GOP Senator Says Trump Won’t Have His Vote in 2024

White House [Public Domain]

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy has officially turned his back on former President Trump.

In an interview with “Axios on HBO” the Republican senator said that he has serious doubts Trump will manage will the 2024 Republican nomination if he does choose to run for president again but regardless of being the nominee, he won’t have Sen. Cassidy’s vote.

The Hill reports:

“President Trump is the first president, in the Republican side at least, to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in four years. Elections are about winning,” Cassidy said.

When pressed on whether Trump could lose the nomination in 2024, Cassidy said “if you want to win the presidency, and hopefully that’s what voters are thinking about, I think he might.”

“But it’s clear you ain’t voting for him,” Allen said to Cassidy.

“I’m not,” the Republican senator responded.

Senator Cassidy’s hard stance against voting for Trump isn’t all that shocking considering he was amongst the Republican senators that voted to impeach him following Jan. 6th.

This isn’t the first time the Republican has said he doubted Trump will win the Republican nomination in 2024. He previously told CNN’s Dana Bash that while the next election was far off he didn’t believe Trump would become the nominee.

So far, Trump has strongly hinted at a third presidiential campaign but has yet to make anything official.

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    1. this RINO still doesn’t get the real crimes behind the stolen 2020 election. the citizen of La. can also delete him just as well. he overestimated his brainless reasoning.

          1. I don’t think Biden was a good choice for President.
            I do think that Biden was the better of two really bad choices.

          2. I see you’re still trolling here. Why don’t you go over to Biden train news. Oh that’s right because it’s a wreck.

          3. I stop by here for the gigles.
            To see what day Trump will be returning to the White House.
            I don’t think Mike Pillow has enough ones and zeros to convince the Supreme Court by Thanksgiving.
            I hoping for a Christmas Eve Surprise where Trump and General Milley pry the nuclear football from Biden’s cold dead hands.
            It will be a fun for all.

          4. Wait until your husbands boyfriends go away and maybe your husband will give you some attention.

          5. P.S. If you think Trump was bad, just wait till the Biden administration implements their green energy crap and the trillions he wants to spend will bankrupt you and the rest of us. Also if you spend more than $600.00 from your bank accounts the IRS (he plans to hire thousands of more agents), will be monitoring your accounts. How’s that for freedom? You don’t know it yet, but you voted in a Socialist/Marxist/Fascist government. DUFUS! Pardon the expression, but it fits.

        1. Not all thank God! But it is an ugly world with the rhinos and Marxist Dems. But just think of the multi- thousands of people at his rallies and you’ll realize they’re far from gone. We’ve just got to stop the cheating.

      1. I’ve seen him interviewed on the Sunday shows. Not impressed at all. Hope his constituents are watching.

    2. Primary out all the God Damn RINOs.
      Make sure that the Dumbs won’t have to run against the advantage of incumbency.
      Real smart
      Trump smart.
      Almost as smart as not voting at all.

    3. He’s probably from a district that’s not really conservative. Therefore, has to strattle the fence. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be elected.

      1. He’s a senator. All of Louisiana votes for him. He ran as a conservative. I didn’t vote for him the first time. I did the second time, because no one was running against him. You can be sure he will be voted out his next run. Too many support Trump in my neck of the woods,

        1. I made the mistake and voted for Cassidy this last time. I won’t make that mistake again. He is definitely a RINO and does not represent Louisiana.

    1. Just another former Trump supporter.
      Just another Trump lanslide
      Trump is so God Damn tired of winning.
      Jesus Christ just look at how fat he is.
      Fat people are real winners.

          1. Not a good idea, Albert, to mock Jesus…but that is what you Satanist are good at. Just a reminder…God wins and Satan loses! There is a Hell and it awaits all who reject Jesus. You can repent and ask forgiveness, Albert!

          2. Dear Jesus,
            Up yours.
            I will stand strong before the Lord.
            I shall not repent.
            Freedom from religeon.

