Corey Lewandowski Fired From Trump PAC

Corey Lewandowski via YouTube screenshot

On Wednesday night, Corey Lewandowski was fired from Trump’s Make America Great Again PAC amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi will be taking over Lewandowski’s role within the Trump PAC.

Fox News reports:

The move comes the same day allegations were published against Lewandowski claiming he made unwanted sexual advances against Trashelle Odom, a Trump donor.

“On the evening of September 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I attended a dinner to support a charity and spend time with wonderful friends,” Odom told Politico. “He repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful,” she said, referring to Lewandowski.

“I am coming forward because he needs to be held accountable,” Odom continued. “I am blessed to have a loving husband and family behind me. I want other women to know that you can be heard, too, and together we can stop terrible things like this from happening.”

Lewandowski did not immediately respond to the allegations publicly, but his lawyer David Z. Chesnoff said that the “accusations and rumor appear to be morphing by the minute and we will not dignify them with a further response,” according to The New York Times.

Odom, who accused Lewandowski of repeated unwanted sexual advances came forward on the same day that false claims about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem having an extramarital affair with Lewandowski began to circulate on the internet. Governor Noem vehemently denied the rumors, calling them “total garbage and s a disgusting lie.”

  1. There were many people President Trump should have fired during his first term who were cowardly and did not support him! Funny, how things the Pres said that offended have mostly been proven correct as time goes by, but the cowards still cower in the background. I guess they’re unable to deal with truth!!

    Bondi will be an exceptional improvement! Good move!

      1. Milley worked (?) his way through the ranks under the principle that failure is rewarded. Kind of like your uncle’s pal Goering!

          1. Keep on eating your globalist pills roberta and maybe one day something will sprout and you can stop to “imagine” albert .

          2. ‘Albert Hess’? Wasn’t there an infamous member of the Nazee cabal during one of our nation’s wars, speaking about someone of German descent? Perhaps a distant relative Albert? Just sayin’!

          3. You are proving more & more what you post on here that you need psychiatric help. Your mother apparently dropped you on your head when you hatched out of your egg !

          4. hey Albert,you are the one who is of nazi decent. Pres. Trump is of Scottish decent. Scott family “crest” DRUMPH .

          1. Biden keeps Milley on because he has proven that he does not have blind loyalty.
            He is a thinking patriot

          2. Are you/ were you employed? If the answer is “YES” then your reply proves to be false.

          3. Was that the reason that Hitler hired your ould fellow to exterminate 6 million Jews. Go and F yourself you dirty POS.

          4. A good leader should know idiots and liars before they hire them. Unless of course the leader is a big liar and idiot himself. Think Biden anyone?

      2. Well, if he would have outsourced you would be whining about that as well!!!
        Federal service is where cowards gravitate to!

        1. Boring low pay factory work gets outsourced.
          Americans are too Exceptional for that.
          Trump has had four years of federal service.
          Is Trump a coward?
          I have had no federal service.
          Am I brave?

        2. Not all federal employees are woke losers like Milley. I have worked for the federal government four separate times. My eldest son is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force, a B-52 pilot who has flown quite a few combat missions in the Middle East in support of our ground forces there and those of our allies. We are very proud of his service to his country.

      3. “Thoroughly Modern Milley” was already in the higher ranks of the military during the Obama administration.

  2. What a shame. I always liked Cory for his passion about politics and his loyalty to President Trump. I guess his passions exceeded his good judgement when it came to proper advances to women.
    Welcome Pam. You are always a breath of fresh air no matter where in the politics you turn up.

      1. I am a woman and this is wrong. One woman can make up a lie and voice it on media, doesn’t make it a fact If it cannot be disproven but also cannot be proven then it is not a fact or truth. To easy for one person to destroy another with unproven public statements.

        1. That’s why the accuser’s reputation needs to be excellent. Pam Bondi’s seems excellent, just as Kristi Noem’s is. In this fractured nation there will probably be more accusations, possibly true and false.

