Biden Admin Caught Relocating Migrant Children Across Country with Secret Flights

Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

The Biden administration was caught organizing secret flights to relocate migrant children from Texas to New York. According to recent reports, chartered flights filled with migrants have been arriving in New York since August, typically arriving after dark to prevent attention from being drawn.

The reports come as the Biden administration continues to deny its part in a border crisis that has clearly spun out of control.

Newsmax reports:

The underage migrants typically arrive carrying backpacks and are bused to locations including The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, upstate Newburgh, and Bridgeport and Danbury in Connecticut, a Post source said.

The newspaper said that about 2,000 migrants had arrived at the airport outside White Plains, New York, on 21 flights since Aug. 8, based on online flight-tracking data.

Other similar flights were noticed coming into Florida. Governor Ron DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Pushaw blasted the Biden administration’s secrecy and lack of accountability in a recent statement.

Washington D.C., sets immigration policies that do not affect them, and states — that lack information about migrant resettlement and do not have the authority to change federal immigration policy — are expected to bear the brunt of Biden’s reckless open-borders agenda.”

In a statement to The New York Post, former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino said that he learned about the secret flights from concerned citizens.

“The Biden administration is systematically spreading the southern border crisis to communities all around the country, often shrouded in secrecy and under the cloak of darkness,” Astorino told the Post.

  1. This is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE. It defies federal law and is a national security concern. If a phone call to the Ukraine was considered impeachable, where on the scale of impeachable offenses does this fall?! Remember the mantra, NO ONE is ABOVE the LAW? Biden and his band of co-conspirator cabinet members have got to go for the sake of our country!

      1. I agree…The problem is with RINO Mitch McConnell…He has already stated he will not take up impeachment charges against Joe Biden…For the sake of the country McConnell needs to go…Next in line Joe Biden.

        1. McConnell is a TRAVESTY and he can not be voted for another term, he’s a backstabbing, cowardly, liar!!!

    1. There ought to be a way for citizens to bring charges against these people for treason since Congress won’t bring charges against themselves and their buddies. Meanwhile, the world laughs at us…

  2. Is anyone surprised t this band of criminals? Together they plot threse treasonous acts knowing full well that nothing is gonna happen to the ‘dictators of destruction’.

  3. At least Texas is getting a little relief. It seems they should all be resettled in blue states because those states governments tell us red states have no compassion and blue states are filled with love and caring for the “refugees” who have already broken our laws by coming here illegally.
    So many of the people are being trafficked and they use Texas as a redistribution area. Houston has many houses filled with dozens of people waiting for their families to get more money to pay to the coyotes and cartels. When you have a 3 bedroom house 1 bath house with 50 people packed inside and barred windows and doors you can figure out what’s going on. They aren’t fed properly and their “dream” of getting here is tainted.

    1. as chuck schumer recently and publicly stated ‘we need them for cheap labor’!! stated on the senate floor…what an insult to these people who are simply looking for better circumstances, freedoms…and what a back stab to all of our citizens who are willing to work for ‘cheap labor’ and are grateful to have food and shelter!

  4. Biden needs to be killed. Everyone knows it is Soros pulling his strings. Soros was running the country for 8 years when Obama was President and now with Soros fixing the election he has dementia Joe in office, Soros is running the country again. And he is running it into the ground as planned.

    Democrat Party supporters are the dumbest people on earth.

    1. he has been kicked out of countries for doing the same thing-basically ruining their economy…too bad we don’t have a way to get rid of him-and his son…who I understand is now taking up the mantle because of his dads age

      1. We have a way. They are naturalized citizens and that citizenship can and should be revoked. Send him and his son’s back to Hungry.

  5. These actions make Biden and his handlers the biggest human trafficking smugglers and are in league with the cartels.

  6. Send a letter to Pelosi. She is the impeachment professional. Remind her that she moves up in line to be President.

    1. No, she doesn’t. If Mr. Biden is removed from office, Harris becomes President. She gets to choose a VP and that VP has to be approved by both houses of Congress. I somehow don’t think Pelosi could get enough votes.

  7. Joe Biden has committed many treasonist acts. When is he going to be brought to task for all he has done against the United States?

  8. Brandon has to get the kids to his pedophile supporters that helped get into the White House. Remember when the Kennedy’s used the Mafia to get JFK elected? Same game different contestants.

