Supreme Court Justice Tests Positive for Covid

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Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tested positive for Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated since January.

According to The Hill:

Kavanaugh tested positive after undergoing another round of testing Thursday ahead of a Friday investiture ceremony for Justice Amy Coney Barrett.

Kavanaugh and his wife will not attend Barrett’s ceremony, the court spokesperson said, adding that Kavanaugh’s wife and daughters are also fully vaccinated and tested negative Thursday.

It was not immediately clear if Kavanaugh would be absent Monday when the Supreme Court’s new term officially opens and the justices sit for their first in-person arguments since March 2020.

Justice Kavanaugh last tested negative for the virus on Monday and is experiencing no symptoms so far.

  1. Kind of tells u, the vaccines are worthless,and don’t work. More people that have gotten the vaccines, are the one’s becoming sick, from the virus, and shots,what does that tell u,

          1. We already know he is Guilty as hell. Why waste the taxpayer on an investigation or a hearing with a CockRoach for a judge and a crooked system?

          2. Not tried HUNG. This legal shit is one of the huge problems our country has, Designed by Swamp Creature CockRoaches. We cannot fix a system with a Broken system.

          3. treason is hard to prove. prosecution for misleading and causing many citizens to panic making unwise decisions. decisions that have destroyed people lively hood. I have known my fellow business owners that have gone under by causing their customers to stop using their services. many couldn’t comply with the regulations that both city and federal installed. this causing many jobs gone that will never recover. this is criminal because it caused many who were surviving but had no reserves to loose everything. who shall we hold responsible? just how can we trust any government who rules such when in crisis mode?———-Grampa

        1. The vaccines & boosters are designed to do one thing, kill the recipients. It’s genocide by so called vaccine. The first 2 shots knock the immune system down by 50%, the first booster by 25% and the second booster takes the rest out so at that point you have no functioning immune system and the common cold will kill you.

      1. Because you can still become I’ll and may even die. It is not a preventative vaccine. In most instances it lessens the effects but not completely.
        On the other hand the PCR test is known to give false results 5]% of the time…

      2. some positions that require constant interaction and contact with a multitude of people require it to protect both and all people concerned. This is a wise move because many people are concerned about infection and this helps stop concerns and helps attention stay focused upon the business at hand.——-Grampa

    1. No, with all due respect that is not what it tells us. The Vaccine does not always keep someone from getting the virus, but it does usually prevent severe symptoms and hospitalization. Everyone should make up their own mind about the vaccine, but at this point (with possible side effects notwithstanding) the vaccine is apparently doing what it is supposed to do (90% of the time).

      1. then having the flu and the body building an immunity would be better than actually having the vaccine itself

        1. I believe you’re correct in that assumption, however, in the world of Biden and Governors like Newsom and Holchul, regardless of natural immunity or medical conflicts to the serums, if you don’t have the ineffective Vaccine, nothing else counts! Government involvement in personal medical decision-making is absolutely wrong!

        2. I read a report recently, that the flu vaccine, while SELDOM actually working on THAT YEAR”S flu, reduces your immunity to the strain that comes out the next year! I have never had the vaccine, and had my last case of flu in 1964. Didn’t think about it in that way, but John, you may be right!! My kids ALL had it the same year I did, and to my knowledge, NONE of them have had it since!

      2. Nonsense! When these untested “vaccines” first came out, everyone thought they were supposed to protect against getting the virus, NOT to make the virus less potent! This “less potent” angle has been made up to salvage what little credibility the “vaccines” do have. Certainly, the unvaccinated (and uninfected) 30% of the people aren’t any scourge to those who have been “vaccinated”, and are being unfairly treated by those vaxed sheeple who have been misled from day one!

        1. As I have said many times government can expand its powers when in crisis mode. having the multitude demanding protection. then when provided government tells all who are still in panic mode that they will make it mandatory. it sounds good because government is protecting you. the law will say that government has the power to vaccinate for any problem they determine to be a crisis. and it will have no opposition. no guidelines to say what a crisis is and who determines it. this is how government expands its power. laws that can be twisted to cover any need. in the hands of a tyrannical government they can have tragic consequences——Grampa

      3. Agreed, but CDC should state the facts and not pretend that covid-19 is a miracle drug while pushing booster shot along with shots for children. The only people getting rich are pharmaceutical companies and investors.

        1. There’s something in this Vaccine they want you to take (the whole country) but don’t want you to know why, or what the outcome.. No thanks !!