          1. Pay attention to Durham. Most of the things that Trump said have been proven true. your hatred shows ignorance..

          2. There’s so much chicanery going on in Washington on a continuing basis, they very well could be. I voted for him in 2016 mainly because the only serious alternative was completely unacceptable. At the time, I was lukewarm towards him as a politician. His main positive attribute seemed to be a strong record of making things happen when they were needed. As time went on, I began to be more and more enthusiastic about him because he seemed to be pissing off a lot of the right people, in particular, the Wicked Witch of the West, the harridan from San Francisco. “Determine a man’s character by examining the character of his enemies.” By the election last year, I was of the opinion that he was our greatest president since FDR. My wife disagreed, claiming that FDR was “too socialist.” She thinks he has been the greatest president since Washington!

          1. Trump is the Great Divider.
            He divided the Republican Party into Trumpists and RINOs.
            Trumpists are in descendance.
            That hum job came and went

          2. Trumpism is the antithesis of the well-heeled Manhattan, DC, or San Francisco political megadonors version of the Haute bourgeoisie that has imploded the middle class, driven the poor into penury, lost an entire generation and mismanaged the economy into oblivion. 

            When the media disparagingly constructs a narrative that Trumpists are eldritch hicks and racists, they are giving leaders of the Haute bourgeoisie a free pass (aka. covering up for all their inequities). The evocative genuflection of the media narrative suggests that the fault lies with sinister bumpkins — not the failure of superior class leaders nor the broken institutions which shackle them. Thus, assuring we never gain a proper understanding of what lies beneath the hate and the rage that brought on Trumpism in the first place.

          3. Trumpists are the antithesis to the well-heeled Manhattan, DC, or San Francisco political megadonors version of the Haute bourgeoisie that has imploded the middle class, driven the poor into penury, lost an entire generation and mismanaged the economy into oblivion. 

            When the media disparagingly constructs a narrative that Trumpists are eldritch hicks and racists, they are giving leaders of the Haute bourgeoisie a free pass (aka. covering up for all their inequities). The evocative genuflection of the media narrative suggests that the fault lies with sinister bumpkins — not the failure of superior class leaders nor the broken institutions which shackle them. Thus, assuring we never gain a proper understanding of what lies beneath the hate and the rage that brought on Trumpism in the first place.

        2. i can’t believe that about Cory. Lies were also made about Matt Gates earlier which were proven to be lies.

        1. Your libby snow flake husband and his boyfriends are gone loudly into the night and make you play on your mommy’s computer .

      2. Trump thinks he is gulity.
        That is why he fired him.
        What you think ain’t worth squat.
        Trump is boss man.
        His word is the law.

      3. I would agree that he is innocent until proven guilty if we lived in a justice system that truly is a justice system.

    1. Be carful not to rush to judgement . The left will do anything to try and demean the real winner of the 2020 election President Donald J. Trump and the people Loyal to him . Corey Lewandowski was one of the more Loyal Trump supporters . What do we know of Trashelle Odom and her possible connections ! As it stands now it’s Trashelle Odom’s word against Cory Lewandowsiki’s word . Just remember Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony against Supreme Court Justice Bret Kavanaugh that turned out to be lies . The liberal/socialist/democrat MANTRA ” The Ends Justify the Means ” !

        1. Whackadoodle as eating tidepods, whackadoodle as snorting used condoms, whackadoodle as “imagining” 1,000 different genders, whackadoodle as “imagining” unicorns, whackadoodle as “imagining” you are entitled to everything for free,whackadoodle as safety pins and lap dogs and coloring books and safe spaces, whackadoodle as getting too close to a cliff and taking your last selfie,

          1. My language is Presidential.
            Have you grabbed your daughter lately?
            Is she getting a little overripe?
            Getting spots and the stink

          2. Unfortunately, I think most men or women who attain positions of power and/or fame find it hard to resist the temptation to impose on people whom they are sexually attracted to. It’s my impression that many presidents have fit the profile. Until modern times, the press treated it as if it was no big deal, just the normal behavior for powerful people, as long as it wasn’t too blatantly public.