        1. My sacrilegiousity is a matter of pride
          God Damn It To Hell.
          Woud you make what I just said a felony.
          Up yours.
          How about that?
          Watcha gonna do, lock me up?
          You have puss balls.

          1. Oh, Albert, it is worse than a felony…it is a ticket to hell…you lock yourself up, don’t need any help from us…glad you know what a puss is, puss!

          2. Well, I guess when you die, you’ll find out the truth. Hopefully, it won’t take that.

        1. You said it, Cuzi!! Jerks like ‘ little albert’, flop their gums, and say nothing, like the rest of the cronies!

        2. My current hobby is annoying the Hell
          out of Trump Humpers,
          I have been nominated for the Nationals.
          God Damn it to Hell.

        3. Should blasphemy be a twenty year felony?
          If you are a Scuzzy Muzzie then life?
          How many years for quiet agnostics?
          When we are free to critize religeon only then are we truly free.
          Freedom of religion is freedom from religeon.
          Jesus was a fruit cake.
          He never gave vaginal bliss a try.

      1. Louisiana needs to primary this Rino out so the Democrat won’t have to run against an incumbent..
        Real smart.
        The Trump kind of smart.
        Stable Genius Smart

    1. Has it even occurred to Cassidy that the same Fraud that lost the election for President Trump very likely also effected the numbers
      of the other Candidates>>?

      1. Especially the Georgia runoff election where people were actually temporarily moving to Georgia just to vote in the runoff election.

        1. What makes a move temporary?
          Is there anything illegal about temporarily moving?
          Even for the expressed purpose of voting?
          Our Republican Senator lost to Warren.
          He “moved” to New Hampshire to see if could fool them, he lost, in a real landslide, in a Reddish state.
          He “moved” back to Massachusetts the day after election.
          Is he a scumbag carpetbagger?

          How long should person have to “live” somewhere to vote there?
          As long as it takes to become a citizen?
          Should they forced to swear loyalty to the State Constitution?
          Be forced to pass a test on it?

          1. Check this box out, for yourself….YOU’RE A RETARDED IDIOT, little albert (in many more ways than one!)

        1. Are the Rinos now the majority of the party?
          Is it close?
          What is the tipping point that slides Trunp into the political dumpster?

    1. Cassidy is in office, Trump is not.
      Cassidy won .9% more votes than Trump.
      Cassidy won’t going anywhere untill at least 2027.
      In 2024 Trump won’t be going anywhere.
      I will be sending Cassidy a significant donation and ask him to spread it around among other deserving Rino Never Trumpers.

  1. These people are phucking idiots! Won’t vote for someone who puts “America First, The People First”, but most likely vote for Biden again or Kamala, who will complete the task at hand of driving this Country into The Abyss! You people sicken me and probably (I hope) MOST ALL AMERICANS!!!!!!

    1. Trump is First.
      America is Second.
      Jesus H Christ what is wrong with you?
      Everything thing is second to Trump?
      That is what The Good Lord God said.
      God don’t lie.
      You do have to watch Trump.
      He can blow some real stinkers out his butt.

      1. Under Biden, your “Butt-Buddy”, your ash is first, the rest of you? He could give a shit less! Vote for him again ash-hole!

        1. Biden was a poor choice.
          For the second election in a row we have had two really bad choices.
          So much for American Execeptionalism.
          USA USA…

      2. You know nothing of what God says….but God is good and He will deal with rejects and a denier and mocker like you. God does not lie and he keeps His promises about His judgement for evil people like you!

  2. Of course he can’t vote for him, Trump is the guy that exposes frauds in DC, who can blame this guy for not wanting Trump, no one in the DC power system would ever vote for him because their incompetence will be exposed if they plan to stick around.

      1. The reason he (Trump) bet Hillary, is her arrogance believed she had it in the bag! As 2020 came, Hillary told Biden “Do Not Concede”! She knew the fix was in and only “The Dumbest” believe as Democrats wish! You will certainly buy oceanfront property in Arizona!!!

