Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Fresh Primary Challenger

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Controversial Republican firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene will have to fight to keep her seat in Congress now that Georgia businesswoman Jennifer Strahan has announced her primary campaign. Greene has been a contentious figure in Congress since being elected, Democrats attacked the freshman representative for her past advocacy of conspiracy theories and QAnon, which she’s since denounced.

Eventually, Democrats stripped Rep. Greene of all her committee assignments, a move that prompted Strahan to challenge Greene.

Fox News reports:

“I believe that there’s a lot of people who are ready for a serious representative,” Strahan said in an interview, taking a shot at Greene, R-Ga. “We have a lot of serious issues going on in our country right now. And we need someone who’s willing to take the fight to Pelosi, to Democrats. And the only way to do that is to be in committees.”

Strahan is a founder of a health care consulting firm and presents herself as a political outsider. Strahan has also held several other positions in the health care industry, including with the Atlanta WellStar Health System. She said that business experience will help her be a more effective representative.

“A as a business owner, as an executive, if I’m elected, I will make sure that I’m putting Georgia first and not being focused on being a celebrity, but actually rolling up my sleeves and getting work done for the district,” Strahan told Fox News.

Rep. Greene referenced multiple unsuccessful movements she launched against the left in her time in Congress while noting that she is the type of candidate to get things done in Washington.

“I’ve led the movement to Impeach Joe Biden, Fire Tony Fauci, Expel Maxine Waters, Eliminate The ATF, and Ban Vaccine Mandates,” Greene added. “Republicans are going to take back the House in 2022, but we aren’t going to do it with pathetic empty campaign promises written by DC consultants.”

This race is sure to be one of the most closely watched midterm elections in the country.

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        1. Trump didn’t lose and neither did Elder. It was never about Elder winning, it was about removing Newsome from office. The recall lost its focus because, in a brilliant political move, Newsome got the leftist, lapdog press to make it about Elder instead of removing Newsome from office because of his bad policies. Elder would have replaced him had the recall been successful. Newsome is a narcissistic, corrupt, amoral, communist, but he isn’t stupid. Maybe you should stop depending on CNN and MSDNC for your news.

          1. I wonder how much of the evil Hungarian’s endless supply of money was pumped into Gavin’s campaign? Nancy visited him last week What a priceless duo they are. Thick as thieves?

        2. No you don’t see. Tons of voters were told they had ALREADY VOTED when it wasn’t so. They were allowed to vote and the first vote would be checked. If that wasn’t bad enough it was found that the envelopes were thin enough to see how the vote was cast with some kind of flashlight. We are now in Democratic Election Fraud 2.0.

  1. Idiot GOP. Strahan will never be able to stand up to Pelosi, whether she gets on a committee or not.

    Anyway, Pelosi will be gone in 2022, and MTG will get on any committee she likes.

    Ronna’s gotta go!

  2. MTG is a firebrand we want to keep, she stands up for us, and real republicans, not these incompetent, worthless,spineless repuke rhinos,we’ll make sure we keep her, and get rid of the rhinos.

    1. I love the way MTG tells it like it is.
      And, she’s not afraid to stand up to the lefties.
      Georgia, please reelect her.

    2. Marjorie has earned her place at the top of the list for places of honor in the Republican party. Three women at the top of the game for the party while we still hang onto such slugs as Romney, Sass and Kinzinger. Drum them out ! They aren’t Republicans, never will be. The Democrats don’t want traitors either. We need a Republican party with a clean, clear, principled agenda. Drain the swamp and institute term limits.

  3. Sounds like an establishment candidate, who will go along to get along. We don’t need that at all.
    Hope the people of GA are paying attention.
    Then they can follow by unseating that wack job minister/wife beater senator.

    1. Oh forgot to tell you about the latest attack on the Zombie (Biden). The last couple of weeks COLLEGE kids have started a “F..k Joe Biden” yell and it is spreading all over the place. Talk about a loser. First lowlife president to “leave Americans behind” which has NEVER happened before. Talk about a loser.

  4. MTG IS DOING EXACTLY WHAT “WE GEORGIANS” ELECTED HER TO DO, the America hating commie puke democraps should all be forced to live in a 3rd world country, rather than turning OUR COUNTRY into a 3rd world shithole.

