These Senators Are Sounding the Alarm Over The Biden Border Crisis

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

Several US Senators are sounding the alarm over Biden’s Border Crisis and are now officially calling for serious action. 

The crisis on the southern border has been ongoing since the beginning of the Biden administration. The crisis can be directly attributed to the administration’s policy and public comments about immigration. 

Here are the US Senators who want answers from Biden and his cohorts: 

  1. Joe Biden is the biggest jackass in the USA. He along with all democrats want to destroy Liberty and Freedom while doing away with the Constitution. Never let this happen, elections do have disastrous consequences. Even though the election of 2020 was rigged with fraud We the People must stop the lying democrats and unions.

    1. How are we to do that when they are using the National Guard to protect them, take away our guns, sensor our media, voter fraud and give away the farm to make our nation socialist/communist? Groups keep recalling the corrupt Mayer’s/Governors yet they still keep their job at the end.

          1. Trump is still the president accdg to 80 millions of patriotic conservatives.!!! Biden is a fraud NOT my president.!!! DemonRATS stole the election – they will never win any election unless they cheat, reason they open the borders.!!!

          2. According to General Milley Trump is not the President.
            The “80 million” are spineless pukes.
            Like you.

          3. General Milley should be court marshalled for the handling of the Afghanistan crisis. The Dems made life a living hell for Michael Flynn when he made an innocent phone call to a foreign county in preparation of the Trump presidency. Milley made several to the Chinese during Trump’s presidency that were totally illegal and out of line. Now look at the mess Biden has made in only 9 months.

      1. Why are you calling for Trump – he didn’t create that hell hole on the boarder – your buddy sleepy dopey Joe and his minions did– all that and more, and when the terrorists he let into our country- detonate a suite case full of death and destruction – remember you put this group in office

        1. But Trump’s Great Big Beautiful Concrete Wall put an end to illegal border crossings years ago .
          That is why he won reelection by the largest margin ever!!!

          1. Trump administration wasn’t allowed to finish it. I would love to see TX take over. The supplies are still there unless stolen and I know they could find workers.

  2. Biden is and has always been a LIAR and a Plagerist, going all the way back to his college days. Biden was running for President for the 1988 Presidential race, and it was found out that he was using essays anf speeches from Neil Kinook a member of Parliament. Because he got caught he was forced to step doen from the race. It was then that it was found out that he had bern doing this all the way back to his college days, using successful people’s speeches and essays as his own
    He has been his entire career a LIAR & A PLAGERIST. He still does the same thing today with his lies and lies every day. He is a demented old incompetent idiot and he was dragged over the finish line by Pelosi when she said MAIL IN BALLOTS because of the PANDEMIC. No way did CREEPY OLD JOE BEAT TRUMP. NOW all of the lies are coming out, so all the people that voted for this idiot, I hope yoi are happy now.

    1. I agree with you Mari Jo. “GOD will Rule Against the Wicked and Destroy them with The BREATH OF HIS MOUTH. GOD will be clothed with Fairness and Truth.”(Isaiah 11). These WORDS of ALMIGHTY GOD are DECREED and Released throughout The DNC-Democrats-Joe Biden-Harris Obama Nadler Schumer Rice Schiff Soros Pelosi Clintons Mayorkas-Regime, Globalists and Everyone who’s connected-partnered with these INCREDIBLE GREAT WICKED Treasonous Lying Stealing-payoffs cover ups Deeds. I trust and Depend on ALMIGHTY GOD’S Justice Fairness Honesty and Truth to continue to Expose and Destroy ALL involved Rebels. NOW. ” GOD causes us to Triumph in ALL THINGS”. “GOD’S KINGDOM 👑📖 RULES OVER ALL” I Decree in JESUS NAME.

      1. I fully agree with all here and the time to “GET UP, STAND UP” – Bob Marley – is coming on fast…
        Keep the faith and trust in the Lord and all doors once closed will open again!!!

    2. The most important question we need answers to is WHO IS BEHIND THIS ADMINISTRATION – FUNDING IT AND CALLING ALL THE SHOTS? Soros? Probably, but there must be more of these sinister bastards pulling the Biden’s strings. He’s much too demented to think for himself… and the entire world – and especially our enemies – know it.

      1. Only a God Damn ignorant fool does not who who is behind this administration.
        You are a weak puke.
        Of course you know who are ennimes are.
        Trump told you who to hate.
        Who is the newest RINO?

    3. Theres not one iota of truth in Joe Biden. He has always lied, especially about his credentials. His life is built on false stories, he’s even more of a Pinocchio than Obama.

    1. You tell all of us. How do we do something about it when the electoral system in this country is being destroyed by those asshats who have all the power now? I don’t doubt they will maintain their absolute power by continuing to manipulate the electoral system. Look how they tried to go against the constitution by putting the federal gov’t (Dems who have all of it) in charge of elections. Next they’ll pack the SCOTUS with left wing jurists thereby silencing the voices of Constitutional jurists. Next will be statehood for Washington D.C. – which is 99% Democrat. Then statehood for Puerto Rico – 100 % Democrat. Our ONLY hope for sanity to prevail on the Left lies with the clear-headed -clear-thinking-USA-loving moderate Democrats Sinema and Manchin. They are Pelosi’s and Schumer’s PITA’S!! I pray they don’t succumb to the massive pressure and threats being put on them.

  3. Folks the ONE AND ONLY reason the Biden administration is allowing the open border crisis to go unchecked is simple: VOTES. See how they are sneaking the amnesty-for-illegals and fast track to citizenship into the $3.5 trillion so-called “Human Infrastructure” bill? It is blatently obvious what they are up to. It’s because they know all those illegals will vote Democrap. Why wouldn’t they when they believe the B.S. promises of Free Everything. That’s the same reason the jerks who put this administration into power did it. They all want something for nothing. They have been programmed into the socialist ideology by their teachers their entire lives. Now those chickens are coming home to roost! The recent failed recall vote in California is, unfortunately, a harbinger of things to come. The Democraps have systematically worked to change this great country into another Venezuela. They don’t care because they will always live a privileged lifestyle while the rest of us peons struggle to pay for their extravagant lifestyles.

  4. Sounding alarm? That’s it? I suggest some stronger measures. Why is it that our Republican reps have to be so ‘politically correct’. Are they afraid to tell it like it is in stronger language?

  5. All these Senators have been sitting on their hands doing NOTHING about the Biden administrations criminal acts. The GOP is much to blame for this mess including the failed election. They bashed Trump right and left and NOW they want to look heros.

  6. When Trump dies should his body lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda?
    Should his casket be lined with the feces of the people who went to prison for J6?

  7. Justice for J6 is prison.
    Solitary confinement.
    No toilet.
    Make them smear their feces on their bars and drink their piss.
    Make them live like a bunch of God Damn Nigras.

  8. They intentionally are bringing in all these illegals to spread the corona virus so they can use it to require masks, one more step in their goal to control the people and move toward socialism.

  9. US fiscal cliff is due in last week of Oct/21. Biden is still busy leading as financier of all world money problems. To regain the downfall of US or drag US into a recession or depression??

    1. The best thing for America right now is to fall into a Bush depth of recession.
      The result will be a landslide victory for Trump in 2024.
      It will be well worth it to watch Trump humiliate Sleepy Old Joe.
      The sweet taste of revenge.

  10. Simple fix: Fly/Bus these illegals to the Capital Building, to the White House, to Beverly Hills CA, and to all the residential areas the Democrat in the Senate and House of Representative live. Crises would be fix in no time.


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