Report: Former Trump Officials to Defy Jan. 6 Subpoenas

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Emerging reports indicate that top Trump aides plan to defy subpoenas from the January 6th commission. Recently, the committee investigating the events surrounding the Capitol riot issued subpoenas to Mark Meadows, deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, strategist Steve Bannon and defense department aide Kash Patel. However, new reports claim they plan to defy the order for documents and testimony related to 6 January according to an unnamed source.

According to The Guardian:

The move to defy the subpoenas would mark the first major investigative hurdle faced by the select committee and threatens to touch off an extended legal battle as the former president pushes some of his most senior aides to undercut the inquiry.

The select committee had issued the subpoenas under the threat of criminal prosecution in the event of non-compliance, warning that the penalty for defying a congressional subpoena would be far graver under the Biden administration than during the Trump presidency.

But increasingly concerned with the far-reaching nature of the 6 January investigation, Trump and his legal team, led by the ex-Trump campaign lawyer Justin Clark the former deputy White House counsel Patrick Philbin, are moving to instruct the attorneys for the subpoenaed aides to defy the orders.

The basis for Trump’s pressing aides to not cooperate is being mounted on grounds of executive privilege, the source said, over claims that sensitive conversations about what he knew in advance of plans to stop the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory should remain secret.

However, separate reports indicate the January 6th panel has been unable to even locate one of the four Trump aides.

According to reports from CNN:

More than a week after subpoenaing former Donald Trump aide Dan Scavino to cooperate with its investigation into the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, the House select committee investigating the attack has been unable to physically serve the subpoena to him, according to multiple sources familiar with the effort.

The news comes just days before the committee’s deadline for Scavino and three other close allies of the former President to comply with subpoenas requesting documents by October 7 and a deposition by October 15.

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  2. These individuals should do anything and everything they can to delay, disable, and destroy this Pelosi criminal activity, created to smear the name of a MAGA pro-American – who is unequaled in modern times. The TRUE reason for the criminal Pelosi inquiry is to try to blacken Donald Trump’s name politically, so that he cannot be elected in 2024 – which he certainly will be.

  3. Resist, resist, resist! Just like the Democrats, Deep State, and MSM did for 4 years of Trump’s administration, lying about everything every inch of the way. Except conservatives don’t need to lie.

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  8. Just something else for the Democrats to keep bothering President Trump. Fake stuff just like all the rest. Ya’ll need to give it up, he didn’t do anything wrong, but you people are always doing wrong.

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