      4. I wouldn’t give it a 90% effective mark. Way too many people getting sick who were vaxed. Real number of deaths absolutely suppressed. Lookup Project Veritas whistleblower.

      5. When a previous mRNA injection killed all the lab animals AMA & CDC deemed them too dangerous for humans. This is the same thing labeled differently minus lab animal studies and it’s EXPERIMENTAL. Why should we accept an injection that has numerous bad side effects including at least 10,000 admitted deaths? Your statement that the 10% experiencing adverse effects & death are worth the “sacrifice” is disingenuous at very least. What is known now by clinical studies & research is that the first 2 shots takes out 50% of your immune system and the next 2 boosters takes out the rest so that a common cold virus will kill you. Take the shots if you choose, but as for me I’ll rely upon my natural immune system and natural immunity over any “vaccine” any day all day. It’s also known that the vaccinated are super spreaders by design.

      6. You need to do some research. Check out Stew Peters and Dake Bigtree. They do interviews w/ many knowledgeable people. Search for some Thomas Rentz interviews. The evidence is staggering that these vaccines are harmful and in many cases deadly.

      7. The vaccine was supposed to keep you from getting Covid.!! Now said, it’s supposed to keep you from not feeling so bad and not going to the hospital. (BS) Biden and Fauci are both frauds, and ‘Flip Floppers’ Fire Fauci and Impeach Biden..

      8. You are correct, however, when tens of thousands of MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS REFUSE, when US Special FORCES refuse, all based upon KNOWN DANGERS and LIFELONG DISEASE caused BY the vaccine….it is time that each INDIVIDUAL be allowed to choose.

        BTW, no one is examining the national average overall mortality rate against the current overall mortality rate. I would bet that they are nearly the same. My calculations are that it might be as high as .00045 percent higher…meaning statistically insignificant.

    2. The vaccines are doing what they are supposed to, people are not dying when they get the vaccine and then get Covid, kind of like the flu shot, you can still get the flu. I am vaccinated, glad I am, I don’t mind even getting Covid any longer, if I get it just give me the meds that actually work. If someone doesn’t want the vaccine then don’t take it, who am I to tell them to take it or not. All I can say is that you lower your risk of dying by getting the vaccine so it made sense to me. The mandated vaccine notion is insane, how about I mandate that we give Biden the medications I believe he would benefit from the most, those right to try Alzheimer’s treatments could do him a world of good!

      1. more power to you, and you are correct and anybody is vaccinated and I use that term loosley should not care about those of us with strong God given immune systems

      2. IF the vaccine was so safe and effective why are the globalists and their puppets ordering everyone to receive the vaccine exempt for accepting their coronavirus scam; politicians, usps, teachers, pentagon; all the puppets that preach globlaist agendas and order everyone else must accept their vaccine . . . . .

        1. So now that they are having trouble getting people to take the jab, they are coming up with an anti-viral, but the thing is after everything we’ve seen about the hysteria of forced mandates, lockdowns, and vaccines, how will people trust the anti-virals with the same administration in charge?

      3. To understand why a vaccine is needed at all for a virus that is survived by over 98% of those who contract it is mental gymnastics at best. The manufactured panic sells the vaccines which are the read death sentences for global depopulation.

      4. Joe getting vaccinated at the WH.. yeah, right !! A video shows him in a Fake WH room and getting the ‘Jab Booster’.. I don’t think so! I think it was just water shot in his arm..he knows about the Vaxx, he doesn’t want to get sick or die !!

    3. My niece’s 50-year-old husband, who has been fully vaccinated since March 2021, only six months ago, tested positive for Covid two days ago and is a very sick man! I agree that the vaccine cannot be relied on! The question is, why is the government pushing for everybody to take the shots? Why are the people who choose not to be injected with the totally unreliable vaccines losing their jobs and being ostracized by many for not taking the jab? It makes no logical sense unless there is more to these “vaccinations” than meets the eye?

      1. A STRUGGLE TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD… Bill Gates said that in a video a few years ago, on OPRAH, “We need to Depopulate the World. We can’t feed everyone”… unquote..!!

