Majority of Americans Don’t Support Biden’s COVID-19 Approach

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After President Biden announced new mandates requiring private companies with over 100 workers to get vaccinated, the country has had a swift reaction. New polls from Quinnipiac University revealed that a majority of Americans are not on board with Biden’s approach to combating the virus and think his mandate goes too far.

Fox News reports:

By a 51%-48% margin, a slight majority of Americans disapproved of the president’s plans. In his most forceful comments to date, the president last week announced new, wide-ranging, federal COVID vaccine requirements for those working at companies with 100 or more employees, health care workers and federal contractors.

Forty-eight percent of those surveyed said Biden’s vaccine mandates go too far, with 10% saying they doesn’t go far enough and nearly four in 10 saying they’re about right. But asked specifically about mandating vaccines for workplaces with 100 or more employees, 53% approved and 46% disapproved.

Biden, in a White House speech last Thursday, took aim at the tens of millions of Americans who have yet to get vaccinated, even after months of availability and federal, state and local incentives to get the shots.

“We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” he said. And he stressed that the minority of Americans who are unvaccinated “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

The Biden administration’s vaccine mandate is expected to impact over 80 million Americans, however Congressional staff and immigrants were conveniently left out of being required to get the jab. Arizona has already filed a lawsuit challenging Biden’s new mandate with more states likely to follow.

  1. This mandate, is just one more indication of the tyranny we are now under. You all should have come to that realization, when Biden signed over 70 executive orders in less than a month in office. He has failed this country in every facet of life. He has been a failure his entire career in politics. No one believes, that any policies he is instituting are coming from him. He has handlers and staff members throughout his administration, that worked for Obama during his term in office. They are carrying out Obama’s list of orders and giving them to Biden to put in place.  

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    3. Bingo. We are now seeing the true colors of Sadsack Osama giggling behind the curtain [‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!’]. He is a totalitarian menace, cold-hearted as a block of dry ice and as cruel and calculated as an African dictator.

  2. All you have to think about is joe’s slogan.
    Build back better. How do you build it better?
    Tear it down and start over. Think about it.

    1. Yeah, but he is taking a great nation and reducing it to rubble and stealing every penny he can find along the way and when his time is up handing it over for someone else to try to rebuild with no money to rebuild anything! Making America the third world craphole that the Demo RATS all dreamed America could some day be with their help!

        1. Satan has loosed his demons among us, and they reside in the Capitol Building! You can see the evil on their faces and in their eyes every time they show their faces. So yes, they will burn in hell. Nazi Pelosi is going to be so disappointed that she can’t get her gourmet ice cream down there!! 🙁

        2. Let me try again since my comment is “awaiting for approval!” Who says it like that anyway?? Satan has loosed his demons among us, and they reside in the Capitol Building! You can see it on their faces and in their eyes every time they show their faces. So yes, they will be going to that very hot, dark place. And Nannie Pelosi is going to be so disappointed that she can’t get her gourmet ice cream down there, isn’t she? 

          1. God gave us free will in this world he does not bless evil and don’t worry I will be taken care of. Your comment just a flex from the fact that we have been putting our heads in the sand living it up choosing materialism over humanity. We are all to blame here.

      1. globalists and their puppets $oro$ and barry soetoro appointed all the correct criminals to the correct positions to ensure that they can steal and commit as much crime as they can .

    2. Well, he is certainly tearing it down. But “building it back better” will never happen with the White House “squatter’s puppeteers’ plan. Socialist/communist country — that is where we’re headed! May God help us fight our way back.

      1. god is too busy blessing globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and rinos and media and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and pentagon CRIMINAL organisation and libby snow flake sheep and altar boy raping priests .

      1. She is STUPID! Obama and his gang are running the show! After all, all of Biden’s bootlickers worked for Barry first!

    1. It’s the incompetent buffoons that voted for him that anger me. The man has been crook every year of his service in government. Not only a crook but a pedophile. He can’t even keep his hands of children now he’s the pretender n the White house. What I didn’t know, aside from being a crook he’s a Communist.

      1. There are more American voters than there are libby snow flake sheep, incompetent buffons and after they ran out of illegal votes to count they simply projected globalist puppet, chester biden the winner .

    1. Liberalism is a mental disorder! They want control but are for women’s right to choose. Against capital punishment but its ok to kill babies. They are idiots!

