Former Trump Aides Sue Biden After He ‘Illegally’ Fired Them

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Former Trump spokesman Sean Spicer and budget chief Russ Vought are suing President Joe Biden for firing them from military boards. The two former Trump aides allege Biden’s overt power play in firing them and forcing out other Trump appointees is illegal and the White House does not have any authority over the boards.

Earlier in September, Joe Biden issued curt letters to a number of Trump-appointed individuals on various boards created by Congress saying they must resign or be fired. The board’s members leave only when their three-year term is up, they resign, or they die.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Spicer, a captain in the U.S. Naval Reserves, had only three months left to serve on the Board of Visitors to the U.S. Naval Academy, so targeting him was especially petty. Vought was a more recent appointee.

In an effort to shame the Trump allies off the boards, White House press secretary Jen Psaki questioned the qualifications and values of Spicer and the former Trump aides, an unusual assault on her predecessors that Spicer said smeared their military and government service.

Gene Hamilton, America First Legal’s vice president and general counsel, said, “For a president who has pledged to unify the country, terminating two highly qualified individuals from serving on this board instead of focusing on the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left Americans stranded, is clearly an attempt to distract the American people. The administration is clearly trying to avoid the oversight that Congress set out to achieve.”

He also called Spicer and Vought patriots and added, “President Biden’s threatened dismissal of them from the purely advisory Board of Visitors — an entity that exercises no executive power whatsoever — violates the law. Our clients have every right to serve every single day remaining in their terms. But even if the Biden administration prevails in its arguments, President Biden has perhaps unwittingly created a precedent that will be followed by all future administrations.”

The suit was filed on behalf of Spicer and Vought by America First Legal.

In a statement from America First Legal slammed Biden’s unprecedented move. “This illegal partisan power-grab is just another example of the Biden administration breaking longstanding bipartisan norms and traditions,” the firm said.

    1. You are so correct on that. If there was equal justice, most Democrats would be charged with a crime. Sick of hearing the Dems saying: No One Is Above the LAW!!!

      1. Trump had four years to charge Democrats with crimes.
        He didn’t even charge Hillary.
        The biggest criminal known to mankind.

        1. You just do not know what is coming, Albert. What Trump did was expand Gitmo and his team has been preparing thousands of indictments for the evil socialist Democrats and Rhinos.

        1. They are not enjoying our pain…they are so scared and worried cause they know what is coming. They have all been caught in their crimes and corrption and they know there will be indictments and many many trials, and they know they will lose everything!

        1. It won’t be karma….God is in control and justice is coming. The Democrats and Rhinos are so scared because they know what is coming and they can’t stop what is coming!

          1. I totally agree! People can only do so much, but if they do evil, God can literally blow them off this earth. Similar to what He did to Sodom and Gomorrah. God gives everyone a chance to repent….up to a point. When they step over the line with God, these sinners are no longer able to be saved. Their destination: HELL!

          2. So true, God is patient for a long time giving people a chance to change their ways, repent, and do whats right, but his wrath eventually comes to destroy evil. 2nd Peter 2: 6 and 7 “And turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes condemned them with an overthrow, making them an example unto those that after should live ungodly; And delivered just lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked.” The filthy manner of living and lifestyle of the wicked, which means, (BEHAVIOR.)

    2. The only reason democrats will not be held accountable for anything is the spineless republicans that are afraid of the democrats shadow, they shake in their shoes and pee in their pants when a democrat says anything to them. Until Republicans fire that worthless weasel McConnell with someone that has a spine, that will stand up to the democrats.

  1. “President Biden has perhaps unwittingly created a precedent that will be followed by all future administrations.” Just what they are hoping for – grabbing at straws to see what BS sticks in their quest for total power – another Nazi grab.

  2. Biden, Paski and his entire administration are the BIGGEST LIARS in the world. Psaki is so far up Biden’s butt that her eyes show through his. Never have we seen such hatred for the USA by a political party as we see with the democrats. All democrat’s must be removed from any office and be 6 feet under. Democrats equal communism.

    1. Every single one of them.
      In my town of 186 voters the Registrar of Voters, of 36 years, is a Registered Democrat.
      Our town went 63% with Trump.
      Is she a Communist?
      Should she be removed from office?
      Should she be dead?.
      Go smoke another Dobie.

      1. Like all Nazis, AKA Democrats, the only cure is to put them with the clumps of cells that RGB has now. Or them all until they forsake their evil allegiance with the Fourth Reich.

      2. Albert, stop with your BS…you go smoke another dobie. Yes she is a communist, yes she will be removed from office, yes she will be tried for treason…Gitmo is ready for her and there is an indictment for her.