    4. I have an article from a scientist that works with vaccines for a very long time .. he a dr of science.. not a speaker for science…. He himself said the vaccine is not good .. it actually put out the virus in your body killing your own immune system ….the results are not good As you’ve heard there are more people getting the virus and getting the virus .. it’s not the people that aren’t vaccinated.. they are more likely to stay healthy

    5. I disagree we only hear about them because news don’t print good news it doesn’t sell papers. as testing gets better it detects smaller and weaker virus amounts. they didnt say he was sick. data reflects the fact that more people are tested and as such more cases are detected. what they dont tell us is of the amount tested how many have symptoms. that wouldn’t get us into the proper panic mode so they can create another crisis. government can pass more laws and increase its power when the public begs them todo something to save them. we must learn to read what is published and see what they dont tell us. example- they say that 90%of ICU beds are filled. they dont say that it is only two percent that are covid related and that they have only ten ICU most hospitals. so that ninety percent is nine beds filled with one bed that is covid. numbers that wouldn’t invoke the panic they want. do some research dont believe what you read even me! find out and government wont have the hold it wants———Grampa

    6. I hear a study was recently done that concluded that a vaccinated person is seven more times likely to get Covid than an unvaccinated person. Amazing all these “brilliant” people getting vaccinated. Guess being educated doesn’t make you smart.

  2. Test doesn’t mean a damned thing, the vaxed CARRY COVID…and the swabs have been shown to have covid in them even when they were BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX!! this is all BULLSHYT people…get over it..they are using unwarranted fear to control you! PH-K them!

    1. at this point anyone in this country who hasn’t figured out yet they are being endlessly lied to probably should be declared brain dead.

    2. I’ve thought the same thing myself.. people get tested, and all of a sudden..everyone test Positive all at the same time.. ‘FEAR FACTOR’……….

  3. Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, Shame on me! No Boosters no more COVID shots. I have stopped going to places with mask prescribed. I am an American Veteran and I still support the Constituion of the United States. God Bless America and Impeach THE TOP FIVE Democrats; Joe, Kamala, Nancy, Blinken, and Schumer.

    1. god continues to bless his; globalists and demonrats and rinos and fbi CRIMINAL organisation and media and libby snow flake sheep AND altar boy raping demonrat priests .

  4. These “vaccines” are not designed to prevent you from catching, carrying, or spreading Covid-19. They are designed to mitigate symptoms so you don’t get as sick or have to be hospitalized WHEN you catch it. They are, I believe, the reason the numbers are going up, because people who do not constantly retest, don’t know they are carriers and are asymptomatic spreaders.

    1. In the beginning, we were led to believe that the vaccines would keep us from getting Covid, NOT mitigate the damage that Covid can present!
      IMHO, the tests are so unreliable it’s just as likely that the negative tests are equally as likely to be incorrect as the “false positives” we hear about! Of course, nobody questions the tests that come back negative? Only those that test positive are retested! It seems to me that we are being led to rely on bad medicine of all kinds? It has been politicized when Governors and Presidents dictate the medical treatment of patients above the wishes of our medical doctors which are otherwise allowed to prescribe treatment for all of our other medical issues!

    2. You believe, now return to globalist media, cliton opinion and feelings network and get more feelings and opinions, AMERICANS only want facts here . .

    3. NOT quite what was preached at the beginning.. “It will prevent catching Covid” I guess we all know now that was a pile of “BS”..

  5. The vaccine is not approved and because of that moron Justin Trudeau made the law got anything to do with covid-19 you can and not who’s who in a lawsuit will be thrown out mlm

  6. It is the mRNA “vaccines” that are probably causing the virus to mutate, in the same way that over use of antibiotics resulted in super-bugs that were antibiotic resistant.  The scientific information is out there if you care to educate yourselves.  Also, are you aware that these companies skipped animal testing of these shots?  WHY?  It had nothing to do with urgency.  The last time they tried to develop an mRNA “vaccine” to fight SARS-CoV2, they stopped clinical trials after the animal testing phase resulted in 100% fatality rate among the mammals they injected with the experimental gene therapy drug, dying after they developed cancer within 6-9 months after injections or sepsis, etc.  See what Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology, says about these shots.
    The typical drug takes approximately ten years to go from R&D to market, and many do not even make it to market because of negative results throughout the various stages of clinical trial. COVID-19 was the perfect money maker for the drug companies, all of whom will make big campaign donations, because it took was less than ten months to go to market, billions of guaranteed revenue thanks to tax payers year-over-year thanks to boosters, and full indemnification regardless of the number of severe reactions and even deaths.

    1. globalists and their puppets don’t preach the fact that you have a greater chance dying from their vax than their coronavirus scam .

  7. What does a Founding Member of the Department of Human Services have to say? DNA Affected by mRNA Could be Patented by Vaccine Manufacturers. Please watch the video which demonstrates What should scare everyone is that the more of the shots you take, the more the body will ONLY learn to recognize the COVID and your body will IGNORE ALL OTHER VIRUSES AND DISEASES THAT YOUR BODY WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO FIGHT OFF.

