Top Covid Experts Are Telling Biden and Fauci to Ditch the Booster Shot Plan

The White House from Washington, DC via Wikimedia Commons

A group of Covid experts is pushing back against President Biden’s plan to force Americans to receive Covid booster shots. During a September phone call the experts reportedly told the president that existing data does not support using booster shots to combat breakthrough COVID infections among the vaccinated, a point Fauci and Biden have each been pushing. The experts argue that the booster shots are only needed for those at a high risk of Covid-19, not every vaccinated American.

According to The Daily Wire:

Biden and some of his top medical experts during a September 27 conference call that the data currently available does not justify using booster shots to combat breakthrough COVID infections among the vaccinated, according to Politico. The outside experts argued that the boosters should be restricted to only those at high risk from COVID-19.

Biden was joined on the call along with White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci, White House policy adviser Cameron Webb, and the heads of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As Politico reported:

The rescheduled call was the tensest one to date, according to the three people with information on the talks. Fauci argued that the CDC committee’s stance — that science did not support giving boosters to all adults — was incorrect. And he dismissed suggestions that the administration had to choose between a broad U.S. booster campaign and donating vaccines to countries in need.

On the call Fauci reportedly told the outside experts that the vaccine should be administered to Americans to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, claims that struck the experts ass odd.

Fauci’s comments reportedly left the independent experts confused as to what the White House wanted to accomplish with the vaccines. “It was very tense,” one person said, according to Politico. “More than anything, it was like Fauci felt he needed to make a point.”

  1. Fauci is a lying pos just like Biden, I wouldn’t believe a thing that either has to say. Biden needs to be removed from the White House there is no way we will survive 3 more years of this.

    1. With Biden’s meteoric erasure of anything Trump ever did for the good of Americans and the twice weekly EO’s and Directives there is no way we will even make the midterms

    2. We need him out now!!!! Pushing these experimental drugs on us ….just poisoning us. They’re trying to get all the kids injected ….very bad heart probs and worse. Wake up America!!!

      1. Read an article that said 2/3 of the Covid19 deaths were in the over 65 years group. Guess Biden figures get rid of persons on Social Security and he will have more money for illegal aliens.

      2. We are awake, many of us, but when the vote was stolen, AND it was, what more can we do? Many are still in jail for their attempt to simply get an audit of the last preposterous election, where a senile elderly man, who did not campaign, win against a candidate who got the election on election night.IMO

  2. Making all this crap out to be more than it is, much deception behind this particular shot, better chances with natural immunity, but we all get to choose.

  3. Every knows that this is just a camera optic for the communist democrat cult party to enhance their attack on the Americans FREEDOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. fauci needs more money. he has to buy a new couch for his office. Really what fauci needs is to feel the totality of pain his career has subjected people (look at AZT) and animals (because the animals lives are worth more than that piece of shit fauci). I have a hard time understanding why fauci is not on the end of a rope that has tied around his neck and his feet are kicking in the air…

  5. All this control is about America’s decline and the Rise of the World Economic Forum. The World is now preparing for global government. The Corona Virus was the Crisis the globalists couldn’t let go to waste, so was the collapse of America as a global leader. Revelation 13 outlines the coming one-world government which will be led by the Antichrist. Please Get educated so you aren’t caught by surprise. The World Economic Forum boasts in their slogan that mankind will own nothing and be happy. They are telling us in advance that they plan to be in total control.

    1. Truth listen ppl this is the truth. It is Satan against God and Satan is winning right now . God wants his ppl to come back to him before he does something. Remember he is always in control and always wins in the end. Stand up for God and stand up for yourself

  6. Wonder why Congress is exempt from the Covid vaccines and was given Ivermectin? And I also wonder if Fauci has got the vaccine for covid along with a few Boosters? I bet not because after all the Deaths and adverse affects


  8. Fauci needed to make a point? What about the one on top of his head? Time to move on Tony. You are old news. Too much luggage for the DNC to handle. Goodbye.

  9. Vaccinate yourselves. Meanwhile Pfizer have made billions with this jab. And real natural cures banned. So far World Wide over 1 million people have died from the jab and many are affected badly in other ways

  10. I firmly believe that we should “follow th money”. Is Dr. Fauci invested in these vaccine companies? Who else is invested? Why are these people, who allow our border to be invaded with all kinds of diseases and carriers, suddenly demanding that we all need to be protected with a vaccine?? Just asking

  11. somehow, big pharma has to be behind a lot of this…now they are suggesting a vaccine to eliminate malaria…hello….hydroxy has been used successfully for malaria for decades and is still in use!!


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