Joy Reid Gets Slammed After Giving GOP Nasty New Nickname

Luke Harold, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s a rough week to be MSNBC host Joy Reid. After getting destroyed by rap superstar Nicki Minaj on Twitter she’s not facing even more criticism for her bizarre rant against Republicans. On Wednesday, the unhinged host fired off claims that the GOP “loves” Coronavirus and called conservatives a “creepy little COVID-loving death cult.”

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Fox News reports:

“OK, we get it! COVID is the precious and you love it. You love COVID so much you want it to spread into schools, at the office, in the Walmart, on the cruise ships and in the club,” Reid said. “That great spongy ball with the red spikes, you want it pumping through your veins with an Ivermectin chaser. Why do you love it do dadgum so much? We have absolutely no bloody idea.”

“But here’s the thing you weirdos … everyone else hates COVID!” she added, before listing instances of hospitals being overwhelmed with coronavirus patients and people who died from the virus.

“So yeah, the rest of us hate that this is happening. Even the Pope. The Pope hates COVID too, and he loves everybody. He also says get vaccinated,” Reid said. “Yet, you, you Republicans seem to be A-OK with COVID running wild. And then you came for California. Trying to boot a Democratic governor from a blue state and hand it over to the COVID candidate.”

“You may want COVID. You may want to ingest horse de-wormer and attend far too many funerals, but we, we don’t,” she added. “[California] is perhaps the first real tangible proof that your creepy little COVID-loving death cult ways are not going to work for you at the ballot box next year. In fact it’s political suicide, and also apparently talk radio suicide because your brilliant little COVID plan is killing your right-wing hosts.”

It’s only a matter of time until Reid is either cancelled or simply checked in for a psychiatric evaluation with the type of unhinged claims she makes on a regular basis.

Watch below to see her latest unhinged rant attacking the GOP.

[jwplayer 1jH0zPXS-lzmB6GEw]

  1. Niki, the COVID-19 was started by your friends. The Dems, Fauci, Biden, Chinese, NIH etc. The truth is coming out. Lucky for the world your buddy Donald Trump helped save the world with a Warp Speed approach and got the vaccine before Bonehead Biden took his stolen office. When the truth finally comes out there is going to be a lot to answer for by a whole bunch of people. They will need a new prison just for them. Rot in hell you bastards!

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  2. She’s not just unhinged – she’s delusional. I’d hate to be her – she must be consumed with these horrible thoughts 24/7. What a terrible way to live.

    1. She’s just a witch (maybe should start with a b) and since she thinks because she’s a “person of color” she can say anything she wants

    1. You notice that Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson are very quiet these days. People like Joy Reid are taken over their job of keeping the race card alive and well. Anyone (backs) strays away from the democrat party platform are called all sorts of names and become uncle Toms.

      1. I’ve noticed that too.
        However, it wouldn’t surprise me if the commies in Congress call on them to activate their boots on the ground.
        Unfortunately, many folks of co-lor are still asleep at the wheel.
        I will never understand the allegiance of these folks to a party who only uses them for votes.

    1. No she not sick. She is doing her job to keep the race card alive and well. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton made a lot of money keeping the race card alive and now it is her turn to make money on it.

  3. The left ignores all of the deaths that have resulted from
    1) the non-vaccine vaccine;
    2) suicide due to mandated incarcerations (quarantines);
    3) suicide due to depression from business and job losses;
    4) death from illnesses because people were afraid to get treatment due to fear of catching Wuhan Flu;
    5) unrelated issues such as auto and bike accidents that were falsely attributed to Wuhan Flu;
    6) hospitals listing Wuhan Flu as the cause of death even when it wasn’t due to monetary gain;
    7) the death of a sizeable portion of the middle class due to loss of business income and rental income.

    1. Right on, right on!!!!
      I’m sure the folks in Chicago dying from gun shots are also considered Wuhan deaths.
      This is all on purpose!
      Key word……control!

    2. They also seem to ignore the fact that apparently there have been no reported cases of the flu since Covid 19 was discovered. It couldn’t possibly be that they are manipulating the numbers for our “benefit”, could it?

    3. Uh, with respect to item #7, this was totally intentional. An independently thinking wealthy middle class is a serious threat to top down authoritarian governments like the Biden administration.

  4. Wow, It must be horrible to be Joy Reid. Someone that stupid and misinformed must live in their own hell. Oh well, I guess that describes most Democrats now, doesn’t it.

    1. She wants to keep the blacks on the reservation and in line. Any black that get off the reservation are called uncle Toms and must come back.

  5. Everything that bitch says is “unhinged” she is just another P.O.S. brainwashed and too stupid to know it!! imo

  6. When is someone at that commie network going to get smart and fire this idiot. Way to go a network that spreads hate and discourse. People need to stop watching this crap.

    1. The people watching this critter are the same who watch Colbert for their political information.
      Birds of a feather, you know the rest….