          3. You have got to be the biggest idiot on here! You ramble on to hear yourself talk & try to say things to shock people which really makes no sense at all. You only sound more pathetic then ever. You must feel so insecure that you say things to get attention.

          1. Trump won in 2020, fair and square, unlike our friend “Brandon.” He is considering a run for Congress next year and, after the coming Republican landslide nationwide now predicted by the polls after the Republican sweep in Virginia on November 2, he could be elected Speaker. Then the Republican majority in the Congress could quickly move to impeach and remove from office both Beijing Joe and his whore all for the very evident reasons from these past ten months, permitting Donald Trump to resume his rightful place in the White House. What’s best of all, it’s not likely to happen before January 20, 2023, leaving less than two years left in the present term and, by the constitutional amendment imposing term limits on the presidency, he will still be eligible to run again in 2024!

          1. You are violating the boundaries of polite discourse, more and more, with every entry you make. You are acting like the common perception of a hard-core leftist.

      1. You are so disgusting! A slimy pervert! How do you know girls love it? Bet you can’t get near a woman, you filthy toad. Apologies to toads!

        1. I, like Trump, can get near Stormy Daniels.
          My fixer guy takes care of the service fees.
          It shows on the books as private schooling tution for a valued employee’s grand children.
          All on the up and up.

    2. Give him a chance and see if she is a globalist puppet that globalists hired and write a note for her to read about unknown dates and unknown times and unknown locations and unknown events and unknown actors etc . . . . .

    3. Right…or unsubstantiated rumor is already seeking to destroy the 2024 Trump campaign. Don’t believe everything you hear–even it is from a woman.

      1. Trump’s 2024 campaign was destroyed in 2020.
        When was the last time a president servered split terms?
        You have to go all the way back to GHWB…….

        1. Wrong. The only previous instance of a president serving two non-consecutive terms was with Democrat Grover Cleveland in the 1890’s. He was elected twice even though he had already fathered a child with a woman who was not his wife. He married her in the White House during his second term. At his rallies during the second campaign, Republican hecklers would cry, ‘Ma, ma, where’s my pa?” and the Democrats would often respond, “He’s in the White House, ha, ha, ha!”

      1. You are getting much too personal, just like a typical left-wing apparatchik. —-Listen, ladies, this guy is just trying to gross you out so much that you will leave the discussion. Don’t give him the pleasure.

  3. Yes… 2 sides to the story. But.,,, maybe Trump knows more about Corey and this just might be the straw that broke the camels’ back. Stay tuned for more info.

  4. Conservatives have no business acting like democrats, always throwing out accusations. I thought we believed in innocent until proven guilty. And if it is true, why bring it up now? Why not when it allegedly happened and why didn’t she just walk away….and in this day of everything goes and all that wonderful sexual freedom, all it takes is one allegation, and a life is destroyed.

    1. Conservatives never throw out accusations.
      They have proof of election fraud.
      It is coming soon.
      I can feel it.
      It will be an ejaculate that the wussies on the Supreme Court can not ignore.
      They will have to swallow or drown in the thickness.
      This sex talk is making me soo hot

        1. I am the product of a pig president.
          I am a charter member of the Stormy Daniels Stink Star Lickers Club.

  5. Sounds like a set – up ; two allegations same day same time ?
    The Marxists and Media have a LOT of money.
    Follow the money …this is meant to rip down President TRUMPS inner circle , I could be wrong…this is my opinion based on 5 years of RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA ….

  6. Some people will stop at nothing in their attempt to discredit good Republicans. We need more good Republicans, and the Dems no doubt want to discourage them.

    1. Good Republicans are an endangered specie.
      They will be saved by Trans.
      They are slowly Transitioning to Rino.
      More and more everyday.

      1. I don’t believe that. Most of the RINOs in office belong to country clubs, out of the reach of the average conservative voter.

    2. There are so few good Republicans left.
      McCain is dead.
      Romney is a Morman.
      McConnell is married to a Chinker spy.
      Bush is a Globalist.
      Graham prefers to surround himself with boys.
      Kevin wants to get into Nancy’s pant suit, as the Bottom.