        1. Hillary was arrogant.
          Trump is arrogant.
          Biden is not.
          Hillary and and Trump are losers.
          Biden is a bad President.
          Biden is a winner.
          So much for American Exceptionlism.
          U Suchker Ashwhole

  3. He is one RHNO with a big mouth. Trump didn’t win the last election? The Dems stole it with voters fraud. Any moron could see that. Maybe he should stick with Biden and his 81 MILLION VOTES!!!!!

    1. Weak people get stolen from.
      Strong people defend themselves.
      Trump never even fired a shot.
      Trump is a weak disgusting puke.
      A sorry looking old fat man.

  4. Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy is a LOSER and a malcontent. He is exactly the kind of person you DON’T want to be around. He was a member of the Democrat Party most of his life but he jumped to the Republican Party because he thought that would help him get elected in Louisiana. The clown can’t be trusted and everything he does is done to benefit himself and not his constituents.

    Cassidy is a perfect example of the kind of person that has ruined the Republican Political Party. He should be run out of the party – the sooner the better.

    1. amen. i wonder which of the two charges on impeachment that Cassidy thought was valid. certainly not the one about the lies about paying bonuses to kill soldiers.

      i am a typical small contributor, but there can never be one more cent to Cassidy.

  5. Typical, pessimism versus optimism. Perhaps Senator C. has never heard of a Learning curve; or better yet, sour grapes as a result of one’s actions. What a loser writing his own epithet.

    1. He has learned that to win in 2024 his party must lose it’s grip on Trump.
      They Are not the Orange Party.
      They are the Red Party.
      The International Communist Party.

    1. There are so many Rino Chimps.
      I had no idea this guy is one of those God Damn Coloreds.
      This is all Lincoln’s fault.
      They were all so happy picking cotton.
      They would Praise The Lord and burst into song.
      That was when America was really great.
      Now all they do is drugs and rape altar boys.
      Oh wait no, that’s priests.
      They must rape someone with those gigantic BBCs.

  6. This is the kind of self-inflicted wound the republicans don’t need. Biden is destroying the country with millions of illegals walking across the border as drugs pour into the country and Cassidy is talking about who he won’t support three years from now? Even if you don’t like Trump how could anyone say they’ll stay with the status quo? Remarkably short-sided thinking.

    1. The Republican self inflicted wound is Trump.
      Remarkably short sighted to be a party of one.
      A guy who won’t even talk to his Vice President.
      Or the highest elected offical in “his” party
      A party is not one person.
      Trump is not a King.

  7. Would someone a TTN please tell me why my comment is “Awaiting for approval”? There is no profanity and no threats so please tell me why the comment needs to be approved?

    1. It does not have to have profanity to be be unacceptable.
      TTN will not publish lies.
      Just truth, justice and the American way of life.
      God Damn it to Hell.

  8. This cassidy character from La. will not be voted for, if he plans to run again, HE WILL NOT WIN!!!

    1. In his last election he got a higher percentage of the vote than Trump.
      They love him more they love Trump.
      LA loves it Democrat Govonor.
      NO loves it’s Democratic Mayor.
      The fun part is that Cassidy we be Senator the whole time Trump is campaigning for the 2024 nomination.
      And, if God Forbid, Trump should retake the Presidency Cassidy will still be right there in the Senate.
      What political fun.

    2. Do you wear a mask while eating?
      At all?
      Was it hypocritical of Trump to take the Trump Vax and not advocate that others do the same.
      How many Trump supporters would have taken the Trump Vax if Trump could have figured out how to stay in office.
      How many refuse because it is a Biden distributed Vax.
      Is this primarily branding issue.
      Is the Trump brand beginning to tarnish?

      It’s cheap red copper not high luster GOLD?

