Everything That Will Cost More This Holiday

Photo by Pictures of Money via Flickr

Expect to pay more for practically everything this holiday season. Whether you are buying Christmas gifts, Hanukkah gifts, gas, or even just something for yourself just know that you are going to be paying a lot more. 

Why will Americans be paying more this holiday season? Biden’s horrific policy decisions. 

There is currently a shipping crisis going on and many goods can not make it to port. Oil and gas restrictions are making your tank harder to fill up. The farming industry has taken one too many hits and even food is getting more expensive. 

Here are the things that will cost you more this holiday season: 

  1. This person in charge. (I can’t call him a president ). Is the biggest ass hole this country had put in the White House. Everyday it’s another rule that he is shoving down our throats. Republicans. Reach out an elect Senators who will end his stupidity in 2022. Or this country will be like any other communist controlled. We are Americans an we want freedom to do as we please. To speak. Our thoughts to get vaccinated. Sn to be able to work

    1. I am so worried, something is wrong with the vaccinated people, they’re cold & bullies, something in that vaccine that changes their personality, why is want to know.

      1. I personally have been vaccinated. As far as any one else getting vaccinated, that is a personal choice. I don’t believe in mandates. I think they are bullshit and an indication of a dictator.

  2. But, but, but the mainstream media, college professors, young white wokesters, blm, antics, elitists, guilt ridden white people who hate their own race, etc., etc…..
    they ALL SAID biden WAS THE MAN !!!!
    Goes to show how stupid Americans really are!!!!

  3. Mr. Scumbag. Wants. To. Make. People. Poor by. Raising. Prices. And. Suffer. For. The. Holiday. Season. He. Is. A. Grinch and. A. Scrooge no. Mercy. For. No. One. He. Is. 🤪🤪🤪🤡🤡a. Clown. Who. Rules. The. Funhouse. Along. With. A. Laughing. Hyena. sorry. Buch. Of. idiots

    1. Biden is doing everything he can to make the U.S.A into the
      U.S.S.A. We are going into an
      economy where the middle class and the lower middle class are feeling the pinch. This is just the economic atmosphere the socialist elite want. People become desperate to make ends meet and socialism look’s appealing. The rich and super rich will never be affected.


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