      1. Cheating doesn’t count. 1. Arizona Maricopa Supervisor has admitted the election was fraud. A few of the elected officials were afraid they really didn’t win so started pushing against the audit. The audit is supposed to be released tomorrow. 2. 240 persons were caught on video tape shoving backpacks full of mail into the extra ballot boxes. This was done REPEATEDLY. They didn’t think anyone would check the cameras set up to watch the boxes. They made several trips. It wasn’t hard to identify the rats. 3. “county clerk submits report that colorado secretary of state and dominion destroyed election data” Smart young lady, she did a backup of the info. So Messy Hessy your HATE for Trump just makes we Americans push harder for him. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

        1. Where are the voter fraud indictments from the Maricopa County election?
          Will Trump be issuing them on Thanksgiving as Frank Pillow walks him back into his Oval Office? .

      2. Albert, ole demented Joe needed help getting out of the basement and he can’t even go up the steps to board an airplane with out stumbling all the way up…he didn’t kick Trump’s ass…all he is good at is smelling little girls hair and fondling them. I keep telling you, Biden can not win an election when it is stolen!

  3. When Trump got rid of Non-Contracted Obama Employees the caterwauling from the Main Stream Press was earsplitting and incessant. The sky was going to fall. Now, peep is the word.

    1. Did Trump do the right thing and Biden the wrong thing even though the actions were identical?
      It is always the party out of power doing the braying.
      Bering the horse’s ass.

      1. That is all the Democrats do is bray…HAHAHAHA! They will soon be crying and begging when the indictments come to them….HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  4. Good Evening your correct nothing happens to dems because the republicans don’t have a Back Bone so let’s get some republicans that will stand up for us Americans remember M A G A Americans election 22 let’s change washington Drain The Swamp

    1. Trump drained the Swamp from 2017 to 2021.
      He knows how to deal with real estate drainage problems.
      He was also going to build a Great Big Beautiful Concrete Wall from the Pacific to the Gulf.
      He had no idea how expensive concrete is.

      1. Yeah, Albert, and where was the support from the Democrats….they do not want a wall because they want the illegals votes! They are such hypocrites…they all have walls and security with guns around their homes, but they don’t want a wall and they don’t want police and they want to take our guns….get real, Albert!!!

  5. Whenever my kids lose at sports I tell them it is because the other team cheated.
    What do they know, they are just dumb little kids.

      1. My goats do not play sports.
        Kids is a common term of endearment for little human beings.
        Have you ever met any?
        They can be so cute.

    1. For4whole years all we heard was dems trying to find something to pen on President Trump when they couldn’t they made up lies .He was busy making America great again all SLEEPYJOE wants to do is destroy America from day 1.

      1. If you thought the last four years were fun just wait for the next four.
        Trump could not Hillary up.
        Biden will able to lock Trump up.
        But he won’t, he will just pardon Trump.
        He understands the pressures Trump was under.

  6. Good for the plaintiffs! The Democrats need a lot of their own medicine, as they sued Trump for everything and nothing. Sue, sue, sue.

  7. Google “Nazi Saboteurs and George Dasch”. The article describes the landing of eight Nazi saboteurs in New York and Florida.

    Fortunately, this was before the FBI became a corrupt arm of the Demotraitor party, and the Nazis were all apprehended before any saboteur committed a single act of sabotage. Six were tried and sentenced to death before their execution a few days later. The remaining two were jailed.

    What consequences will be born by the saboteurs in the Biden administration, including Biden himself, the fake media, and the tech social censorship monopolies for the immense damage they have loosed on the nation?

  8. Biden certainly deserves whatever he gets as a result of his own stupidity! He had no right to try to remove Sean Spicer and Russ Vought from their military boards! As well, Jen Psaki incriminated herself by suggesting the qualifications and values of Spicer and Vought were an unusual assault. For Biden to terminate these two qualified individuals leaves him in the position of acute stupidity!

    1. All people simply appointed by any President serves at the pleasure of the sitting President.
      A President has the right to have people in place who support him.
      That is why it is called the Executive Branch.
      There is no one on a Trump Org board that does not support Trump.

  9. Yes, the dem leftists are slowly being exposed to the American people and the entire globe. The American brainwashed need time to comprehend the reality of the democrats’ corruption, lies, money laundering, incompetence, and power grabs (including a bunch of republicans). Patience and faith Patriots! Don’t let all this discourage!

  10. Our belief is what keeps things alive. Negative energy gets negative results. Have faith in what is to come for we are fighting one of the biggest battles of our time and the patriotic hold and belief of freedom. The divide is what they are counting on of fellow Americans. Be positive and have faith for surely our country and its people deserve that.

  11. Dear Mr. Hess, simple question, I believe even a dumb ass as yourself can answer. If you were in a room armed with a baseball bat, and a 100 people walked in ready to kick your ass, what are the odds you will survive, that is what the greatest President ever was up against. God you are such a dumb Ass.

  12. These so called Woke people are totally lawless, and they don’t care, they have no conscience, or commitment to honor and decency, but the Good Lord up Above cares and his time to judge man for all the sins, corruption, immorality, pediphilia, and lies are coming. Don’t follow their examples on anything, do the opposite of what they do because they are upside down and given over to depravity.


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