  9. He needs to go now and any other rino vote them all out and remove them asap !
    We need no worthless Democrats in a republican costume in the party only Americans who want to safe America with Capt America Donald Trump.

      1. Love is not enough.
        Will you lay down your life for him?
        Will you lay him?
        When the time comes will you drink the Kool-Aid.
        Tastes Great
        Can’t Wait.

  10. His state needs to nominate another candidate to replace his traitorous ass nest time he runs for reelection. He don’t even deserve his retirement pension after he gets voted out.

    1. They remember that they voted for a Democrat for the highest office Political office in the State.
      They don’t cotton much to New York City Slickers, real estate shysters.


  12. What Cassidy apparently fails to realize is that under Trump, the GOP ‘Gained’ more seats in the House, and ‘every’ vote matters in elections, including his, so Cassidy is simply not being realistic…

    1. Suprise suprise, Cassidy is not in the house.
      Trump had lost 4 seats in the Senate and 36 seats in the House.
      In 2020 Trump was the Trifecta loser.
      Hanging on to Trump is simply not being realistic.
      Cut your losses and Build Back Better.
      Fat old Trump can’t beat sleepy old Joe.
      Been there, done that.

    1. I am pretty sure Trump does care.
      He just can’t afford to lose anymore supporters.
      There are more and more Rinos everyday.
      It is like the Trans phenomena, more and more are coming out every day
      Just take the drugs and cut your cock or those God awful floppy tits off.

  13. He is clearly a r.i.n.o. If Trump wins the candidacy, he won’t vote for him… so that means he will only vote for someone who shares his r.i.n.o. stance. Swamp first, not America first…..

  14. We all know that President Trump did not lose in 2020 and he probably didn’t lose the Senate either. This Senator is very naive to make such a statement. Trump is the only one who can save this country and put us back on the right track. This country does not need this man in the Senate. He knows that Trump’s policies were a success in achieving good things for the people of this country. The Senator should worry about his own career in the Senate because we need America first people in Congress, not RINOS like him

  15. He’s just another RINO who should be tossed out on his ear! Who actually listens to RINO’S like him? Hopefully his constituents vote him out in their next election! If they don’t, they get the evil they vote for!

  16. What an idiot. The election was stolen and it wasn’t just the presidential election. In Georgia people were actually moving to Georgia just to vote in the runoff election for the senators. There should be a law that if you were not a resident of the state when the original election occurred you should not be able to vote in the runoff election.

    1. What states have those laws?
      Should you be able to vote in a run off election if you did not vote in the General?

      What about recall elections
      How about if it only fits your political objectives?

    1. He got a higher percent of the vote than Trump.
      There is only one interest in politics.
      In combination they are money, power, fame and adulation.
      For Trunp it is all about adulation.
      That is why he has so many adulation rallies.
      I me , me, I, ad nauseam.
      Bring your own barf bag.

    1. Actually he sounds like a Repuican who sees that Trump has no clothes.
      LIke McCain and Romney.
      I voted for them.
      Did you?
      Or did you go with that God Awful Scuzzy Muzzie?

  17. Trump DID win, you dumb ass. When are you and all your blind ilk going to wake up! It was stolen from him by Biden’s puppet masters.
    More evidence of the rigged machines is being exposed almost every day. The big problem is no one, even the cowardly Supreme Court Justices, will take that evidence, and go with it! We are being over run by America-hating Commies, and no one has guts enough to fight them!
    Please, God help us!!

    1. Trump nominated cowards to the Supreme Court?
      Is General Milley a coward too?
      Which God do you want to help us.
      Your God or my God or their God.
      God Damn It To Hell there are too many Gods.
      Maybe the Gods should send their immaculately conceived little boys down to earth to be fellated by creepy old men in smelly old clothes.

      1. What a representative you are for the Marxist Democrats. The very personification of hate, depravity, arrogance, filth, egotism and contempt for everything that doesn’t fit your narrative. That is an accurate description of the Democrat Party today. There is only one God, whatever name he goes by. If you don’t believe in a higher power that’s your prerogative, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. When you leave this plane of existence, you will find out, but until then you need to clean up your act because it’s really rotten to the core.

