These Are Jen Psaki’s Worst Mistakes

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Jen Psaki has had an interesting stint in her role as White House Press Secretary, after all she has lasted longer than most, and what’s especially interesting is the constant flow of scandals and cover-ups she gets involved with. 

Here is a quick list of White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s worst fails and most devious cover-ups:

  1. This person reminds me of a clown she looks like one and she act like a clown. She makes herself look like a fool on stage .

  2. Psaki, if memory serves me right, started out as a professional liar for Hillary Clinton at State. She has been and forever will be a road whore for Democrats. I’m sure she sleeps in the basement somewhere hanging from the ceiling like a bat.

  3. U can’t fix stupid. Yes when she opens that pie hole, she’s showing what a real disgrace,embarrassment, this whole administration has been, lying to us every day, that u can’t believe your eyes on the border. That afghanistan was a great success, there is no inflation, gas is twice what it was last yr,Crime is out of control, hidenbiden,the clown and his circus of nincompoops, that so far have got everything wrong.Traitor generals trying to pull the wool over our eyes, on everything, they all need to be removed for total incompetency,treason.


  4. Being born was her biggest mistake, being a frigging traitor is next in line…and being a bigass liar is 3rd in line imho!

    1. Her libby snow flake mommy tried to abort her at globalists, planned parenthood criminal agency but they only managed to kill her mind .

  5. Gotta chuckle at this compilation – never ever in my lifetime has the Office of the President been represented by such a buffoon as Ms. Psaki. You’ve got to give her credit for her ability to look the press in the eye and lie without hesitation and make excuses for disaster after disaster, and you’ve got to give her credit for her loyalty to the administration that will likely go down in the books of American history as the worst president, vice president, and assembly of cabinet members that have ever served…or more aptly disserved this country. Can’t help but wonder what Biden & Company have on her for her to be so committed to this path of destruction.

    1. If she refuses to be a “shill” for this administration she will not only be fired but also “black balled”for life..
      If she continues to lie, deceive, and cover for “Sleepy Joe” she will be held in high esteem and rewarded by her keepers. Easy choice when you lack any form of honor, honesty, and personal integrity..
      Keep this in mind……..Not all sociopaths are murderers but all sociopaths have this in common ……..NO CONSCIENCE !!
      Washington is full of of both.

  6. How can you be wrong if you don’t answer a real question and pretend a real question was never asked. She is gaslighting our America while the communist democrat cult party regime destroys our America!

    1. Only globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep continue to fall and fall and fall and fall and fall and fall for globalists lies .

  7. As White House press secretaries come and go this embellishing(lying) shrew should have never been in that position. She was a leftist partisan hack during her tenure at State Dept., where she created and perfected her infamous and oft used “I’ll circle back to that” comment when she was hit with an unscripted question. She is rated: Strong Fail!

  8. I just posted a response to a person here on TTN and got the message; “Awaiting for approval”. Here is the EXACT comment I made:

    “That is a very good analysis of the situation. You have nailed it.”

    Now you tell me why that comment needs to be “Approved”? TTN you clowns have turned into a bunch of liberal morons.

  9. TTN not only block my comments, but they are also now removing them. No profanity and all accurate. What a bunch of clowns they have there.

    1. globalists will order globalist puppet $oro$ to commit worse blunders and write more blunders for globalist puppet pinocchio psaki to read .

  10. Psaki is like a defense attorney trying to defend a client she knows is completely guilty. So she lies and spins and picks up her paycheck. No moral values whatsoever.

  11. Just kinda like the old 60 Everly’s song… she comes…she’s Biden’s clown !!
    If some of you folks remember the tune….

  12. Its no surprise that Jen Psaki would be inundated in errors! It’s also unfortunate that the White House started shouting reporters down! It’s no secret that Psaki would lie about the situation and blame Boris Johnson — this being the most disgusting of all the errors that Psaki had already made! People who are unable to tell the truth usually end up in a far worse place! Witness exactly how that played out with Psaki!

  13. Every time Psaki opens her mouth it is nothing but lies spewing out. She is a true lying liberal Democrat and she should be incarcerated with all of the others, including Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer for treason to our nation!!!!!!!!

  14. All you need to know is that she is a liar, which is the standard brand for the Democrats. Its a conscious attempt to DECEIVE. (They look right into the camera and lie without any guilt.) The Left always lies to make themselves look good, and they start believing their own lies, but it only compounds their problems. This government is way out of wack, THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way around.

  15. Lying causes disunity because it divides people based on false claims. Yes, the Truth Matters in so many ways, not just facts but it represents the character or lack of character of an individual.

  16. It seems that Psaki has almost abandoned trying to skirt the issue by evasive or non-responsive answers, she falls back to the official Democrat position. SHE SIMPLY LIES.

    As a result, her statements are meaningless and merely gives conservatives more ammunition for refuting what she says or future prosecution. Otherwise, she is absolutely WORTHLESS!


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