Democrat Senator Furious With Biden Over His ‘Inaction’

Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz

Senator Richard Blumenthal is furious with President Joe Biden over his “inaction” to facilitate the evacuation of American and Afghan allies stranded in the country.

According to The Daily Wire:

The Biden administration’s inaction has raised the ire of at least one Democratic senator, Blumenthal, who ripped into the Biden administration on Monday. Blumenthal sits on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“My staff & I have worked night & day to secure the safe passage of two planes waiting in Mazar-e Sharif to take American citizens, at-risk Afghan allies, & their families to safety,” Blumenthal said. “My office joined forces in this humanitarian mission with an incredible coalition of advocates—NGOs, former servicemembers, & journalists—to try & evacuate our fellow citizens & Afghan allies.”

“I haven’t yet spoken publicly about these efforts because we worried that heightened attention would only escalate tensions & put these people at even greater risk of being targeted,” he continued. “I have been deeply frustrated, even furious, at our government’s delay & inaction. There will be plenty of time to seek accountability for the inexcusable bureaucratic red tape that stranded so many of our Afghan allies.”

“For now, my singular focus remains getting these planes in the air & safely to our airbase in Doha, where they have already been cleared to land,” the senator added. “I expect the White House & State Department to do everything in their power—absolutely everything—to make this happen. These are Americans citizens & Afghans who risked everything for our country. We cannot leave them behind.”

The State Department has stated that it lacks the resources to help the private groups, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

  1. Has any one noticed Biden is having motor function faults, looks like he is constantly walking on eggs, just a matter of time before he will be forced to quit or step down , where is the report he is mentally fit to serve?Time to hold them accountable for their actions, El Presidente de los Estados unidos, ? don’t think so mate, “Las ratas se van, desertando del barco que se hununde”, Biden is setting up a medical escape plan for when he gets dumped, Biden, has too be removed from office, no allies support him, he has lost complete confidence of the free world. American people no longer trust his decisions, his loyalty to the United States is in serious question, China, Russia seem to have more of his financial interest then any of our American Ideals, the world has become a very dangerous place because of joe biden’s money corruption with foreign countries. Hold the democrats responsible.

      1. The unfortunate thing is that the queer africano is in charge. This is his 3rd term.
        His cabal is in there too working against our country! Let us never forget the 13 brave who died in vain. Could of absolutely been prevented! Speak up people!

        1. Touche! ‘You can fool all of the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.’ – A. Lincoln

    1. The Lieutenant Colonial, who spoke out against the incredibly inept Afghanistan pull out of American troops was forced to have a mental health check up.
      When is the President who oversaw and approved all the incredibly inept Afghanistan pull out of American trioops, leaving Americans behind, going to be forced to have a mental health check up?

      1. I don’t care about any tests at this point, because I don’t believe it will happen. If it did, they wouldn’t tell us the truthful results.
        What I care deeply about is all the turds who voted for this situation which has put us all and our country in serious danger!
        ALL of you, whoever, wherever you are, YOU have blood on your hands, period!!!!
        You saw this man was not vetted, you saw he accomplished nothing in 40 years in Congress, 8 as VP. But, still you charged ahead because of your stupidity and lack of awareness and knowledge. Soooooo, yes. We blame you!

        1. Actually, Biden was vetted… by the DNC… the liberal progressive socialist commie band bent on the end of the USA. Joe Smuck is just the perfect sap to fulfill their desires. For 40 years he wanted one thing… to be POTUS (sounds like Hillary) and never cared what he had to do or say to accomplish his goal.

          1. Right on you are Dave.
            Don’t forget the corrupt media. Kept him in his basement not demanding interviews.
            Just saw George S show on Sunday. Couldn’t believe that Rino Chris Christie actually called him out on his soft questions and how old joe lied to him, and George let it go without follow up questions.
            It is high time for us not to let this go, and make the media accountable.

        1. Sometimes he sounds so right ON, that it makes me think that it is all an act, everybit of it. We are not even sure if the doctors are telling the truth. They pay off who all they need to do their bidding.

      2. Also equipped the taliban with the best war machines and equipment, night vision goggles, and guns. Our very expensive war materials

      3. This is what the Soviets did to outspoken critics and dissenters of the Communist State. Some of the incorrigible critics wound up confined in institutions and were martyred there, or in the Gulag as ‘enemies of the State.’.

    2. YEP – only a fool or traitor would fail to seee that. One obvious thing no one seems to notice. When he makes a speech, he squints and his head seems locked in place as IF he is straining to read his teleprompter. His opposite behavior, when conferring with supporters, he is very animated. DO NOT FORGET HIS PREDICTION. He said that at some point he would declare he has a disability and would resign. Also, he has been caught sevberal times since the election referring to “the Harris administration”.

      NO THANX to all the fools who voted for him.

    3. I can’t wait until they take that mask off. It isn’t biden. Just an actor playing biden very well. Technology to make masks today is beyond the realm.

    4. We the US citizen, have been put in the place where we have a president who because of his mental limits(IMO) cannot be held accountable. The sec. of state and the joint chiefs, certainly can be. And the first lady knew..

    1. That is the first time I have read or heard the “T” word regarding the whole fiasco of leaving Afghanistan. It’s about time someone had the guts to actually say “Treason”.

      1. Well, if you watched FOX or NEWSMAX you would have seen Spec Ops guys and other Military being interviewed. say the same thing weeks ago. TREASON!! JOE MUST GO, JOE MUST GO!!! I’ll be right back,,, someone is knocking on my door.

