Obama’s Defense Secretary Unloads On Biden’s Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal

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Former President Obama’s defense secretary Robert Gates told Anderson Cooper that watching Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan made him physically sick.

The Daily Wire reports:

Gates warned back in 2019 that Biden was had been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Gates made his new remarks about the disaster in Afghanistan during an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” which is set to air on Sunday.

“It was really tough for a few days there, I actually wasn’t feeling very well,” Gates said. “And I realized it was because of what was happening in Kabul. And I was just so low about the way it had ended if you will, and, and I guess the other, the other feeling that I had was that it probably did not need to have turned out that way.”

When co-host Anderson Cooper brought up that Biden said any withdrawal is messy, Gates responded, “Certainly the military considers the withdraw the most dangerous part of an operation, but, but they really had a lot of time to plan, beginning with the deal that President Trump cut with the Taliban, so that was in February of 2020.”

Gates continues that once Biden set a firm deadline that was when evacuation efforts should have begun to help avoid the chaotic withdrawal in the final days of the operation.

  1. Wrong on foreign policy
    Wrong on the border
    Wrong on energy
    Wrong on vaccine mandates

    What did anybody expect from an empty suit who has no accomplishments to point to in his entire pathetic life.

    1. and wrong for America . Heven help America because we are screwed 3 more years of this absent minded proffessor or the laughing Hyena Vice President. Can we have an election do over with out the interference.Biden stayed in the basement because he knew he had it in the bag so why wear my self out.

      1. actually is the house falls and senate falls the biden will become a lame duck and congress can in fact shut his destruction of the United States down. that would include keeping oblamer out of the supreme court. A WIN IN ITSELF

        1. Winning in 2022 will be pretty hard if the Dems pass the federal rules for election fraud. All the proven techniques that were proved successful in 2020 will be REQUIRED by law to be used, and state legislatures will not be able to change them. That must not happen!

        1. This is not the first time that elections have been riffed. Primaries 2018, Bush and the Hanging Chads, and Obama’s 2nd term! And who knows ow many more…..

        2. And this one will to! We have the BEST JUDGE in the universe….His name is JESUS! These morons will get a BIG surprise!

      2. That is correct, they kept him in the basement so he would not make anymore gaffes and he still made them. He knew that he was going to be elected, because the election was rigged.

        1. He even repeated the other evening on National TV his famous quote about He had the world’s greatest voter fraud organization in the world in answer to someone’s question about whether he could win by staying in his basement.

      1. hell he can’t find the Whire House from Marine one.. the secret service had to redirect his empty brainpan to the building

      1. Buckle up folks–IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE.. Problem is –this weak miscreant in the White House only makes the USA appear to be stupid and WEAK.. They think we are easy to pick off. You see China–his employer already flexing muscle and sending to space HYPERSONIC missiles while Biden dreams up an excuse to get rid of the Space Force Trump started.. Much of Biden’s actions are vindictive and only hurt the American taxpayers..

  2. A picture of the two worst presidents in American history. All they needed was to get Jimmy Carter in the picture and they would have hit the Trifecta!

  3. Anderson Cooper is another brain dead woke up reporter. I think he wants to make love to Jihad Joe. CNN can’t handle the truth that pedo joe’s past 10 months have been a complete disaster. PS TRUMP WON, MAGA!

  4. I’m still sick that somehow botchin’ Biden got elected! There is no way that there are that many people out there that would knowingly vote for this racist, misogynist bigot.

    1. he didn’t the recounts are showing Trump won. how could he win? when he did come out out of his basement he could draw enough people for a gravesite sitting. when he did come out he preached raising taxes, which is about all he has done since sworn in.

  5. Biden should be hung in the town square until there is no sign of life left!!!! He is a disgusting embarrassment to this country. I see his puppetmaster Obummer is stepping in to cover for him!!!! We don’t need Biden or Obummer representing this country. The two of them together are not qualified or fit to run a chicken coop…let alone this country!!!!!

    1. He is a very small minute part of the pie. He doesn’t even know who he is. But the other 200,000 need to be hung

  6. He is brain-dead. All the people that didn’t fall for his messes and liars were Trump people that were told by our President what to expect form him and that was nothing. He is an idiot and a puppet to somebody up there that knows just about as much as he knows. If WE THE PEOPLE don’t get his stupid ass out there. nothing will be left for us to fight for. Another dumb ass war like we had with Viet Nam and these one he screwed up all the way around. Stand up and take our country and go back to living in a free country and not in Hitler’s land of threat and corruption of communist America. They think Jan.6th was bad. wait until this whole country has had enough from these idiots.

  7. Anderson Cooper is as stupid as he is a Vanderbilt. Or gay. Or a non-journalist. However you cut it, it’s a LOT of stupid.

  8. It’s no surprise that there are people, like Anderson Cooper, who find Biden well beyond his capability in anything, but especially in botching the Afganistan fiasco!

  9. The JoBummer Team is not fooling anyone , and the puppet and puppet master have never changed their stripes.

  10. I sounds like Anderson Cooper is okay with leaving Americans and Afghan contractors there to be murdered or held for ransom. Cooper is a big a traitor as Biden.

  11. I find it amazing that people think it wasn’t done on purpose. The left knows what they are doing every time they enact a policy that hurts or kills American citizens, and they seem to do it alot… Time to label someone acting like an enemy as “enemy” yet??

    1. The Courts have ordered Mush Brain to go back to the Wait in Mexico for the illegal aliens now invading the USA and wait for an immigration judge to determine their asylum plea.. Ninety per cent get sent back to where they came from.. Mush Brain is ignoring the Court order.He is purpsoefully flooding the USA with millions of illegal aliens.

  12. I don’t need to read this. The hand writing on the wall….The demos are trying to get rid of ‘ traitor in chief’, get cameltoehoe in his shoes, NOT FOR LONG, just long enough for obama to take over! That’s why he and kamala are being ‘ buddies ‘ now! What a CORRUPT partnership, and like good DEMONICrats, they’ll both try to get rid of each other! SICK BASTARDS!

  13. Biden and his administration along with the Antisemitism, the fake news, the bias, the collapse of Afghanistan, the strained Americans and the Afghanistanis who help the USA ; Shame on him. G-d helpus.

  14. Biden seems to be a man without a conscience and without a soul. Certainly without compassion for those he left behind in Afghanistan. He relishes in his mask mandates and his power over the common citizen. If they don’t say “how high” when he commands “JUMP” he promises more mandates, more punishment, more masking, more inflation and higher gas prices. He address us like children or chattel. Too stupid to understand infrastructure or chain of supply. Too stupid to see through the power grab.


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