House Republicans Unveil Counter to Biden’s Budget and It Would Eliminate the Deficit in 5 Years

Carol M. Highsmith, via Wikimedia Commons

House Republicans have officially unveiled their counter-proposal to President Biden’s 2022 budget and they say it will not only balance the federal budget in five years but also cut taxes by $1.9 trillion. The plan would slash a number of discretionary programs, reform federal programs, reduce regulations, and more which would ultimately balance the federal budget. The summary of the proposal by the Republican Study Committee (RSC) outlines the Republican’s counter to Biden’s plan.

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  1. We need to balance our budget. Spending is out of control, and we can’t support the whole world. Time to get off our duffs and get back to work!

  2. Appears to be a common sense budget proposal, but Dems will never go with it. They would rather bankrupt and ruin our country.

  3. I don’t know about the budget. Just read about the 35 Republicans that voted with Dems to investigate Jan 6th. Really concerns me, as they never spoke up to investigate BLM or Antifa.
    Idiots all of them.

  4. What the house Republicans want to do in regard to countering Biden’s budget sounds reasonable as well as rational! One can only hope that Americans — especially those in office — have the smarts to do what’s obviously right for their country!

  5. Why can’t we lock Soc. Security funds instead of letting congress dip into the fund for their desires. Make Congress pay back what they “borrowed” from congress. Trump can do third grade math, lower taxes, lower capital gains, impose import taxes on U.S. Corporations that have deals with China and use Chinese labor. while lowering taxes if they hire Americans in America. I think Trump lowered foreign aid. Give low interest loans (tied directly to benefiting people) to foreign governments, not hand outs.
    Biden is incapable and should be removed.

  6. Thats completely counter to what the dems want,they want to break the bank.literally,break the back of the United states.thats what they’ve been trying to do since they lost the first honest election that we had in years,in 2016.they didn’t cheat enough.they did this time by God, how they’ve cowed the judicial system into acquiescence, is yet to be brought forth.but its coming.

  7. Balance the budget. Stop crazy, decrepid, mentally chalanged, stupid, zombie, Joe Biden. Close the border, build the wall, deport all ilegal alians no mater how long they have been in the USA. Send all smugglers, cyotes, criminals, alians to Guantanamo now. No food, no medicine, no shelter for ilegals and no transportation except to dump them across the border.

  8. reagan wanted a balanced budget ammendment in 1980 to no avail.we have one in florida and 13 other states and it works very well!doesn’t matter who’s the governor as it’s the law!they also have line item veto.if all the gop would introduce a bill to enact it then we’ll see the dems vote no!seems the gop may not want it either!


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