    2. There was a right-wing book afloat in the mid-to-late 1960’s revealing and discussing the anti-American actions, mostly of Democrats, ‘None Dare Call it Treason‘ by John Stormer, I believe.

  2. Maybe D’nang Dick and Joe Biden can swap some made up war stories and smooth things over. You know they are going to get rid of Biden when even Skeletor is badmouthing poor inept Joe! Blumenthal has never had an original thought in his head except for the made up Vietnam stories so you know he has been given the green light and the talking points, what bravery!

  3. Blumenthal is no more “furious” with Biden than my dog is. Blumenthal, the often re-elcted CT senator who lied about serving in Vietnam, is just worried about losing his power over you and me. He’s just your typical politician slime posturing for the press.

  4. Old DaNang Dick is furious huh? Well how about him being elected to the Senate on a world classed lie. Any thinking person should be upset about the Biden Afghan pullout. If there were a vite to censure Biden right now it would fail with all the democrats and RINOs voting no lest they appear to support Trump.

  5. So Blumenthal is “FURIOUS”……….so what?………is he going to go on the Senate Floor and denounce Biden’s presidency?…of course not. He tows the Democrat Party line, and would never do anything to jeopardize his chances to stay in office.

    1. All politicians are guilty of that. But, the commies are notorious for it. Not to mention that they all stick together no matter what.
      He’s probably saying that to appease a couple of his constituents. Isn’t he the one who lied about his service in the military?

  6. Just one senator? You would think the loyal american citizens among the Democrats would be up in arms about Biden’s screw ups. Oh ! I forgot. Bernie and the Squad are the new Democrat Socialist party leaders. Nancy and Schumer are calling the shots. The left is so far left they can’t become right anymore.

  7. Unfortunately the State Dept seems to be staffed with people who simply don’t know how to get anything positive done…… apparently State is staffed with people who are NOT KNOWLEDGEABLE as to how to get things done… they are people who voted the ‘right way’ and are simply warming seats and drawing salaries…. they don’t know how to do anything. The Democrats thought that everything would ‘run itself’ and they didn’t have to know how to do anything. Lord, help us!

  8. There is a big difference in what’s Biden’s doing to get our people out of the hell whole of the Taliban and what president Trump would have done. With Biden it’s to get the hell out and just hope the Taliban will have mercury and with Trump it would be to sit the hostages free or expect the end of their country.

  9. Every Democrat…no matter how stupid they are…should call for Biden to step down. He is an incompetent Bafoon and doesn’t know what he is doing. Harris is an idiot and incapable of taking over and so is Pelosi. We, the PEOPLE, demand Trump step back in!!! How’s that for a solution??????

  10. We need to get the REAL President back in the White House. Biden doesn’t even know what is going on until his cronies tell him! This whole “administration” is a joke!

  11. Well I do say Mr. Blumenthal, don’t tell us you are surprised at ‘your’ government screwing up your efforts for humanitarian rescue! Have you been living under a rock, sir? Good grief, how much worse must it get before you democraps wake up to the fact that the Biden administration is the worst of the worst, and it isn’t gonna get any better.

  12. Well this senator spent his time blabbing about Trump and helping to try impeach him instead of doing the job he was sent to do. Now the Crats are upset. Oh my. Must be getting ready to run again. The Crats did nothing to help and look where we are now!

  13. I hear Susan Rice is running the show. Remember her from Benghazi? Blinker was a cohort then. And I’m sure Obama is involved. We are going to have to give them money to get our people back. Not to mention the money they will get from selling our equipment they cannot use. And the hits just keep coming!

  14. Smells like Blumenthal suspects the IIC (Imbecile-In-Chief) soon will make his exit. Recall four facts. First he’s up for reelection in ’24. Secondly, he’s the guy who led his constituents to believe he was a Veteran Marine with combat service in Vietnam — and when his deceit was exposed, he acknowledged it and moved on. Later, he apologized for unintentionally misleading his constituents.

    Thirdly, his service actually was in D.C. working with the Toys For Tots program and he missed his chance to praise the very worthy program. Fourthly, his duty was in the USMC Reserves stateside. During the Vietnam War, he received five draft deferments and later lied about being captain of the Harvard swim team. These cannibals never blush at their own misdeeds but savage their own ilk.

  15. Well, if Democrat congressman and senators were not so pusillanimous, they would tell Nancy to stick it in her ear and IMPEACH Biden, who should never have been placed in office. They have aided and abetted a fraudulent election, capitulated to the ORDERS of the party elite (Pelosi and Schumer), and knowing better, supported an incompetent to office, because you were ordered to do so and too scared and weak-minded to disobey – now Americans including themselves are paying the consequences for their lack of character.

  16. So the State Department says they “don’t have the resources “to get the Americans out of Mazar-e-Sharif”. Never heard cojones referred to as “resources”, but sounds about right.

  17. Can we believe r blumenthal?

    All good Americans must support President Donald Trump financially and with praise for his endless intention to MAGA.

  18. If “DaNang Dick” is really upset with Senile Joe, let him start voting AGAINST his communist proposals! Then he’ll have something to really brag about, instead of his phony Viet Nam heroics!

  19. “The Tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the Blood of Tyrants” – Thomas Jefferson. I feel that that time is drawing near. Stolen election, forced mandates that only make people sicker, lies, lies, more LIES. Yup, the hour is upon us.

  20. Anyone else see the hypocrisy in Blumenthal, the ‘stolen valor’ senator, in critiquing the President and in his membership on the Armed Services Committee?


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