  5. I love Marjorie Taylor Greene!!! I wish she represented PA, where I live. She would make an awesome governor or better yet, President of the USA

  6. GA voters: Look VERY carefully at who supports this new candidate! She may be legit OR she may be a SWAMP plant!

  7. This contender to Marjorie Taylor Greene owns a healthcare consulting firm….hmmmmmmm. Wouldn’t happen to agree with jab mandates would she? Who’s funding her campaign?
    Vote Marjory Taylor Greene like your life depends on it. No RINO’s PLEASE! Believe me, it’s a setup.

  8. Marjorie Taylor Greene has my vote. These fools are trying to act like it is possible to work WITH the Democrat Political Party. NO, it is not possible to work with these reprobates. It is the stupid Republican politicians that are always wasting time and energy trying to work WITH Democrats. Marjorie Taylor Greene KNOWS that it is a waste of time pretending to be working with Democrats. IT CAN’T BE DONE AND THE DEMOCRATS LOVE WHEN POLITICIANS WASTE THEIR TIME TRYING.

  9. Hey Georgia, why not take a play out of Pelosi’s playbook during the recall in California and just send out ballots that you can just shine a little light on a see how people voted…Then just throw out the Republican votes and go on CNN and say what a fair election it was…seem far fetched to people? It just happened in California…so not to far fetched….

    1. I am from California and a LOT of voters who voted at the polls were told they had already voted. They were allowed to go ahead and vote at the poll and supposedly a correction would be made. Another little thing that had not been mentioned was your home address was PRINTED on the outside of the mail-in envelope.

  10. Strahan just by her commentary as an opponent of sanity in Marjorie Taylor Greene shows the disparity of bipartisanship which identifies BOTH parties as constituted as inherently UNAMERICAN , self-aggrandizing schemers only concerned about TOTAL CONTROL of every aspect of YOUR life and which is all the Domocrats and their RINO cohorts in sedition and high treason CARE about: other than their own abuse of YOU to enhance personal wealth and political ambitions for THEMSELVES. Most of them are TRUE Oath violating, Malfeasant in Office and derelict in Duty and Obligation to us ALL and, as a result belong in prison, NEVER ELECTIVE OFFICE, Strahan, if elected by other career gangsters in Congress will add to the miseries we all face in this Administration from Hell which is so utterly incompetent: IT CAN DO NOTHING RIGHT AND THEIR PITIFULLY PATHETIC PERFORMANCE RECORD IN ONLY 7 MONTHS PROVES THAT CONTENTION! I am NOT a Republican as they are gutless wonders and bacstabbng buffoons, but an Independent, who can and does think for hmself and has had a degree in Government for the last 54 years , earning it ptior to serving in the Army in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the worst fighting of the Vietnam War; one as usual, we were NEVER allowed to fight to win and which had 543,000 troops in place there when I left on 19 May of 1969, the beginning of the end with Vietnamization of that fiasco in which we never should have been involved at all. Our foreign policy is a bad joke and George Washington had it right in his first term when he warned us all to beware of entangling alliances. Yet we have alligned ourselves in NATO, SEATO and worst of all the U.N. which is our Greatest Enemy within, and should be defunded and evicted from American Soil as what it is! The ONLY funding any outside influence shoud get until we end the debt and pay it off is to keep our seat on the Security Council of the U.N. so we can keep a close eye in these New World Order enemies to every founding principle upon which THIS country was created! period WE CANNOT ALLOW THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNISTS TO TAKE OVER AND END THE REPUBLIC, OUR SOVEREIGNTY AND CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES TO BECOME A WORLD FILLED WITH SERFS AND DEGENERATES. PERIOD!

  11. Strahan sounds like a typical GOP establishment looser. Greene gives the Dems fits, and the eunuch Republicans too. She actually thinks she’s supposed to represent her constituents, not big business or the lawn party set.

  12. The fact that anyone would challenge MTG would suggest they are clueless wannabees.She is the fighter that the establishment rinos hate for exposing them for the useful idiots they have become. The country is in the shape it is because the republican party has been weak and let the democrats use them as useful deep state idiots. MTG has more guts then the whole republican party.

  13. People and representatives like Marjorie Taylor Greene are the type we need to stand up to the Establishment and the Swamp in D.C. to take this country back from the Socialists.

  14. Truth is that GOP office holders on the fringes rarely hold their seats as there remains a tendency toward objective rationality. Conversely, on the D side there are no side boards only an internal competition to see who will champion the newest and most outrageous challenge to rationality.


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