  7. Ranting hysterically is becoming more and more typical of the left. This particular nut clearly has gone south — off the rails. She seems mostly disturbed that she failed in her deranged goal of imprinting her opinion on conservatives — all of them — all of her opinions and all the conservatives.

    Perhaps she should look at the colossal mistake in Afghanistan — by her chosen IIC (Imbecile-In-Chief). And his colossal disaster in Del Rio. Destruction of our energy independence. Kowtowing to Iran regarding nuclear weapons. Covid confusion. Economic disaster, doubtlessly causing an undeclared U.S. bankruptcy. Refusal to admit his dementia.

    Most listeners are turning away from such insanity and looking for effective answers to their questions on where we go from here. Clearly, he’s headed for resignation or removal, a fact that will lead us to another catastrophe. When his replacement assumes command, we’ll soon be in worse shape than when we were led by America’s first IIC. My first hope is that it doesn’t trigger another revolution.

  8. I am a conservative. I voted for Trump (both times). And I have not gotten the injection. I will wear my mask where required (doctors’ offices), I do not gather in large crowds without practicing a social distance. I have tested 5 times and been negative all 5 times. However, my daughter and her family are liberals, voted for Biden, received their injections, but have gotten Covid because they still think they can gather in large parties, be around people who have tested positive and have symptoms of the virus without doing any of the things we’ve been advised to do to protect ourselves. Most people who have gotten the shot think they are now immune. So who are the stupid ones here?

    1. Does your daughter/family realize how much back and forth the “experts” have gone regarding the efficacy of the vax???
      First it was between 80-90% effective, now it’s down to only in the 40%?
      They (your family) need to be informed.
      It’s about controlling the masses.
      This will go on until 2025.

  9. She is a prime example of blacks being more racist than whites. She forgets Muslims started slavery and black Africans sold their own people as slaves to western civilization.
    Jab Reid… think about booking a cruise to your beloved Africa! Then tout that message to all those poor people who have not gotten the jab.

  10. I just wonder what will be labeling the Black, Hispanic, Oriental and white independent voters and citizens who aren’t getting the vaccine. Many people are very concerned about this so-called vaccine and the side effects it carries with it, and justifiably so. Just because this loud mouthed, skanky propaganda puppet talking head lemming spews the party line by berating and belittling those who haven’t taken the party approved dose of poison, certainly doesn’t make her right in any way. A proud member of the party of inclusion, as long as you comply with everything they say, you subservient lemming peons.

    1. Joy doesn’t understand just because you think you are right does not mean you are right!!!! The liberals do not have the right to judge any one for their personal choices!

  11. This disturbed woman has reached the point of no return. No amount of intellectual conversation could sway her away from the illogical liberal thoughts in her brain. When the truth finaly comes out she will have a very difficult timeadjusting to reason.

  12. She is projecting truth, but about Democrats…they are using Covid to control and harm anyone who won’t kowtow to their power.

    1. Joy Reid is controlled by Satan….when she talks such evil, it is the demon in her speaking…it is like when ole demented Joe whispers…it is his demon speaking!

  13. This j. rei d bi@$h needs to have her mouth shut PERMANENTLY!!! She’s NOT VERY INTELLIGENT!!! And talk about racism, she is one of the MOST DANGEROUS RACIST, the reason for that is she has followers, (not as many as say last year) but still, she’s a black SUPREMACIST with a mouth!!! These are the very “people” that are helping DICTATOR bid en spread the hate!!! Shut this idiot COMPLETELY UP!!! She’s on her way out, and she doesn’t even know it!!! I know 2022 & 2024 the REPUBLICANS lead by PRESIDENT TRUMP, WILL BE BACK IN CHARGE, AND TRUST ME MSM IS IN FOR THE SHOCK OF THEIR LIVES!!!

  14. Guess she doesn’t trust her president and vice-president who warned us not to trust any vaccine developed under the Trump regime. Some liberal she turned out to be.

  15. Conservatives just don’t run scared all the time. There are worse things than illnesses, like overbearing governments that want to control everything we do.

  16. It seems a little ironic to hear Joy Reed making such allegations about the freedom lovers among us. It could be because she herself is undeniably a puss weeping festering tumor on all mankind. A walking, talking cancer as infectious as anthrax. Her continued exposure to humanity is as dangerous a plague as the influenza pandemic of 1919. One man’s opinion, she is a waste of the space she inhabits, and should be summarily disregarded by any thinking human.

  17. Joy Reid proves, once again, it’s possible to breathe and move without a working brain cell. Is not biden flooding America with illegal aliens, unvaccinated and unvetted, the real death cult? Biden spending trillions to ruin America so millions will suffer and die is the real death cult here. All while pelosi eats fancy pants ice cream in turd riddled San Francisco.


  19. This Lady really needs to get off what ever she is taking and spend several years under close observation in a home, far from sane Freedom Loving Americans. Maybe her friends in North Korea or Red China would sponsor her fair, to visit them for many years.


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