Super PAC Files FEC Complaint Against Biden 2024 Campaign

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America

A political action committee dedicated to getting Joe Biden out of the Oval Office just announced a new major lawsuit against the president. As Americans eagerly look ahead to casting their ballots in 2024 and hopefully getting the country back on track, President Biden is already facing trouble.

The Committee to Defeat the President, the country’s leading anti-Biden super PAC has filed an official complaint with the Federal Elections Commission alleging Joe Biden has violated election law by raising and spending millions in campaign funds. According to the complaint, President Biden has met the legal definition of a candidate for the 2024 election. However, Biden has yet to file the “Statement of Candidacy” document as required by federal law.

In addition, Biden for President, his campaign as well as the Biden Victory fund, a separate committee have also violated FEC law because they haven’t filed “Statement of Organization” documents which would reflect Biden’s intention to run for president in 2024. Keep in mind, Biden has said he intends to run for a second term.

In the complaint, The Committee to Defeat the President also alleges that the Biden Victory Fund solicited more than $2 million in impermissible donations.

To read the official complaint, read below.


  1. Brandon did something illegal? Like pertaining to stealing an election or something like that? Say it isn’t so! #letsgobrandon

    1. Love your comment! #letsgobrandon!! 👍🏻#letsgobrandon!!
      what a dork biddyboy Biden is! He is incompetent, mentally history. It’s his handlers that are the bad dudes! Find out who they are and We the People can fix this!

      1. after seeing Biden’s divisiveness and lies, I can understand why Hunter is the way he is…probably had to take drugs to get by with his dad, who seems to lie very naturally. sorry if this offends, but at this point, I can come to no other conclusion

          1. Saw a Halloween costume yesterday that brought cho-Bai-Din Immediately to mind, It was an Apron with the Satement “I smell little children”

        1. Hunter has his drugs and alcohol and Joe Taliban has pickled his brain in alcohol and even been to Rehab for it .F.rankly I think he is still on the sauce daily and that is why Joe likes his sweets–like ice cream.

      2. Just that much more for the Biden Clan of Grifters.. Wanna bet –Joe Taliban will never return the 2 million to his donors. Something from the Hunter in 2020 Computer– He writes to his Father that it is imperative that he run for President so that Hunter can get redemption. I think he means the funds the Biden clan of Grifters will dry up if Joe leaves the political (wealth gathering game for the Biden grifters) and the sale of political favors for Hunter that is really a cover for money laundering. Terrors–the Bidens may have to find jobs and go to work like others.

  2. I will be Biden’s lawyer… “your honor, do you honestly believe this poor loser could have any chance of being re-elected? I rest my case your honor.”

    1. The Honorable Judge, “If totals put Biden behind in ballots? I’ve got two pallets of unverified ballots from the last election in my office”!

    1. yes, we all do…this is happening for a reason and we need to do our civic duties (sounds a little corny, but is true) and help elect locals…school board members, mayor, city council people, police chiefs, etc. not easy but better than what we have now. and we thought carter was bad…Joe makes him look like a schoolboy…btw, I don’t think Carter lied like Joe does (and, unlike the Trump accusers, I and many others can provide factual evidence) Psaki should go as well…she owns a PR firm and I guess lying come along with it!!

      1. I believe that the Universities have a required course in communications and it is mandatory.. It is called LYING TO THE PEASANTS aka Taxpayers. 101. Psaki is out in Jan and we will have that cute little Haitian girl who is factual if allowed by her keepers and seems to be a lovely person. I just love it when Joe Taliban snarls “Pay your fair share” to all of us and he owe by way of tax cheating 500,000.00 bucks in taxes that he and Dr Jill cheated the Government out of… What he accuses We The People of–it is he who has done the Tax cheating…

  3. Biden would be laughable if things weren’t so seriously critical!!!!!!!!!!! BUT THINGS ARE AT THE POINT OF REAL DANGER TO THE UNITED STATES. This “illegal presidential wannabe” has always been a loser and always will be, no matter who you back him up with. His controllers are the danger because they are and have been entrenched in the D.C. swamp forever. There has to be a thorough “house cleaning (ass kicking”) in that swamp sooner rather than later.

    1. The way I see it, there hasn’t been enough done to stop the fraud and people don’t have confidence that the left won’t steal another election because they don’t care how they win. They are lower than the dirt.

      1. there are currently a few states looking into and investigating the election (don’t you just wanna vomit when the left says ‘trump’s lies about the election’-with no proof??! btw the Washington Post-which I’m pretty sure the original Washington would disavow in a heartbeat-has as it’s motto ‘democracy dies in darkness’) and have come up with a lot of ‘facts’ that the left ignores…states like Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, and some of the southern states…if you are a praying person, now is the time.

  4. This is a “So What”! Nothing will be done about it because Biden is a Democrat and Democrats are allowed to break the law. The Biden mantra is that “LAWS ARE FOR THEE NOT ME”.

  5. why would Biden have to follow any laws? He has “Democrat Privilege” and a Democrat media that doesn’t report the truth.

    1. Biden is a dud, he was a dud and fabricator of lies in the Senate, and he is in the Presidency, which he and his cohorts stole through crooked means. He was wrong on every foreign policy too…..what a DISASTER.

      1. IMO, this is why the dims put him up to run, they knew of his crookedness, and willingness to do ANYTHING for the enrichment of his family. This is racketeering at its best. The department of justice allows, and the msm will not report.

      2. His speech yesterday about the making of a pencil and the supply line was stolen from a speech made by someone else a few years ago.. Joe Taliban is still stealing the work of others and using it as his own. He got kicked out of college over such theft but he must think we the people are all stupid..

  6. Do we really think Joe will run in 2024? He can’t do his job now. What will he be like in three years from now? If the country elects Joe in 2024 it is sicker than I thought or I would like to admit. There got to be something going on in the democrat party to even entertain a thought of Joe running in 2024. Please tell me it is a dream. I can see Kamala, but Joe unbelievable.

    1. Jim, he’d not doing anything now! I wonder how many people it takes to dress him in the morning? He is not accountable, nor impeachable, IMO. Harris was handpicked for her morals too, or lack, IMO

      1. It is pretty serious when the number one representative of the USA the used to be most powerful country in the World cannot control his bodily functions when visiting the Pope and had to undergo a complete clean up as his diaper overflowed. Then at the Enviromental meeting while speaking with Prince Charles and Camilla–he did it again. He is not fit to appear in public let alone represent the USA… But Dr Jill just had to become the first Lady and Hunter just could not ever be Redeemed unless Joe became President. THE USA IS SUFFERING AND THE SUFFERING WILL CONTINUE UNTIL THE USA IS NO MORE.

    2. You may be the only one who can see Kamal continuing on in office cause her numbers are lower than Taliban Joe’s numbers. She has really done nothing except use Air Force 2 like a taxi with her trips back to CA to visit family and friends–She did nothing for the disaster ongoing at our Southern Border and is still hunting for the root causes of why we are being over run by the the rest of the world sending us their undesirables and drugs and gangs..

  7. Let’s face it, there will be nothing done with this senile, incompetent buffoon because the FEC will only take on anyone but demoRATs. They are just anorther part of the corrupt demoscum run government.

  8. Ole Joe my be missing most of his mental capacity – except for ‘reading aloud text he is provided – but his declining years show an ‘EVIL’ expression replacing that ?seemingly friendly toothy smile? he had perfected in earlier years! Those who are actually ‘calling his shots’ have a dismal FarLeft/Socialist/Communist agenda that will credit ‘Ole Joe’ with this disaster in American History – which he richly deserves!


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