Biden DHS Secretary Travels to Texas to Confront Border Crisis, As Kamala Stays Silent

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro N. Mayorkas is greeted by U.S. Border Patrol RGV Chief Brian S. Hastings as they prepare to lead a delegation of Congressional representatives on a tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Donna Processing Facility in Donna, Texas, May 7, 2021.

President Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary is traveling to Texas to meet with officials in Del Rio, Texas to address concerns that Biden’s border crisis is continuing to spiral out of control. Shocking footage of thousands of migrants crowded beneath an overpass has caused the media to take notice of the shocking conditions and lack of guidance from Biden. As Alejandro Mayorkas travels to Texas to see the crisis firsthand Vice President Harris is reportedly staying behind despite Biden putting her in control of the border response months ago.

The Daily Wire reports:

The meeting follows a decision, made late last week, to deny most Haitian migrants entry into the United States and expel them directly back to Haiti. Flights from Texas to Port-au-Prince began on Sunday and are expected to continue Monday, according to the Associated Press.

“Mayorkas is meeting with state and local officials to address the situation, in which thousands of predominantly Haitian migrants are flooding the border. Many have set up a de facto camp under a bridge to shelter from the 100-degree heat as their numbers swell and they wait to be processed by Border Patrol,” Fox News reported.

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The bridge in question has been in use by migrants for some time as they wait to present themselves to CBP, declare an intent to seek asylum in the United States, and be given a hearing date. Recently, according to footage obtained largely by Fox LA’s Bill Melugin, approximately 12,000 migrants have taken up residence under the bridge, awaiting processing.

“We certainly are experiencing a challenging situation, but we are surging resources and we have a multipronged approach to this,” Mayorkas said Sunday in an interview with CNN.

Gov. Greg Abbott has said Texas border authorities are working with the administration to stem the flow of migrants however Biden’s mixed messaging has created a problem to effectively shut the border.

  1. Why on earth is governor Abbott not taking it upon himself to:
    1st, have the borders better secured with the national guard?
    2nd, why doesn’t he send them all back himself?
    3rd, engage the help of the citizens especially affected by this?

    It is time to start disobeying these commies calling themselves “the administration”
    Mayorkas is a tiny prick who a big chip on his shoulder.
    What people DO NOT understand the huge threat this poses to our nation???

    1. Maybe Governor Abbott is waiting to let it go viral in order to spotlight the crisis for all to see and show that the Biden administration is entirely responsible. I don’t fully agree with this tactic because it reeks of political games when we need immediate action.

    2. While you are asking that question, why is Biden not doing anything to stop this. It is the Federal Government’s job to secure our borders. Each border state should not have to foot the bill to stop this. They may have to, if Biden and his incompetent bunch of idiots do not. And it looks like they are encouraging it rather than trying to stop it. Abbott cannot bankrupt the state to do something the federal government is supposed to do and refuses to do. We need to get rid of that garbage in Washington, not just Biden but his administration and the Congress. They are a worthless piece of garbage.

      1. I agree 100 percent. Curious why is he only sending Haitians back ? The supreme Court said Mexicans are to wait in Mexico as they did under trump. This idiot in the white house is breaking more laws to destroy our country.

    3. Where have you been living? Under a rock? Abbott has been trying to accomplish all those things & keeps being thwarted by leftist court rulings, blocking his efforts. NG have been at the border for wks. We even have added law enforcement support from other non- border states who recognize if we can’t stop it here, it WILL become their problem too. TX has spent an added $2bil already, & just allocated another $2 bil for dealing with the illegals’ issues: finishing the wall, shipping them back whence they came, etc.

    1. She never shows up when it comes to the good of the American people. We need the border closed until we can get it under control. Our southern states in particular need our governments help with this and the politicians just look the other way. Come on people: do your jobs that you were elected to do.

  2. Abbot called in the national guard and closed what he could without the infidel in the White House. He and KH are useless. Our country try is falling apart and the government just sits idly by. Their too concerned with shutting down the American citizens. Bunch of pukes!


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