Rep. Waters Claims Border Agents Stopping Haitian Migrants Because They’re Black

Korean Resource Center, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Radical Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters is known for her constant race-baiting and “activism” within the halls of Congress but her latest attempt to paint United States border agents as racist is a step too far. Last week, images emerged of agents on horseback attempting to re-capture illegal Haitian migrants, and of course, the liberal media got to work concocting a false narrative to paint the agents doing their jobs as the ruthless bad guys. Democrats and the liberal media began claiming the border agents were whipping migrants despite the fact the photographer even came forward to say he never saw any such behavior.

President Biden immediately ate it up and said the agents would be punished and now Rep. Waters is claiming the agents are racist and only tried to capture the migrants because of their skin color.

According to Townhall:

“Well, let me just say that those images were shocking and for those of us who have been fighting for so many years for justice and freedom for all and dealing with what can be done to make up for the past, all of that, it just absolutely shocked us,” Rep. Waters said.

Waters pointed to how differently Afghans have been treated by the U.S. government compared to how some Haitians have been deported back to Haiti, despite the fact that a vast majority of those who recently crossed into the U.S. have been released from custody and are now in the country.

When Waters referred to the video of the now-famous incident in Del Rio, MSNBC Alex Witt said, “Yeah. It was horrific to look at, and I frankly don’t want to see those videos again played on our broadcast during this interview.”

“Haitians have been the victims because they were the first country to fight off, you know, the repression of France. And of course, France has made them pay a big price for it,” Waters said. “Yes, I think they’re treated differently because they’re black, because they’re Haitians, and because traditionally, they have not been treated as human beings.”

There is no question that Rep. Waters is unhinged but this takes the cake, now the border agents charged with helping keep our borders are racist for doing their jobs? This has gone too far.

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  12. If these were Europeans flooding the border she would be saying they were trying to dilute brown people in the US and scream to keep them out.

  13. I thought they were stopped because they were breaking our immigration laws. Of course, breaking any of our laws today, and being held accountable for it, seems to upset leftest democrats.

  14. so many of you are playing exactly into the image she (and the left) wish you to present . . . Hold to a higher standard of behavior . . and keep your tools sharp and shields in good repair . .

  15. Let’s be honest here Maxine. It’s not that we don’t want them here because they are black. It’s because they are likely to listen to and vote for YOU that we don’t want them here. Any you would be the first to demand they all have citizenship, welfare benefits and voting rights.. That’s the real truth. Get it????

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    Actual according to the Law Mexico invade the USA and that is a Act of War, the excuse we did not know we were crossing the bridge into Texas, sure I believe that. North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam it was War, North Korea invaded the South that was war,
    Hitler invaded various countries that was War, So what is the difference if 17,000 and 85,000 more Haitians cross our border without a legal permission, THAT IS ALSO and Act of WAR, So according to the Consitution the Government is require to secure our BORDERS, that means any illegal entry must be stopped black, white, green purple. Let us not forget to stop and sent democrats back to wherever they came from.

  19. This is not a surprise; the people who always accuse others of being ‘racist’, are actually the ‘real’ racist’s and haters…

  20. Auntie Max knows she can’t gain footing unless she divides the country on racial lines. Sadly, it seems to work for her as people get all worked up over the very thought of racism they can’t see the truth of her actions. The truth is no matter their skin color, they are entering illegally and by their attitudes they seem entitled to do so. Come legally, or don’t come at all. Haters and abusers like Auntie Maxine should be ignored and all those “Progressives,” that word actually means communism…just like Dems change all the tiles of things if it doesn’t spin well…who hate America and want it changed, socialism on steroids, banking system changed to the Gov control, on and on…there are already countries out there that meet your criteria, please leave and move there. Pay your $2,500 and give up your citizenship. That is the beauty of our Republic, you have the freedom to leave. People need to wake up, make noise, or these people will take everything away from us.

  21. I don’t think race has anything to do with it, She just likes to stir up trouble. We cannot afford to support the whole world. Look at her district. Take care of your own district stupid.

  22. As usual Maxine Waters has no idea what she is talking about. She just uses race to rant about everything – the only arrow that has ever been in her quiver. Ironically Waters campaigned against the guy who would have been the first black governor of California. WHY? Because it was not about race but toeing the party line for her – Screw her constituents – they are only useful idiots to her when votes and campaign contributions are wanted.
    It was Obama who put the law in place to turn Hautian’s back at sea and keep them out of U.S. waters – go back and look at it. He did so after Haitian protesters started showing up along the Clinton campaign trail demanding accountability as to where the $2,000,000,000 from the 2010 Haitian Earthquake Recovery Fund disapoeared to after being funneled thru the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” under the orders of then Secretary of Take – Hillary Clinton.

  23. Maxine maybe the top racist jackass in the country. If people believe her, we’re just gonna get what we deserve. And we don’t get a lot of help from the feckless Republicans.They pretend to stand up for us but they are spineless. We have to wake up and speak out.

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  35. The demo(n)©rats just want a permanent under-class of undocumented “slaves” that they can exploit and utilize for race-baiting, to stay-in-power…


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