Judge Releases President Reagan’s Shooter

President Ronald Reagan signs the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. national holiday into law, November 2, 1983. Source: Official White House photo.

On Monday, a federal judge granted John Hinckley Jr. unconditional release after he shot then-President Ronald Reagan in 1981.

Fox News reports:

“If he hadn’t tried to kill a president he would have been released unconditionally a long time ago,” U.S. District Court Judge Paul Friedman said.

It was Friedman who had allowed Hinckley out five years ago, determining that Hinckley’s mental condition was “in full and sustained remission” and had been for more than 27 years. He had been diagnosed with a psychotic disorder and major depression.

Upon his release from St. Elizabeth’s, Hinckley was required to live with his mother in Williamsburg, Virginia. He also was forbidden from having a firearm, contacting Reagan’s children, or contacting actress Jodie Foster. Hinckley had been obsessed with Foster, and had written in a letter that he intended to assassinate Reagan to impress her.

Hinckley will be released unrestrictedly in June 2022. His attorney Barry Levine celebrated his client’s release, saying it was a “great day for mental health.”

The report by Fox News also noted that the government has been closely monitoring Hinckley for years after his conviction.

  1. Someone who attempts to assassinate the president SHOULD get a more severe and lifelong sentence than an average criminal. Also, it’s not a victory for mental health, it’s a dismal failure of our justice system. Since when did mentally ill and unstable people become social justice heroes? Hinkley should stay in jail until his life sentence is over.

  2. When is enough going to be enough?? These idiots are a clear and present danger to all of us, yet nobody cares…liberalism is a mental disorder PERIOD and it’s high time to take the country back by FORCE if need be

    1. Read “DISLOYAL” by Daniel Greenfield, through David Horowitz Freedom Center, and you will wonder if we aren’t already too late. The military top brass have already severely weakened our military, that Trump recently restored.

    1. how about someone testing Biden’s mental capacity? maybe give hinckley a gun and set up a meeting with Joe, ya know just to test and see if he really sane now.

  3. What’s wrong with these liberal judges anyway? Hinkley should never even been considered for release. Mental illness will always be mental illness.

  4. Are they doing him a favor? he wont find work or a place to stay. and he will go mad just keeping a watch over his shoulder watching out for someone that thinks they will serve justice by shooting him. were I him I would have stayed in jail. the reason he shot the president in the first place shows he isn’t a stable person. can you cure that type of personality? I doubt it in my unprofessional opinion ——–Grampa


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