John Kerry Admits Biden Had No Idea About Recent Foreign Dispute

More proof that President Biden isn’t calling the shots comes from his White House climate envoy John Kerry when he revealed Biden had no idea bout a recent dispute with France. Last month, Australia dumped a multi-billion dollar contract with France for submarines, then signed on with the U.S. and the U.K. instead. The move came as a surprise to France who quickly cancelled a gala in the U.S. and recalled its ambassadors to the U.S. and Australia.

According to The Daily Wire:

President Biden asked me about it, and I told him, and expressed –,” said Kerry in an interview with French cable channel BFMTV.

“You told Joe Biden that it was not the right –,” asked an interviewer.

“He asked me. He said, ‘what’s the situation?’ and I explained exactly, uh. He wasn’t, he had not been aware of that. He literally had not been aware of what had transpired and I don’t want to go into the details of it, but suffice it to say, that the president, my president is very committed to strengthening the relationship and making sure that this is a small event of the past and moving on to the much more important future.”

Watch Kerry made the shocking admission HERE.

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  1. Well, color me surprised. Biden does not have a clue what is going on in his administration??? Kerry is so important that he tells Biden about the state of foreign affairs??Kerry is nothing but a nosy blowhart that thinks HE must control the actions of the US. Biden is not capable but most of the true decision makers at least stay in the background – Rice, Obama, et al- Kerry MUST show everyone how important he is and what a great relationship he has with France and other countries – Iran, Paris climate deal, etc.Neither Biden or Kerry have any business being in any leadership role except leading the group out of office. Kerry went to other countries while Trump was potus and acted like an ambassador for Trump. He should have been jailed for treason

      1. Surely not! Didn’t President Nixon personally send him on a secret mission over Christmas 1968? [Even though Nixon didn’t become president until January 20,1969.]

  2. We have a part time president with a part time brain, this is what happens when election fraud is allowed, you end up with a bunch of nut cases who think they can take over the United States of America without a fight. joe bisen acts like he is a dictator, when really he is just a dick, How much more is required for this person to be treated like the traitor he is and his family are, be should be inpeachesd for a whole list of Anti American decisions along with his complete totaldisregard for his oath of office. along with his crew of misfits hiding behind the drapes at the white house.We are not socialist, communist, but free Americans. look no further then the Arizona election investagation results to see what happened with corruption and fraud. Now China id knocking on our door steps and we have joe biden and family who has sold theie souls for profits and line their pockets with money from all countries adverse to our American ideals. It is a conflict of interest, and receiving large amounts of money from Connunist China Russia and know one is allowed to question the motives for takeing those large amounts of money for doing what? Should the bidens loyalty be questioned? Arizona election results below.
    284,412 ballot images were “corrupt or missing”
    255,326 early votes don’t have a record in the county
    173,104 votes were lost
    96,389 ghost votes
    23,344 mail-in ballots from people who no longer lived at their recorded address
    17,322 duplicate ballots were discovered
    9,041 mail-in voters returned more than one ballot
    2,382 Arizonans voted in person who did not live in Maricopa County anymore
    2,081 people who voted were no longer residents of the state
    277 precincts had more ballots cast than residents

  3. I’m pretty sure joey really had no idea about anything other than what they are feeding him between pills. Trusting kerry to put the word out is not comforting at all, he is just trying to position himself for something bigger. They need to get some outside doctors in there to examine joey and see what they are actually giving him. I’m sure those pills won’t show up during the examination, but blood tests should tell a good story as long as the exam is a surprise visit.

    1. Most people know who and what Biden and Kerry are. The problem is how to rid this country of these self-centered, mentally deranged misfits before this country is taken beyond a point of no return. We need to speak up every day and use every form of communication available to get the truth out to the people who really do not know what CNN and the other self -centered and totally irresponsible, so-called “mainstream news” services are not telling them about the level of destruction these two and others in this frightening administration are actually doing to gain power and $$$ at the cost of our country and its citizens. The other problem is that our governmental system is designed to prevent rapid political changes to ensure stability. Hope this country can stand up to all the the destructive forces we are experiencing which ARE coming from within.

  4. Biden has NO clue about anything. He is totally clueless. And of course he isn’t calling the shots from the White House – you need a degree of cogency to do that. Joe is a puppet.

  5. I would have thought that Biden, as we were all aware, knew that he had been removed from his position in Congress in order to leave his cohort to carry on with whatever they had decided to do! It’s more than a little shock to realize that Biden had none or very little knowledge of what was happening! Not exactly the best way to remove him from the Presidency!

  6. Right on Joe ( doesn’t have a clue ) Biden!!! His pen needs to be taken away like you
    would take a dangerous toy away from a child!!!!! And, and a number of other things!!
    Every day with him is a loser for this country…….

  7. Is Biden allowed to watch a news cast? Is his TV limited to CNN? Don’t they have daily meetings to bring the president up to date on what’s going on in the world? Do “they” let him attend? Hoping we someday know who is making the decisions and playing president. It obviously isn’t Biden. I’ve never voted for Kerry or any of the cabinet members or bureaucrats whom seem to be subverting our constitutional government by taking over the office of president without being elected. Talk about an insurrection. A silent coup to take over and remake the USA is going on behind the doors of our White House and Capitol.

  8. U mean this sick,pathetic, incompetent,humiliating,disgraceful,embarrassment, doesn’t have a clue what’s going on, who would of

  9. What is wrong with the people of Delaware who sent this boob to Congress for nearly 50 years. He has accomplished ZERO, has held ZERO real jobs, and is one of the biggest crooks in the country. Delaware :why don’t you secede?

  10. The left are all puppets,
    When you take a kick back you just sold yourself out to the devil and their is no coming back


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