GOP Rockstar Representative Will Lose Congressional Seat in New Redistricting Proposal

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

Lauren Boebert is at risk of losing her Congressional seat in Congress. A new redistricting proposal in Colorado would place the first-term congresswoman in a Democrat district.

According to Fox News:

A proposed redrawing of Colorado’s congressional districts places the residence of Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert within the district of a Democratic congressman, according to reports.

If the proposal is ultimately approved, it means Boebert could opt to run in a more heavily Democratic district if she seeks reelection in 2022, FOX 31 of Denver reported.

Boebert, 34, was elected in November 2020 to represent Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District, but the newly proposed map places her home in the 2nd District, which is represented by U.S. Rep. Joe Neguse.

Neguse, 37, has been serving in Congress since 2019.  He was among the House Democrats who helped manage the second impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

But there is a catch. The United States Constitution does not require members of Congress to represent a district they live in, they just have to live in the state. This means Boebert can run for her current seat in the 3rd district.

  1. Democrats are going to lie and cheat every way known to man because they want to keep in power to control us the people and keep pushing the vaccines and take all of our freedom away

    1. Redistricting in AZ is done by a non partisan commission.
      They are appointed by the legislature.
      They may not hold any state wide elected or appointed positions.
      More Democrats are likely lose their seats in redistricting than Republicans.

      It’s not looking good for the loud mouthed bit itch, she only got 51% of the vote in her current district, the center is Blue while the edges are Red.
      It is going to shrink.
      As a Veteran how many vaccines were you required to take?
      If you are not a veteran then you don’t know squat about freedom.

      1. As a veteran, just because you fought, you apparently think the normal population has no idea of the value of freedom. How dare you!

  2. The oldest trick in the book and they’re doing this all over Oregon too with the newest Fascist SOS. Hopefully she can move into a Republican District, but this is Warfare folks.

    1. I am afraid the CA Supreme Leader is not going to be replaced!!! We are bummed out! But hanging in there until the last vote is counted or stolen!

      1. Well, as I like to say. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings. Let’s hope and pray that enough people are awake, informed, sick of the current regime and get out in droves to vote.
        People out there should be gathering all their friends and family to get out in order to counter the cheating.
        The country will be watching.

          1. Yes when all the stakes are stacked by the kings of cheat. Dumercrats like you invented cheat. Maybe the dumbass voters will get some balls and wake up.

    2. It’s beyooond warfare.
      This is the devil on earth working every angle.
      This is what you call, attack from the enemy from within. We must contact our reps. In the house of Senate. Flood their E-mails and voice mails.
      We’re /our country is under siege.

    3. Republicans will pick up more seats in the redistricting than the Democrats.
      Republicans want no Democrats elected.
      They want us to be a one party state.
      Like China and Russia.

      1. You like all dumercrats speak out on what they do and blame it on the good folks. That BS is ending. The tumble bugs are coming for you.

  3. The solution is obvious, do a MadMax act, run in her original district. She has to live a lot closer to that district than Waters does to hers. Problem solved!

    1. Her original district is shrinking.
      It’s periphery is far redder than it’s center.
      She only got 51% of the vote in her old district.
      She needs to go district shopping.
      Maybe she should primary out Liz Cheney.


  5. Who came up with this idea?? Pelosi? I am so sick these Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist bunch pulling whatever it takes to destroy our country!! Go live in China, Russia, No Korea, etc. leave our country alone!! When will someone stop selling out America just so they can profit from enslaving the rest of us!!

    1. God helps those that help themselves, God will help you defeat evil but you must be strong enough to defeat the evil.

      1. God helps those who cannot help themselves. He places within each one of us His Holy Spirit, we have the capacity to defeat the devil within us if we can connect to that Power. He is strong enough in one of us to defeat the Democrats but it’s going to take spiritual warfare like we’ve never faced as American Christians!

  6. All I’ve been hearing from the GOP is the Dems are doing this and that and redistricting and impeaching etc. One day I’d love hearing the GOP is doing something besides complain and ask for money.
    Meanwhile here in California the Dems are having a field day calling Larry Elder, (who happens to be Black),running for the Governor’s office the vilest of racist epithets while the CAGOP and national GOP are doing nada.

  7. What the hell does that matter – mad max doesn’t live in her district and hasn’t for years, yet she still ‘represents(?????) that district?!?!?!?!?

  8. Think guy that she might have to run against is a complete buffoon! He’s from the people with a chip on their shoulder. He really thinks he’s special. I’ve seen him address Congress, oh my.
    Thinks he’s bringing the world to a stop.
    He’s so lucky I don’t live in Colorado. He’d be hearing from me everyday.

    1. Well you can “pretend” to live in his district and then EMAIL HIM EVERY DAY. Find the zip code for district he runs in, make it your own with a fake street address, phone number, etc. and your emails will go right to him. I’ve been doing this, for years, with every Congress critter I have wanted to contact, so I know it works. I have even used the zip codes from their home state office addresses, zoomed in and looked up surrounding streets and just used those. Just be careful it isn’t a major business, or warehouse location.

    2. I do live in Colorado~ the beautiful part of the state. We have a “wonderful” governor who, along with his “husband” have polluted our Governor’s Mansion. He is left of Obiden. However, Lauren lives in a very Conservative area and I don’t think she’ll have any trouble holding on to her seat…. If the Dim/Commies don’t do something else.

      1. Glad to hear that. She is a little fire cracker, and I love everything she says. I find myself cheering at her videos. I didn’t realize your governor had a “husband”? Haha
        Colorado is a beautiful state with great skiing. Unfortunately, somehow it went dark.
        Glad to see you back posting your common sense.

  9. I am fed up with you “conservative” and/or Trump-supporting commentators referring to Biden as POTUS, and indicating that Trump may run again in 2024. Biden is NOT POTUS. In the USA, we do NOT reward treasonous thieves of our Elections with the position he stole. Donald J Trump REMAINS POTUS . Trump is currently serving his 2nd Term in the Office of POTUS. Presumong we still abide by our founding documents, The Constitution states that a President can ONLY serve 2 consecutive terms…therefore, even if we do have an Election in the Communist States of Amerika in 2024, Trump cannot (legally)run. So, ENOUGH of the Bulllsheeet!

  10. Lauren Boebert represents the Conservative Coloradans. She is a lovely breath of fresh air, and a cold drink in the desert. We’ve got to keep her!

  11. Democracts are going to scream through the roof to make her look bad, sad thing the media will help every step of the way

  12. The Democrat Political Party is so corrupt it’s hard to comprehend. Of course, I understand why these sleazy people do the dishonest things that they do. They are obsessed with the gain of power. What I don’t understand is how the idiots in the American public vote for these reprobates. Are they that stupid or what.

  13. Boebert can always move to another district or fight the DIMMwit at her current location. Some semi-literate DIMMs should be voting against their totally communistic DIMM reps by now!

  14. I hate clickbait titles. She is not in danger of being “booted out of Congress.” That brings up the image of her being expelled from Congress by a vote of her peers, as Adam Clayton Powell was many years ago (he was immediately re-elected). Redistricting is an entirely different matter.

  15. Not True. Just more stir the pot Bullschiff. No requirement in Colorado to live in a district to run for office in that district.

  16. I would expect nothing better from these DemonCratic slime devils, the purveyers of ‘chicken-s*** deals,’ as we used to say in the Armed Forces.


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