      1. All of the ones you have listed, except maybe the last one, have or had questionable credentials as conservatives. I think Senator Romney is an atypical Mormon. I perceive them to be generally more conservative as a group than he is. Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture in the Eisenhower administration, was a rock-hard conservative.

    1. I bet you could be smart if you can only get out of the gutter. When I read your post you lose all creditably with this gutter talk.

      1. roberta is a libby snow flake sheep and her globalists and demonrats keep her addicted to illegal drugs and too stupid to leave the demonrats plantation .

      2. Your talk of the gutter brings Stormy Daniels to mind.
        We know what those kind of people do for money.
        That’s a big ten four back door.
        We had a gutter mouthed President.
        We fired him
        We call him XpresidentRump the Toad Stool penis.

      3. When I look down I see Trump.
        Speaking of gutter talk do you enjoy seeing Trump supporters scream Ftruck Biden in front of young children?
        A nine year old proudly giving Biden double fingers.
        Such a sweet little cherub.
        Your hipocrocy is bleeding out your MAGAot infested anal oriface.
        Now go wipe yourself and drop it in the gutter.

        1. Trump is no worse than anyone else. Have you ever heard of the many instances of “expletive deleted” from Nixon on the Watergate tapes?

  7. Good job by President Trump. Once he gets “verified” truthful information he takes the appropriate steps. That is what a good leader does. What Biden and the Democrats do is try to HIDE the information. Then they promote the reprobate. The sleazier the person the higher they will rise in the Democrat Political Party.

      1. Members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are appointed for lawfully defined specific terms. The only way Milley could have been legally “fired” is by court-martial. Trump must not have seen enough of Milley’s disloyalty to consider his removal.

  8. Where was her husband when these issues arose? Why is she just now making these accusations? There is more to this than is apparent in the story. Can anyone back up her stories? Did anyone see him touch her inappropriately? We all know what happened to Kavanaugh. If he decides to not defend himself, then perhaps it is all true.

    1. Did Corey issue a denial?
      Did Trump believe him?
      Trump is such a good judge of truth, when it comes to sex.
      He tells all of his wives and chippies when they are good at sex.

  9. When I hear “vague” accusations such as “he said ‘vile’ things” stalked me and made me violated and feel fearful” I have to wonder Those have come to be such cliché phrases I do NOT doubt the accuser per se, but if I were being accused of such conduct I’d want to know WHAT “vile” things were said and how did he stalk her. I also find it rather intriguing that Odom made the claim on the same day that false claims about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem having an extramarital affair with Lewandowski began to circulate on the internet.the same day that false claims about South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem having an extramarital affair with Lewandowski began to circulate on the internet. It sounds pretty reminiscent of the tape accusations against Kavanaugh which didn’t come forth until he was nominated for the Supreme Court even though the supposed rape had supposedly taken place some 37 yeas prior, while Dr. Chris Ford was a “WILD AND CRAZY PARTY ANIMAL.” As I’ve said, I am not doubting he per per se, but to cause someone to be fired with “vague” accusations such as “he said vile and disgusting” things to me. If I were a judge I would certainly not convict someone on such vague accusations and would request specifics. It is possible that she is telling the truth, but the coincidence here is a bit questionable and sounds like a set-up to me. I would definitely apologize IF/WHEN she gives at least ONE specific of what vile and disgusting things he said to her and HOW he stalked her. They were at a “dinner,” so I’d ask if anyone see him “touching her inappropriately?” It just sounds so cliche and contrived. It just seems to me that if he was acting like a creep, putting his hands on her and whispering “vile” thing, there more than likely be someone noticing such behavior

    1. Could not agree more. Also, men who do these kind of things don’t just do it one time in their life at some dinner.Therefore, there should be many more credible accusations coming.We’ll see.

    2. If social media can cancel or refuse to print comments by people that say vile and unproven claims it seems to me no one needs cancelling or being shut down than Albert. I have seen sewers that spew less filth.