  18. Being a conservative and a native of Louisiana Cassidy is a turn coat maggot and will not get my next vote no matter who runs for President. Still won’t vote for a Demorat, just won’t vote for Cassidy.

    1. Cassidy is up reelection in 2026.
      LA has Democrat Govonor.
      Trump will dead and gone by then.
      Trump is an old fat man who eats garbage and gets no exercise.
      Ta Ta Turdo .

      1. Trump is neither old nor fat. You seem fixated on weight. Biden is old, skinny, mindless in the true sense and is only a figurehead for the one’s who are manipulating him. By the way, Trump has lost 25 pounds, so does that help your concerns about weight? Of course not. What is important is not his articulate ability, but his character, his compassion, which extends to our law enforcement, military and the people of this country. He tried every way to better the lives of Americans, but the left and the media would not let him. But he did manage to cut taxes, regulations of all kinds from the death tax to businesses so they could expand and grow. He tried to secure our borders so they wouldn’t be over run with gangs, drug cartels, traffickers in children and women and making us not only energy independent, but an exporter of oil and gas, all of which was stopped by Joe Biden and the Democrats that don’t want any of these good things for Americans. He gave minorities the right to choose good schools for their children which the Democrats have not allowed thanks to the teacher’s unions who are big donors to the left and don’t want those children going anywhere else. He brought significant peace to the middle east by taking a whole new direction to bring Arab countries and Israel together. That too, has been stopped by the Biden administration. They want to dictate to Israel, when it’s none of their business to tell any country how to deal with its neighbors. You are a very ignorant person Hess and you need to learn a great deal more before spouting off on things you know nothing about.

    1. Now I have a reason to go.
      Your daughter won’t be spewing MAGAAots from her crotch holes.
      I just wanted to make it up close and personal.

  19. Don’t turn your back on DJT, give him the credit for the flournishing of oil and gas in the state of Louisianna–support DJT.

  20. Trump got the job done despite RINOs colluding with the dims. I hope Trump runs again so he can repair all the damage being done by Biden’s admin. Also, hope all those who voted for the dims are feeling the pain at the pumps, the grocery stores, the cries of their kids at Christmas, the raising cost of living in general and the dissection and division between the American family.

  21. Another RINO Who is not only betraying President Trump but of course the American people and the United States. Cassidy statements prove that he clearly had to be a part of the 2020 Presidential election fraud. If not, he should be outraged like most Americans are. Cassidy along with the other rhinos wrote on the back of President Trump and all that he accomplished for the good of this nation of the American people when he was in office more often than not doing it on his own because they didn’t support him even then. He clearly doesn’t have a clue why he was elected and that was to serve the people along with the oath of office that he took to uphold the Constitution, laws of this land, support the security of the United States and the American people. What has he done since he’s been in office except collect a salary and use the exorbitant expense reports that are provided him by the American taxpayers.

  22. The curse of the Republican are the RINOS and hangers on like Romney, Sass and Kinzinger who have sold their soul to the Democrats while collecting a Republican pay check. The blessings are the new female members who carry the Republican colors proudly. The old girls in the party, notso much.

  23. this guys a punk piece of shit rhino to bad some nut doesnt beat him screw this guy vote him out cassidy is done

  24. Bill Cassidy is a wimp with the logic of a complete Moron. Trump will be the Gop candidate in 2024. He will become our great president again Old Bill talks too fast and somehow must think if he keeps yapping his head off some might just believe his B.S.

  25. Rino’s like Cassidy, Cheney, Romney etc need to be voted out ASAP! Heck I’d vote for Manchin and other right leaning Dems before I’d support those traitors.