    1. You have to be in my age bracket to remember that. I don’t think that would be a majority of the folks on this thread.

  9. Why not send them to Epstein’s Island for Perverts with Misfit Sex Toys? Hillary and Big Mike Obama could be “den mothers”. Really- how can anybody with an ounce of compassion do this to kids – let alone kids who don’t have a way to defend themselves? The Bronx!? Might as well send them to Gladiator School (local prison)? At least they’d have a fighting chance instead of at the mercy of The Streets. How many of these kids will be adopted or fostered by those Demo-craps in Congress? Asking for a friend named Brandon.

  10. It’s like sweeping the dirt under the rug as they say. If you don’t know what to do with something, hide it!

  11. I don’t understand what these kids (or even an adult) are supposed to do after being dumped at an airport. Who are they being housed with?

  12. Arrest this lawless,pretending president,for breaking every immigration laws on the books, and endangering our national security. He needs to be removed for total incompetency.

  13. It is long past time that this FOOL was in prison for what remains of his time on earth! He MUST be accompanied on that journey by ALL THE DC DEEP SWAMP, HIS OWN MAFIA CRIMINAL FAMILY, ANYONE WHO HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN PLACING THE MOST DEVIOUS, VILE AND EVIL PERSON EVER IN OUR WHITE HOUSE. As citizens of this country we have to take some responsibility for him being in office because for the most part none of us have been able to nullify his illegal occupation of the Oval Office. However, it seems that the Obama judges have been able to thwart most of the attempts to remove him and all those involved in this coup and it is a coup. Does anyone have a clue or suggestion? If so, please use it!

  14. Governors aren’t advised in advance because many would alert customs, sheriffs and the city host of the airport. These law enforcement agencies would be directed to work together and enforce the law. I know, it’s a dream until our coprolitic imbecile resigns.

  15. Like for COVID, the Biden answer to attempt to address the problem is to camouflage it by spread it across the Country. This is the very opposite of what should be done, namely concentrate the problem so that it can be addressed with minimal resources. Instead, Biden is doing exactly the opposite, namely spread it around, no doubt to more effectivel destroy the Country. The enemies of the USA only have to stay quiet and wait, as the USA are destroying themselves quite effectively, thanks to Biden. 10/19.


    1. Totally. You are spot on too. He really needs to go ! Maybe he’ll fall and crack his head open. I can only pray for it.

      1. I pray EVERY NIGHT, & YES I PRAY FOR bid en and his ENTIRE REGIME to disappear!!! If he falls and breaks open his head, NOTHING WILL COME OUT!!!

  17. What Biden is doing is not just wrong and unconstitutional, it is a grounds for his immediate removal from office. No, not impeachment, removal and tried under criminal law.

  18. Hilarious…. The young white woke democrats are going to live in a different America. They get what they deserve.
    For everyone else…. it should be well known by now that bad always seems to win out on planet Earth.

  19. They are not testing these people for diseases. What better way to keep the Wuhan Virus going. That would give them another excuse to keep mail in balloting and ballot fraud going.

  20. Perhaps this is Czar Kamala’s brilliant solution to the border crisis. She hasn’t found the root cause, so she’ll just establish new roots 1000-1500 miles away and create chaos somewhere else in our country, as if there wasn’t enough already. What a pathetic bunch of liars, cheaters, schemers and scammers. I’m embarrassed that these halfwits represent America.

  21. AMERICANS are being told that they MUST get vaccinated and they must still wear masks, as DICTATOR bid en goes out to dinner with ms. bi!@h and is caught NOT wearing masks!!! If that’s not rich enough for you, this CLOWN, is sending ILLEGAL’S ALL AROUND AMERICA without even being tested for china virus!!! The HYPOCRISY and downright LIES are out there for all to see, how many were sent to Delaware??? When is this POISONOUS REGIME going to be held accountable??? Maybe after bid en gives AMERICA to china’s xi??? I am a disabled veteran and I PROUDLY SERVED my COUNTRY, and what bi den and company are doing is the very definition of TREASON, NOT ONLY ARE THEY TREASONOUS BUT THEY ARE TRAITORS!!! These two charges, under the UCMJ, ARE PUNISHABLE BY DEATH, AND BY GOD THIS HAS TO HAPPEN!!!

  22. Time for the US military to take over our country and get rid of Biden and his administration along with George Soros, Obama, Chuck Schumer and all the quacks with them.


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