Report: Biden’s ATF Nominee To be Rescinded

David Chipman via YouTube

According to sources close to President Biden he is expected to rescind his Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) nominee David Chipman over the prolonged bipartisan controversy.

The Hill reports:

David Chipman, who Biden nominated in April, has faced opposition from Republican senators and pushback from some moderate Democrats concerned about his work with the gun control group Giffords.

Press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters in August that Biden “felt quite confident” in Chipman’s “qualifications and his ability to lead the agency at a time where it hasn’t been led for many years.”

But Chipman’s path to confirmation was unclear as some Democrats remained resistant to the pick. Sens. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Jon Tester (D-Mont.), and Angus King (I-Maine) had yet to say whether they would vote for Chipman, and King had reportedly expressed concerns to the White House about the nomination.

Biden described Chipman’s confirmation as an integral part of his agenda to bring down gun violence in the wake of multiple mass shootings earlier this year. Biden hailed Chipman in April as “the right person, at this moment, for this important agency.”

    1. Like he really cares…. He’ll find another marxist comrade in no time !!!!
      In fact, Obama already made a whole list he should pick from !!!

      1. As long as Tester and Manchin know they will face the wrath of the voters any other like pick will also bite the dust.

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      1. Every delay is valuable. None of them can do anything before they are confirmed, and confirmation should be withheld if the person is a bad choice.

      2. He doesn’t even have to work that hard !
        Obama, Susan Rice, Valerie Jaret already picked the “ right people” for all the positions he needs to fill !!!

        1. And you can see who is deciding which Afghan citizens get to come in the US, unvetted, Green cards issued, quickly!! Is this in prep for another 9/11 20th Anniversary attack on U.S. citizens, from “The Hateful, thin-skinned one!”

  1. People need to recognize God and pray to him for their needs, he is the real source of power for mankind, and their survival…. No wonder we fell so far so fast, because people did not realize the power they have from God through prayer, petition, and repentance. Man is not going to save you…..God will.

    1. He probably doesn’t remember but if he’ll go look at his “ notes” he’ll find the list signed by his buddy, Hussein O…. You know, the one that pulls the strings to make the puppet speak and move

      1. His 3rd Term he wanted, then when things are getting too terrible every week, he can just point to old senile Joe!

  2. And another one bites the dust, it couldn’t of happened to a better reject, I mean come on man, u know the thing, this guy is an incompetent, idiot, so we kicked him to the curb.

    1. Well, yes, he is an income, an idiot, he was born like that … the problem is he has an agenda and he knows what he’s doing …
      Can we believe he doesn’t know he’s destroying jobs, the economy, raising inflation , bringing millions of unskilled, uneducated people into our country, almost all Covid infected ????
      Of course he does !!!!
      But this is part of the plan , you know, the “ big reset/ reimagining all about our lives”, part of the
      “ fundamentally transforming America “… sure, they know what they’re doing !!!!
      Let’s not be naive !!!
      Is America doing anything about it ???
      Not really, most of the American people are still asleep, numb , unfortunately!!!!
      They will eventually wake up when they will rename America , the USSA ….

  3. The 2nd Amendment already faces colossal controversy as democrats chip away hoping to repeal it. It contains 27 words that are clear and universally understood. Our IIC (Imbecile-In-Chief) and his loyal communist followers are the only ones too stupid to understand. It’s ironic that the controversial chipper is named Chipman.

    This amendment has been nitpicked ceaselessly for more than half a century with zero improvements. Crime rates continue to plummet and sales continue to rise. Clearly, this madness is driven by a communist notion that constitutional republics must be replaced by more powerful controls over peaceable, lawful citizens.

  4. American Gun owners need their Guns more than ever for our own protection, Seems how Joe Biden and Klan have brought in several million illegals and Muslims. plus they have defunded the police and also they let Antifa run wild and the list goes on and on.

    1. Sure, he needs a job in government for about 45 yrs, so he could do nothing just like his daddy!!!!
      After all, his daddy said he’s the smartest man around…

  5. Anything or anyone Biden approves is going to be the opposite of what almost any stable and logical person would expect from a president of the USA. Every bit of logic suggests that, if given enough time as President, Biden will resort to creating a police state to force his twisted agenda on America. The list of his failures is getting longer every minute. He is living up to his embarrassing political life by continuing to make the wrong decision in every case and then follow it up with a lie to justify it or blame Trump if it fails. He and his entire paid off administration must be stopped before America is no longer recognized as a free country . It’s sinking very fast. Write or call your Senators now and demand that they get off their butts and do something.

  6. Chipman finally bit the dust. How could anyone be more UNFIT for that job than he is. Just looking at his picture is aggravating. Even more care is needed in evaluating his nominees.

  7. What Beijing Biden and his merry band of Bolsheviks will do now is choose someone else who is either just as vile as Chipman, or worse. The next nominee will not be as well-known, so his/her Communist alignment will not be as much an issue.

  8. Most of the Commiecrats apparently against this jerk are from states that have large unimprovd areas and where peole depend on hunting for suppementing their food supplies. They are opposed whether they admit to it or not, because they fear voter retibutionin those states IF they supprt this enemy of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, These days it is the most needed right we have to defend ourselves against those elected to represent us who are : the enemy wthin to every constitutionally guaranteed right and theit abysmal perormance records prove the contention if one but looks at the TRUTH with open eyes and a functioning brain!

  9. “Most evil?” What’s the difference between Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro? ALL of Biden’s nominees are EVIL!

  10. 2016 Obama and HRC rigged they’re own party’s Presidential Nomination Election and stole it from Bernie, to make HRC Obama’s puppet for his 3rd term but President Trump derailed that train!
    So Soros and Obama fixed the 2020 election, now Biden is the puppet for Obama’s 3rd term!


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