.

Reuters reported Tuesday that Biden spoke by phone on July 23 with his then counterpart in Kabul. According to a leaked official transcript, Biden told Afghan President Ashraf Ghani: “I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban.” Biden added, “whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

These astonishing comments unmask Biden as a calculating, global-grade liar. 

Biden pushed Ghani to project toughness, “whether it is true or not.” Rather than actual fortitude, Biden pressed Ghani to practice strength-signaling: Fool the world by appearing powerful, even as Afghanistan crumbled.

Mr. President, if Americans are still in Afghanistan after the deadline, what will you do?” NBC News’ Peter Alexander asked Biden August 25.You’ll be the first person I’ll call,” Biden quipped.

On Sunday, Biden irritated the Gold Star families of the 13 U.S. service members murdered by an ISIS-K suicide bomber on August 26. Meeting behind closed doors at Delaware’s Dover Air Force Base, Biden reportedly spoke to these survivors at length about his late son Beau, who served honorably in Iraq, not Afghanistan. He died tragically at age 46, but of cancer, not combat. Biden’s dwelling on his own son backfired on multiple levels when he should have comforted these grieving survivors.

At the dignified transfer that followed in Dover, Biden checked his watch multiple times, thus deeply dishonoring the GIs whom terrorists had slaughtered just three days earlier. Biden’s sign of disrespect further wounded their loved ones, literally as their flag-draped caskets were escorted from a C-17 transport plane.

Runaway Joe repeatedly has refused to answer journalists’ inquiries about this life-and-death matter. On Sunday, Biden also visited FEMA during Hurricane Ida.

“I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead,” Biden said.

A newswoman began, “Mr. President, on Afghanistan —”

“I’m not going to answer Afghanistan now,” Biden snapped in disgust. He then wheeled around and left his podium.

Monday evening, Kabul time, U.S. forces withdrew fully from Afghanistan. “No American citizens came out on what we call the last joint tactical mission —  last five jets to leave,” Marine Corps General Kenneth McKenzie Jr. explained, adding, “none of them made it to the airport and were able to be accommodated.”

Biden never deployed US GIs to collect Americans and whisk them to the airport, as British and French troops did for their countrymen. Biden never cleared a corridor into the airport, so Americans and allied Afghans could enter safely. And Biden’s deputies in-country reportedly handed the Taliban the names of Americans and Afghan allies en route to the airport and on flight manifests out of Kabul. The Taliban — heavily re-armed with U.S. weapons that Biden neither extracted nor destroyed — now can abuse this information to torture and/or execute those who never made it out or the associates and relatives of those who did.

Never mind! Biden tone-deafly declared America’s chaotic, disgraceful, deadly exit “an extraordinary success.”

Biden’s public schedule for Wednesday: Meetings on the economy, Hurricane Ida, and U.S.-Ukrainian relations. Afghanistan? Nope. 

Thursday: Remarks on natural disasters, followed by zero questions. 

Days after shouting at his fellow Americans about decamping Kabul in shame and leaving hundreds of his constituents behind, Mean Mr. Biden has moved on.

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Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

Deroy Murdock is a Manhattan-based Fox News Contributor, a contributing editor with National Review Online, and a senior fellow with the London Center for Policy Research.

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  1. Quid pro quo pedo joe is a minor league player now forced to face the best this increasingly dangerous world has to offer. His bush league administration will leave a stain on America that will never be equalled or forgotten. We as patriots must must do everything we can to rid ourselves of this idiot controlled by even more traitorous idiots.

  2. So Trump has a phone call that someone lies about and they want him impeached Biden actually does this and nothing? God vote out all democrats and rhios or there is no coming back from this. I know that 80 million people didn’t vote for a demented old man and a nasty old w hore.

  3. It’s very sad the country has to put up with this man. The rest of the world is laughing at us as we lose our standing as a super power. The tailaban wins and they are rubbing our noses in the dirt.

    1. Sadly, most of the American people did not pay attention to how the marxists have slowly infiltrated the media, the schools, universities, Hollywood… also, nobody cared when Hussein O
      promised to “ fundamentally transform America “, so now, behind the curtain he’s pulling the strings and he’s pushing for his promise to transform our country into a communist one !!!
      Sadly, again, a lot of people started to wake up, but isn’t it too late already???
      BT W, where are our “leaders “, our so called
      “ representatives “ ???
      The election on Nov 2020 was stolen and most of our representatives looked the other way …
      FBI, CIA, DOJ, Supreme Court ??? Useless and corrupt to the core !!!!!
      Nothing could be done anymore!!!
      Too late , unfortunately!!!!!

  4. Where is the left media? Happily lying for Biden, etc. as usual.
    Where are liberals? happy to keep believing the lying left media/

    I have never in my life seen so many enraged people, including me.

    1. The media is nothing but a propaganda machine just like Pravda used to be in Russia
      You are saying that there are a lot of enraged people around watching what’s going on in USA.
      Does it look like the marxists in Washington and WH cares much about it ???
      No, not at all, they keep on pushing their agenda because there is absolutely nothing and nobody that could/ would stop them !!!
      Sadly, unfortunately, America would soon become the USSA …

  5. To watch this man as POTUS and his entire Administration is the saddest chapter in American history and our Government has a responsibiity to the people of this Nation to stop the politics ,do the jobs they were elected to do and answer to the American citizens of this country and stop the self serving so called ” elitists” and all of the Progressive Left.

  6. Biden has always “borrowed” from other peoples’ brains. Why would we think he would suddenly use his own as President?

    1. Is not even his fault !!
      He’s been a POS, subhuman creature for his entire political career, almost 50 years.
      My question is who are those people that even considered to be voting for him ???
      Where were his “ achievements “, what did he do for this country ?
      He was lying, even about his academic results, plagiarized other people’s speeches, couldn’t even control his sick and nasty habit of touching little girls or women…
      This is all he would always be remembered for !!!
      Again, who were the people that even considered to vote for him ( and I can’t even accept that there were 80 mill people to vote for such a lying, disgusting pervert) .
      We must thank to the media, to Hollywood, to Facebook, Tweeter, Google, also the multi millionaires ( Bloomberg, Gates, lots of the sports players, all the teacher’s unions, the professors from all the “ famous universities “etc) , because they “worked “so hard, making their $$$$ in China, with “ slave workers” so now they want to make America into a communist country because is not going to affect them in any way shape or form !!!
      That’s the sad reality!!!!

  7. He has always been mean, conniving, lying, cheating and self-serving. How so many people could not see that is mystifying. People are soooooo easily bamboozled.


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