  8. I wonder if anyone else has given thought to the possibility/probability that China has been quietly working on biological warfare weapons for a very long time. The Corona virus could have been their “test” to see how the U.S. and the world would react. Recent news reports have stated that it is likely another virus would come out this winter and you don’t have to think long to realize where it would be coming from. Just wanted people to begin to think more deeply about the source and the historical desire of the Chinese Communist to rule the entire world. With biological weapons, they don’t have to fire a shot. They can just issue travel visas for “infected” people to travel worldwide and spread whatever evil virus where ever they choose. If you recall, the Chinese NEVER stopped their people from traveling outside their country from Wuhan, but did restrict travel from Wuhan to any other place inside China. Give it some serious thought.

  9. Remember this is all for control of our lives. It has nothing to do with health. There is something out there that is concerning, if you get the shot, you cannot give plasma/blood.

    1. Not true. I had the J&J shot and I donate blood, plasma, and/or platelets monthly. However, not planning on getting a booster.

  10. WOW, the hospital will receive a check for $19,000.00 for only “claiming” they treat a patient for their coronavirus scam, makes sense why their numbers are manipulated so high . . . . .

  11. False positive. The View TV show had the same thing happen. Asymptomatic means no harm to anyone. It takes symptoms to be dangerous.

  12. If this “vaccine” is so safe why are we not allowed to sue when it makes us sick or kills oomeone in our famil?

  13. when health care workers and FDA officials resign over these so called “safe vaccines’ that should give us all a hint its NOT about our health its about their wealth

  14. what does it tell us? he was exposed to someone and his body is doing its job to defend. his family testing negative says he isnt spreading the virus it is clearly not strong enough to survive outside of a body. as always both media and government wants to continue to panic.————-Grampa

  15. The vax appears to be designed as an immune system destroyer by lowering its ability to produce white blood cells. With the first injection it takes it down to 50% able then the second reduces production down to 25% and then boosters aim to wipe it out. It will be like 200+ million Americans having HIV and will completely dependent on big pharma or will be dead. This is part of the globalist’s nefarious depopulation program. Deagel dot com world population 2025 has the USA listed at 65-70% loss of population by then. Kind of makes you think what could cause that much of a loss of people. Once your immune system is compromised what other deigner disease will they throw at us? How do we stop these luciferian bastards from wiping out the world’s population?

  16. The vaccines are in the same phony category as those ludicrous masks. If air can pass through that cloth mesh then so does the virus. So what’s the point?

    The point is GOVERNMENT CONTROL. Follow every dictatorial edict without question or the government goons will be at your doorstep, cuffs in hand, a ride to Gulag reeducation camp waiting.

    Proof? It is STILL illegal in this country to FORCE anyone to participate in medical experiments per the Nuremberg Accords. These vaccines are “EXPERIMENTAL” and only authorized for “emeregency use”. BY US LAW YOU CANNOT BE FORCED TO TAKE THEM.

    Yet the entire government is working to inject the entire population, kids included, THEMSELVES EXCLUDED. Where is the irrefutable proof that the political and media Elite have been shot up? Funny, isn’t it? That the only Big Noise we’ve heard about getting the disease or having any sort of horrific side effect or dying from these shots is Kavanaugh. While tens of thousands of mere peasants have died or suffered cruelly from them.

    It just doesn’t add up, America! WAKE UP!!

    1. I read a quote that said ‘Congress, their aides does NOT have to take the injections’ .. What kind of BS is that.. makes you wonder.. WTF is going on.??

  17. A positive test means NOTHING-even the CDC announced they are withdrawing the test in late December because it cannot test for the Delta variant, has too many false positives and cannot differentiate between COVID and the flu virus- which are two extremely different viruses.

  18. I, for one, do not fully trust the results published for testing efficacy…your results are only as good as quoted by the facility or entity giving them to you…

  19. what’s with this storye! Tests POSITIVE can’t attent ”’a”’ ceremony! After the ceremony tests NEGATIVE ? now how bat S # ! T sick is this? So vaccines work and then don’t work and then they worked again?

  20. A positive test means little without the additional information of: does he have any symptoms?
    What is being ignored by CDC and other health “experts” is, whether having Covid symptoms makes one more contagious to others, or if being symptom-free is less contagious. Covid-19 is still too new for such questions to be known yet.


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