      1. He does seem to have a one-track mind. I think what he is doing is akin to raw exhibitionism, motivated only by a desire to shock another person with a gross, sex-related comment. I.e., he’s gettin his jollies taking advantage of the ubiquitous anonymity of the internet.

  10. If she’s at a charity event with friends, how is this guy even getting her attention with all the people including friends at an event loaded with other people. According to what she is accusing him of it sounds like he’s drunk which she doesn’t mention. He’s spending so much time stalking her, a married women. Sounds like the stuff democrats kept accusing Trump of, all the sex stuff was always claimed to be happening out in the open in front of people who suddenly turned out to be friends of Clinton’s or a South American stripper. She and her “friends” should have circled her immediately if he was stalking her so badly. And, not that I’m suspicious but just because one is a Trump donor doesn’t mean she might be a fake rino. Only time will tell. But why was he fired when he hasn’t had a chance to defend himself or even been in front of a jury that says “he’s guilty” yet. Of course maybe Trump has finally figured out how politics gives you “friends” you thought were “friends” to realize too late the “friends” got him fired. Being a business person helps you understand business but it takes time to figure out the person standing next to you in politics is part of democrat party. Only time will show the ending just like the first four years of Trump finally unearthed a lot, a lot of rinos and the deep state working with Trump.

  11. When will the Riech Wing Wackadoodles be putting XpresidentRump back in the White House?
    When Frank Pillow releases his million pages of ones and zeros evidence’ of voter fraud?

  12. This is sounding like it could be a setup of Lewandowski, forcing a virtual certainty (which has been realized) that Lewandowski would be fired from the Trump campaign without chance to defend himself until after the damage has already been done. If so, Trashelle’s name is very fitting, and Trump should find a way to return her money quietly, and eventually let the facts “leak out” at the appropriate time.

      1. I think many people in Trump’s position would think better safe than sorry. He couldn’t take a chance. Remember, “Caesar’s wife must not give even the appearance of impropriety.”

  13. Who could doubt a woman’s sexual harassment claim with a name like Trashelle, I’m sure she’s telling the truth….

  14. Whether Lewandowski is guilty of sexual harassment or not is yet to be determined. The biggest takeaway from this incident is that Lewandowski was fired over the allegations, whereas a Democrat being accused of the same or worse, would not be fired and would be supported no matter what by other Democrats. Taking responsibility is a conservative attitude that we all need to take, regardless of whether or not we are liberal minded in other aspects of life.

  15. What made President Trump special was that he was not a Washington insider. What made President Trump vulnerable was that he was not a Washington insider. He will do much better in his next term.

  16. That hack(Lewandowski) should have never been hired for any position, and that goes back to the 2020 campaign. Ms. Odom’s allegations sound like perhaps Lewandowski got ‘overserved’ and could not comprehend that NO means NO! The ‘PAC’ will be light years ahead with Ms. Bondi at the helm; very sharp individual!

    1. He should go on NewsMax where .5% of Americans can see him praise the man who fired him from his last job.

  17. It seems that many commenting below have already placed the GUILTY verdict on Lewandowski??? I have NO clue if this woman speaks the truth or not, but WHY are some of you “judge and jury” before the trial etc. etc. ??? Let’s not repeat the Kavanaugh Circus PLEASE! If Corey is found guilty, then so be it, but many of you commenting remind me of how so many people wanted to CONDEM an INNOCENT man (Judge Kavanagh) before it was finally found that Ms. Blassey could not even remember when, where and who was there! I rest my case.

  18. Milley has been an abject failure for years and is almost as bad as old CRT Racist Austin.
    Talk about how woke they are and never about military readiness. Their behavior in Afghanistan was atrocious along with Dumbass Biden. Milley is totally political and should be courtmarshalled and hung on national TV.

  19. Every time someone is very effective, very good at their job the rumor mill starts. You know it is someone from Hillary, or obamas camp because they are just that ugly and hateful to come up with these stories…OR have to money to pay people to tell them.


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