  26. Hey Cassidy ..your a complete pile ..President Trump didn’t lose the election it was stolen from the people ..and asshats like you allowed it to happen

  27. FYI, I turned my back on Cassidy before getting this. He is one of my Senators today but I will try to primary him out when he comes up for reelection. He’s a RINO that in addition to his support for the second impeachment also coauthored the so-called Infrastructure Bill that is full of projects that I don’t consider infrastructure at all. He needs replaced. I am hoping that our LA AG Jeff Landry runs for that seat.

  28. What a dork! Why say anything? No one knows if Trump runs or if he wins the nomination. Just say we shall see what happens first. But no! What a dork I say it again.

    1. He is just one of many life long Republicans who can’t stand that
      Johnny Come Lately orange obnoxious bore.
      McCain, Romeny, Baker and Cheny come to mind.
      There are three or four Republican Govonors who have Dumpstered the Trumpsters.
      More to follow.
      Get use to the dorks.

  29. I can assure you that Cassidy deceived a lot of LA GOP voters when he was running for senator. There is extreme buyers remorse in that state! What a POS!

  30. Louisiana should send this Rino loser back to the horse stables, where he can do something useful – shovel Shit!

  31. Well pehaps it is time for Senator Bill Cassidy to become plain old Mr. Cassidy. We have enough back stabbers and as they come to the forefront they need to be removed from office and replaced by someone who actually cares about the American people. There are time when I would like for Donald Trump to tone it down or stop the bragging but he has done more good for America and its people than any President since Reagan. I give my support based on what a man has done as President, not because he pretends to be the nice guy and smiles and strokes the people with lies and deceit. Most of us see straight through that sort of liar and fraud which is what we have in the White House right now. So yes, Bill Cassidy is nothing but a fraud. Perhaps he is in the wrong party along with many of the No Trumpers who are just silly and shallow.

  32. Get rid of Cassidy. It is time we stick together, and anyone who does as Cassidy has done is not a Republican and does not deserve our vote Add Mitt Romney to this list. He is up in 1024 and I will never, ever, ever, vote for him after what he has done.

  33. I also don’t know of any other Liberal Democrat who would vote for Trump!!!! Yes, Cassidy is just another Liberal Democrat. There are really no surprises here!!!!

    Len Tippett

  34. Well it’s time For Cassidy to resign and carry his but back to Illinois, if not it’s time to have an election recall which is already under way

  35. Kennedy’s time in the Senate is due for a termination. If he won’t support a true conservative like President Trump, he isn’t a conservative and isn’t a true Republican. I don’t have any problem if he is opposed to Trump’s nomination, because there may be a better choice, but to oppose his election is anti-conservative.

  36. Here’s an idea, instead of blaming Trump for losing the house and senate, why not put it where it belongs. On Republicans in the house and senate that refused to support the president and allowed the democrats to run the show. They did everything to show their non support when they could have actually helped achieve good things for the country and instead they rolled over and played dead. Their usual position when they have control.

  37. It’s too bad I don’t live in Louisiana, because on voting day, this senator would be out! What a Judas he is. Any Republican who doesn’t value what Trump promised and succeeded in doing is a very stupid person. He is not a true conservative, i.e. rhino, who we don’t need in the party.

  38. Boy how is it they are so jealous of a man that Loves the United States of America. President Trump is the best President his record proves it look it up. This Rink Cassidy is a joke. Look up his record has done nothing but vote with the Democrats.

  39. Well, I hope that the citizens of Louisiana will vote this man back into office. He has no clue actually what happened on Jan. 6, 2021. If people would only read what happened by what Congress has said even AOC made the statement that,: “She knew in advance that something was going to happen that day. She said she knew about 10 to 12 days before the event? ” Those were her words! But no one wants to admit it. The news media once again played into the Democrats hands and this RINO representative from the state of Louisiana followed along.

  40. I wish I could move back to Louisiana so I could vote against this fool! Trump is the only President I have ever voted for that did even a small portion of what he promised and I started voting in the 1960s! He is an idiot for saying this!


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