The Tax Hikes Dems are Proposing to Fund Their Spending Plan

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Democrats are proposing a slew of tax hikes on wealthy Americans to fund their multi-trillion-dollar spending plan. House Committees are proposing raising taxes as they work to finalize the proposal for Biden’s $3.5 trillion economic agenda.

Keep reading to see the tax changes Democrats are proposing. Will you be affected?

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  1. First he gave away oil independence then he gave us inflation now he is going to to stifle the economy & chase jobs overseas and destroy the middle step from slinging burger to white color jobs.

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          1. Albert H., What do you know about it? You don’t work and are living off and abusing our welfare programs!
            Get a job!

      1. Just wait till Trump goes to jail..
        Justice will be served if he is put in a triple with Hillary and Hunter.
        Hunter can add two stink stars to his growing list.

        1. Please inform everyone what it is that you think Trump will go to jail for? We are all awaiting a reply – lots of comments but none have one bit of validity – are you just running you mouth?

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  2. They call it taxing the people, I call it outright stealing the peoples hard earned money and will destroy older Americans that don’t have that much to live on in the first place. They are thieves ,but will never be held responsible.

    1. Inflation at the grocery stores gets worse every week. I just started paying close attention, and it’s outrageous! The old guy does not give a tinker’s damn about the American people. I would say it’s his main ‘Puppet Master’ that is so hateful against America and Americans.

      1. You have encompassed the majority of all with a (D) behind their names and they are following their cult leader/puppet master….hopefully over a very steep cliff!
        The Dems are reduced to desperation every time Biden is given a message to “deliver”, hoping he is lucid enough to do more than babble!

  3. Next they are Bernie and AOC will be introducing a bill that attacks our hard earned 401K and IRAs and taxing them as well. They have given themselves raises without our consent. Time for term limits.

  4. He is truly consumed by his cocaine addiction just like the majority of the Demo RATS who label themselves as leftists! He has no brain cells left at all because of his choice to be an addict!!!

  5. Taxing all of the entities and individuals who sponsor and facilitate economic growth is not a practical solution. Takes away any incentive to work hard and achieve financial success and self-sufficiency; tack on whatever the states mandate in tax increases, and it might as well be a socialist/communist state. I don’t appreciate paying for the millions of people who choose not to pay their own way in life. And I don’t appreciate denying my heirs the benefits of my (and my ancestors’) hard work, only to fund a government that wastes more each year than the national budget of many entire countries!

  6. What do you think the Corporations are going to do when you raise their taxes President Biden. ???? I will tell you what they will do they will raise to cost of their products in the store so middle class Americans will pay more . I thought you were for helping Middle class America – obvisouly not .

    1. He doesn’t care what Corporations are going to do when he raises their taxes. He’s all about Dementia Joe’s under the table deals for him, his son, and the rest of the Biden Crime Cabal. Helping Middle Class America, perish the thought.

      1. Exactly! The tax increases are added to price of the products or services and the cost flows straight to the American consumers in the form of higher prices aka inflation!
        Pathetic that the Dems know this and don’t care! They just find ways to support their socialist/communist programs which also hurt the American people! We are like rats in a maze!

    2. Biden doesn’t understand the “Cost of Goods” equation. He has been in political office for 48 years not. He doesn’t have a bit of understanding about what causes inflation. The idiot thinks that the businesses are just trying to gauge the people. Biden is an economic ignoramus. He is literally destroying the country.

    3. NOT!! Wrong guy, this is the most selfish, egotistical fool ever! Has sold our country out to the CCP China, Ukraine to line his pockets, and take care of himself, his crime family. Why I ask? He is senile and it will not be long until he will be totally out of it. This dementia or Alzheimer’s is progressive, there is no cure. So old Joe a lot of good all the money in the world will do you!!

    4. Sorry Biden, Carolyn P. is one of those thinking patriots! Curses, you have been foiled again and we have bigger plans to render you “ineffective” in 2022!
      #WalkAway – Dems and Independents, be a part of saving America! VOTE REPUBLICAN!

  7. where did you get that picture looks like the cat that swallowed the canary . Like every thing else he is doing to hurt middle class America. Don’t worry Joe 2022 is just around the corner and you remember what happened to Obama in that first election after he won in 2008 . He got a shelacking just like you are going to get next year.

  8. If the Reps don’t stand up to be counted, the Dems will do whatever they please! It’s up to the Reps to let the Dems know just what they think of their plans!

    1. No telling what the Dems are cooking up now for 2022! We need to consider every aspect of possible deceit, lies, and theft.

  9. Every time I see this old fool on TV with his false chops, always licking and swallowing like he just had yet another cone of ice cream, my blood pressure rises! Then I think about all the FOOLS that voted for this, and I just get mad!!!
    Think back to the day President Trump was sworn into office????
    Do you recognize your country today???
    How much money do you have to spend every month now to sustain your household?
    You FOOLS that voted for this, you hate your country and your fellow citizens!

    1. Unfortunately many non-voters had their hand in this election, like certain Silicon Valley oligarchs. No more drop boxes all of democratic areas. But now why all the fight against audits? If you have nothing to hide, open the books! They need to find the volatile areas for theft and make it secure.

  10. The Democrats are so stupid, they think that climate change is the same as weather. They attribute all destructive weather to climate change, and the public respond as if they knew what they were talking about. They will spend trillions of dollars to appease the climate gods, but it won’t change a thing because carbon dioxide won’t affect climate.

    1. No the Sun expanding everyday, each day it’s larger than the precious day due to burning hydrogen, then when that burns out, it will burn helium and the Sun expand out to the area of Mars! Where I worked for decades satellites in space monitor the Sun 24/7. So all this climate change is hoax is for control of the citizens. So they need to get over it!!!

  11. As the report said that after Pelosi found out about a new military contract and her husband mysteriously enjoyed an $11,000,000.. profit by buying said stock, maybe they will consider donating that profit to the debt she keeps supporting. What do you think?

  12. Taxation without representation was the cause of the revolution from England. They are treading on our freedoms very heavy. Time to put a stop to it and get back to the CONSTITUTION. NO MORE MAKING NEW LAWS .

  13. Please will somebody get rid of of this jackass they call president and impeach Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer and Biden’s inept idiot cabinet. These idiots are a complete embarrassment and disgraceful to us all. Also tell Sanders to go back to Russia where can drive his socialist/communist agenda as we don’t need him or the squad. They are all inadequate and hateful idiots who are so hungry for power and money they can’t see their asses from a whole in the ground.


  15. All the promises in the world won’t keep this repetitive and extravagant spending from killing the economic capacity of the USA and the federal election rules will guarantee fraudulous elections in every state by requiring all the weaknesses that were illegally part of the 2020 elections. Trump was correct. The Democrat Party is determined to make the USA into a socialist nation, and voters are beginning to wake up and see that. They have already fractured the military with the critical race theory baloney, and we may not be able to defend against any foreign attack much longer. Read “DISLOYAL” by Daniel Greenfield, through the David Horowitz Freedom Center, for absolutely shocking details on how our military is compromised by the deliberate Marxist tampering.

  16. I see the democrat party is back to using the word “free”. Everything will be free. Free means taxpayers will not have to pay! Right?


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