Amazon Censors Ads for Book Criticizing BLM

Seattle City Council from Seattle via Wikimedia Commons

In the latest example of the e-commerce giant censoring conservative voices, Amazon blocked an ad for a new book that criticized Black Lives Matter. In recent months Amazon and other retailers have been criticized for censoring materials critical of liberal organizations and ideas.

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

The online retailer prevented the Heritage Foundation from purchasing ads to promote Mike Gonzalez’s BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution. Amazon told Heritage that the ad “contains book/s or content that is not allowed,” specifically “content that revolves around controversial or highly debated social topics is not permitted.” Amazon later reversed its decision and posted the ad, telling the Washington Free Beacon that its “policies were not enforced correctly in this case” and that the employees responsible would receive “additional training.”

Amazon refused to explain the nature of the error. But in recent months, the company has used its policies to suppress conservative books. A book on the transgender movement was pulled from the platform in February without explanation. After senators pushed Amazon to explain its decision, the retailer announced it was changing its policies to ban any books that treat gender dysphoria as a mental illness. Amazon funded an effort to place hundreds of copies of critical race theorist Ibram X. Kendi’s book Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You in Virginia public schools.

BLM criticizes the titular movement for its Marxist roots. One of the three Black Lives Matter founders said in 2015 that she and another cofounder “are trained organizers; we are trained Marxists.” Gonzalez, a former journalist and Heritage senior fellow, said his book addresses important questions “after the 630 or more riots that left our cities burning, businesses destroyed and billions in damage, and Americans dead.”

Gonzalez said Amazon is “trying to limit how many Americans read this book” and asked whether books by left-leaning authors on Black Lives Matter and race faced the same restrictions. Heritage Foundation president Kay Coles James released a statement calling examples of “big tech censorship … inescapable and irrefutable.” “Conservative voices are deemed ‘unacceptable’ and are silenced,” she said.

Major retailers have recently come under fire for censoring conservative voices, especially in the wake of January 6th.

    1. Your comments are pathetic! But what anybody can expect from woke “conservative” who learned history in institution of indoctrination called “school” But it is never late for education. For you and other lemming schooling some FACTS. My great uncles stopped at the gate of Warsaw Trotzky (finansed by wall Street bankers) and Lenin invasion of Europe under leadership of Marshall Pilsudski ho was SOCIALIST ! Banksters puppets, Lenin and Trotzky abolished in Russia SOCIALIST Kerensky government. Multimillionaires Soros Bezos, Bloomberg, Zuckerberg are …..”socialist”? THEY ARE DARWINIAN, BLOODTHIRSTY CAPITALIST.

  1. no this book SHOULD NOT BE CENSORED. Who are you to censor anyone? I thought we had Freedom in this country to express ones views. Whether or not someone agrees or disagrees with the book, they have the right to read it and comment on it. The non conservatives seem to want to take over America and this cannot happen. I won’t read the book but I think BLM is a marxist based organization and the public should understand this and do what they can to fight socialism and communism in the American way of life including government.


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