Obama CIA Director Says Biden Has Inspired Jihadists Across the World

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After President Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan took place it was only mere days before the Taliban swiftly took control of the state. The shocking development left American’s stranded and all-out hysteria broke loose when a suicide bomber set off multiple bombs near the Kabul airport as evacuations took place. As Biden tried to pathetically point blame to former President Trump and other parties even President Obama’s CIA director Michael Morell is pinning the blame on Biden and noting that his disastrous decisions will inspire other Jihadists across the world.

The Daily Wire reports:

Morell discussed the numerous issues that the U.S. is now facing since President Joe Biden pulled U.S. forces out of the country, noting that it’s going to be significantly harder to collect intelligence and to execute operations aimed at eliminating threats.

Morell also noted that al-Qaeda could completely “bounce back” within the next 12 months because of the safe haven that Afghanistan provides and that makes Afghanistan the greatest long-term risk for the U.S. when it comes to terrorism.

“I think that the Taliban winning the war in Afghanistan and then the way our exit happened has absolutely inspired jihadists all over the world,” Morell later added. “The Taliban is saying we just didn’t defeat the United States. We defeated NATO. We defeated the world’s greatest military power ever. So there’s a celebration going on. We defeated the Soviet Union. Then it fell. Now we’ve defeated NATO. Right? Maybe they can fall, too.”

“I think not only will jihadists be inspired, but a lot of them are going to come to Afghanistan to be part of the celebration, to be part of jihadist central,” he added. “So after 9/11, they all scattered from Afghanistan. I think we’re going to see a flow back in, and that’s one of the things that makes Afghanistan more dangerous than other spots on the planet.”


Watch Morell describe what the horrifying consequences of Biden’s actions could mean HERE.

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Obama’s ex-CIA director also noted a July report by the U.N. that claims Al Qaeda head, Ayman al-Zawahiri is currently being harbored in Afghanistan by the Taliban.

“We think so, which means that the Taliban is harboring Zawahiri today,” Morell said. “The Taliban is harboring al-Qaeda today. And I think that’s a very important point.”

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    1. And Harris…and Pelosi…and Schumar…and what democrat has the intelligence and moral courage to stand up to the terrorists? Some of the military officers who’ve spoken truth – and been demoted or removed for their bravery – could run the military better than the top ‘woke’ brass. As for a democrat who could, as president, face our nation’s situation with the metal to destroy the evil unleashed in Afghanistan? Maybe Manchin. At least he has the courage to think for himself and not be bullied by the democrat mafia.

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  1. The 7th century Weird Beards win…again and again and again.
    ‘The Devil can have his way if enough good men do nothing.’ — R.W. Emerson

  2. But apparently that is what they are trying to accomplish because why else would they be making the exit decisions they made??? Biden is destroying the country faster than Obama ever could, and somehow they keep voting for people that want to destroy the home team!

  3. Biden has to be Impeached or Court Marshaled. What he has done to America is tantamount to treason. I’m sure the left will just whisk him out of the White House one midnight and declare him ‘unwell”, set up Harris, and Nancy will be waiting in the wings for Kamalas failures to drag America deeper into despair. Nancy will take over as third in line. America will sink deeper into despair .

    1. Biden did exactly what Obama is instructing him to do. Obama has been running the show. Now that we are out of Afganistan the middle east is ready to close their fists. America is no longer the Country that I was born in.

      1. Bringing “unvetted” Afghanis’ into the interior of the U.S.so they can possibly set up terroir groups through out our homeland, trying to take over and install their “Shira law” is pastime for American citizens to protect themselves take up arms and prep for the threat of endangering and harming us.

      2. Obama also armed ISIS in Syria which caused Benghazi to occur to get tge optics from the ship departing Tripoli sailing to Syria to supply ISIS. Now, Biden armed the Taliban, al-quesadilla and ISIS; thé objective of the NWO to have the Muslim population create the chaos and domination necessary to eliminate free will and human rights seems to be spreading – our open southern border all but guarantees infiltration by terrorists not that the drug cartels are not ruthless enough and many illegals are walking disease factories being distributed throughout the US.

  4. Obama is as big an obfuscator as is Biden! The two mingle well together, though Biden’s memory lapses make life more difficult for him! I must admit though that neither of them would ever make me want to hear what they have to say

  5. It’s most unfortunate that Joe Biden hasn’t yet been removed from Congress! One would be hard-pressed to understand why such a person wouldn’t be removed from any place in Congress ASAP! Hopefully, given the fact that Biden has done nothing for his country and at present is more concerned with getting himself out of Afghanistan before it’s too late will hopefully bring his tenure to an end!

    1. Well that was a huge failure, we are now in a much worse situation than 20 yrs ago! Biden has always been too unintelligent to be in congress, much less in the WH. Actually he is stupid to the core and a threat to democracy!!

  6. Biden’s behaviour was just as unpleasant as his inability to remove all his people from Afghanistan before it would be too late! His only concern seemed to be how quickly he could get himself out of Afghanistan before if became too late for him! Needless to say, he didn’t worry about how all those who had been with him in Afghanistan would manage to get back to America, given that there were Afghanis who were preventing many from leaving at all!!

  7. That statement saying that ”Biden has inspired jihadists across the world” shows clearly the kind of person Biden is! That he would leave all his people stranded in Afghanistan while he makes his quick departure to leave for America shows his lack of concern for all others! One can only hope that his remain in power is short-lived

        1. They are both stupid idiots. That cheated. You ought to read “profiles in corruption”. There are several chapters on those two. Talk about corrupt. But they aren’t the only ones

          1. Biden is not the legally elected President…Biden is 180 degrees upside down from Trump or other rational Republicans….. The Left is able to get by with stealing elections, therefore they are taking the reigns of power.

  8. When, when are people with common sense going on wake up??? WHEN???
    I’m talking to you Dems, Independents?
    Have you had enough yet?
    Do you really want to lose your country, your freedoms, your civil LIBERTIES? That’s exactly what’s happening faster than we could ever imagine. Please call, E-mail Joe Manchin and Sinema from AZ NOT to pass the upcoming bill.
    This would be a start to stop this fast train.
    The special election in CA will tell us the heartbeat of people.

      1. It’s already happening. Now they can download un-certified ballots from the net, print them up at home and mail them in. As often as you want. Safe and secure, eh?

  9. This would never have happened under President Trump! Of course, all you Lefties didn’t “like” him, for one reason or another. Maybe you just don’t like rich people. Well, I certainly hope you’re happy now. With old slow Joe living in his basement, the Taliban are emboldened like never before. Do you think they don’t know who’s sitting in the U.S. President’s chair? Oh, that’s right – the VP who’s also an America hater. If you hated Donald Trump, you hate America too – I hope you’ll be happy living under an Afghani regime – because that’s exactly where this is going. Shame on all of you.

  10. And to the question “Will Joe Biden make it four years in the White House?”, my answer is “Dear Lord, I hope not.”

  11. Obama even said Joe is wrong on everything all the time….Obama said that DEMWITS////You are a bunch of fools who have been played because you are idiot puppets

  12. “Inspired” them?? He’s funded them and armed them to the hilt too!! Between Obama and Biden (OBIDMA) they’ve given them nuclear technology, billions of dollars, armored vehicles and a small air force including high-tech helicopters. And, did anyone notice? Obidma’s JCS Chairman has been reporting to his opposite number in CHINA!!

    And NOBODY has ever done a thing about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Remember when our defenders were on OUR side? Me too …. sigh …. .


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