  3. Biden diplomacy sucks, no in person conferance with China for you joe,think China and theTalaban want you just where you are now, they just love what you did and the way you did it, they could not have asked for more or a better outcome. Major problem with the proposed partnerships,here it is, joe says China must comply with international laws, is this a joke mate? just like you complied with international law by supplying the Taliban with all the weapons of war, they will need to continue as terriorist for years to come,which by the way is against all international /national existing laws. Why should China pay attention to joe biden when he does the exact opposite of what he asked of others? As recent current events shows biden leaves his Allies and Fellow Americans on the battlefield so when he says we will form an alliance against China, what does that really mean? protect you own ass, it should be enough said. It is the way our current elected officals think. UK / Australia know what their doing unlike you joe biden. Austrialia has their subs being built in France so exactly what are you sharing with then joe? a bunch of over bloated generals?

  4. Getting the vaccine is giving the Dumborats control-They will find out that they can NOT mandate -its against our constitutional rights. Do not give in to their poison and take that jab. NOT MY PRESIDENT

    1. You’re right (I’m 70 also), but this whole mess led by a moron, who couldn’t run a lemonade stand, was ALL PLANNED! soros, obama, clintons, bush, are pulling his strings. But what do you call someone who gives tons of arms and amo to the enemy? A traitor, right? Why is joe still free and ruining (not running) our country?

    1. No one with common sense voted for globalist puppet, chester biden, it was the libby snow flake sheep that voted for him and there are more American voters than there are libby snow flake sheep voters .


    1. All of Americans don’t trust anything from globalists and their puppets, chester biden and demonrats and rinos and media . the globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep continue to fall for all their lies . . . . .

  6. More and more you are hearing the average American people say that there is a “Second Civil War coming to America and both, CHEATER Joe Biden and the CHEATER criminal Democrat Prty Mob leadeership will be the direct cause of it”!!! We will not let them destroy our American Democracy and take away our basic freedoms as the free American people, with out a fight!!! We will never become thier “American Commuist SLAVES like they want us too”!!! That’s why gun sales are going through the roof with the Amercia people today for the American people are way ahead of the national politicians once again !!! We have American common sense and they do not and never will have it!!!

    1. Damn right, weapon sales is through the roof!!! Ammo, is getting harder to find, I can’t get hold of 30-06 here in NY!! ANYWAY, CIVIL WAR II IS VERY CLOSE, TRUE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS ARE GOING TO PUSH BACK, IT’S GOING TO BE UGLY!!! TRUMP IS THE PRESIDENT, AND HE WILL WIN 2024!!! JUST HAVE TO GET THROUGH 2022

      1. Boy…I am SO anxious! I’m 73 and a USN vet. But all I have to defend myself is an old .22 rifle, with which my boys and I used for target practice, many years ago. Also, a gas-operated BB pistol . But I’d rather go down fighting like Travis Crockett and Jim Bowie…than be a slave!

    2. Civil War II = AMERICANS vs globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and pentagon CRIMINAL organisation and media and libby snow flake sheep .

  7. Bin Biden is a imbecile. He built back better his loving taliban, who are right now raping, torturing and murdering the Americans and visa holders who helped us the last 20yrs.
    Maybe hunter will take a flight over there on one of his drug fantasies to invest in some opium.
    Bin biden would not know truthful reality if it slapped him in the face!
    The biden crime family is out to ruin America with there co-conspirators like Newscum, Polluser, Milley and a host of other Marxist ideological dirt bags.
    Lets not forget about the biological warfare coming in from the southern border.
    Sending all these covid infested illegal aliens all around the country to keep this so called pandemic alive to push there marxist socialist agenda.

  8. Hey China Boy Groper Joe Bribedem, take your blowhard rhetoric and shove it up your backside all the way up to your adenoids.

  9. I would be very surprised if any intelligent person would support anything at all that includes Joe Biden! This is a man who cares only for himself and what he can get from those with whom he is in contact! The best that could happen would be to remove Joe Biden permanently from Congress!

  10. It is my belief that Biden is not at all a helpful,useful person and as a result, I will have no dealings with him whatsoever! Fortunately, I’m not anywhere close to Biden and given that, it’s very easy for me to stay away from him!

  11. Biden was made President as a result of 4 years of massive lies by the MSM, the Deep State, the Democrat Party, and a few disgruntled RINOs who don’t possess the desires of most Republicans. Is it any surprise that Biden (who is apparently being directed by someone else, probably Barack Obama) is making things worse for America by everything he is doing? He constantly lies about everything he attributes to Trump, and most of what he does is to undo what Trump had already accomplished. Since Trump did wonders for the USA, Biden’s negating what he did is obviously HURTING the USA. Even lifelong Democrats are seeing that this is true, and Biden’s reputation is becoming tarnished, along with the reputation of the Democrat Party. Lying is rampant, and Jen Psaki probably lies more than other Democrats as she tries to spin what Biden does into something acceptable.

  12. F**joe biden and every politician that’s trying to sabotage this country. WE will not allow you to finish your plan, AMERICA’s Patriots will make damn sure of that.


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