Former Obama Official Says Police Should Choose Between Pension and Vaccines

Ryan Johnson via Wikipedia Commons

Democrats have no problem fueling the fire of the problems they create. As the country grapples with skyrocketing rates of homicide and violent crime after the Defund the Police movement caused resignations from officers across the country, Democrats are giving officers even more reason to turn in their badges. Former Obama administration official Juliette Kayyem says police officers should either be forced to get the vaccine or lose their pensions.

The Daily Wire reports:

“The reason why … people have become more comfortable with [vaccination] mandates is because the unvaccinated listening to this false news basically just needed a push, a nudge, something to be taken away from them, and then they sort of weighed that faulty information against the desire to keep their jobs — or in the case of state police, their desire to keep their pension,” she said.

A survey by the San Diego Police Officers Association this month found that 65% would consider turning in their badges if the city required them to receive a COVID-19 vaccination, and 45% would risk being fired.

This wasn’t the first time Kayyem has brought up forcing officers to get vaccinated.

She is not alone in her antagonistic view of peace officers who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Fellow CNN contributor Catherine Rampell has publicly supported purging the ranks of law enforcement of those who refuse to be vaccinated. “Many cops would lose seniority and retirement benefits if they quit early,” Rampell wrote in The Washington Post last month. “So what? Let them quit.”

Kayyem said that “mandates are working” to increase vaccination rates on CNN. “I’ve gotten much more forceful about mandates once we hit the wall, once the administration hit a wall in terms of vaccination,” said Kayyem.

Democrats have become increasingly vocal about ostracizing the unvaccinated but does this go too far? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

  1. Can these democrat morons even READ???
    This goes against the Constitution, the Nuremburg code, the UN charter, and a bunch of other things.
    I found smarter heads in a lettuce patch.

  2. as a fully vaxed senior I find it offensive that they are trying to force this first round of experimental skit on everyone. The tech that dosed me had a wait and see attitude, my spouse had a anti vaxxer deliver the poke. Some may remember the polio vax. I had three. THe first two did not work. The qualifications and requirements were very strict at that time. Now rules are sloppy. The pharmas are no longer responsible for the negative effects of the drugs produced.

  3. I am a Norwegian living in Norway. I look at the usa from the outside and follow closely what is happening. What I see is totally Marxist globalist communism.


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