What to Know: The Virginia Gubernatorial Campaign

Photo by Glenn Youngkin Via Flickr

The Virginia Gubernatorial Election has the attention of the entire country and it’s clear that the outcome of this race will impact national politics and may even give insight into next year’s 2022 congressional races.

In one corner there is Democrat Terry McAuliffe, the former governor of the state, and in the other corner is Republican Glenn Youngkin, a businessman turned politician.  

The main issues involved in this election are Critical Race Theory in public schools, Wokeness, the 2nd Amendment, and the current scandal plaguing Loudoun County. 

Here is everything you need to know about the Virginia Gubernatorial Election: 

  1. The culture war is and has always been waged by the Left. Obama is a liar and a master manipulator. He manipulates everyone that has no idea what is going on in the world of politics and the weak minded. How anyone thinks that Obama can sway the outcome of an election is beyond me. He can only change the outcome by cheating and lying just like 99.9 percent of all Democrat politicians!

  2. I can’t stand the man he belongs with the rest of them being taken to Gitmo. It can’t be soon enough and yes he will be going soon enough.
    You won’t win your agenda you won’t kill 90 percent of the ppl you won’t have a new world order and you Satan himself will not pass go ….

    1. I hope you are right. Right now with all that Joe has done to our country you thing Terry should lose in a landslide but he’s not. I think in the end Terry will pull this out. American Marxism is deeper in our country than we realize..

      1. Not lieing cheating money pay offs is the problem. Take the money away and it will end the problems. Matter fact it will end all the problems

    2. Watch out Terry and the bad boys had a plan. “The waiver of the absentee ballot signature requirement for the 2020 election was not based on any judicial ruling that the Governor or any county or municipal government had the power to authorize such a waiver.” State legislators have that power. Google: “fairfax county democrat supervisors seek to subvert rule of law” The Reps have already hauled in the lawyers.

    3. God is Holy…He would not touch such evil as Terry McAuliffe. God does have a special place for him though, and it is HOT! God is in control and God wins and Satan loses.

  3. Ahh elections…that wonderful but strange time, when demo(n)©rat-politicians have to ‘act’ sane & pretend to be normal by “denying & lying” about all the crazy/insane stuff, that, they’re actually planning to do or have to do…once, they’ve conned all the suckers into voting for them❓

    1. globalists and their puppets; $oro$ and demonrats and rinos and media don’t even attempt to reach out for American votes, they rely on globalist voter fraud to appoint/reappoint their globalist puppets; demonrats and rinos .

      1. True they could hide in their basements and still win. Why bother get n out when your told you got this that’s why Hitlery couldn’t believe she lost

  4. Like to think that the American people are smart enough to see that the democrats have really. F-up this country in just ten months an it must stop. Everyone. Take a look at the economy an the infiltration of immigrants. Who do you think is paying for this. An the how this dumb president is spending our tax money. Now he is putting up a wall around the vacation house an we are paying. Did anyone pay for a wall around your house. Let’s go to the polls in coming months an put republicans in charge

    1. Same way of course and by time they finally get to check after they get turned down for a recount it will be too late. Ssdd same shit different day

        1. Let’s hope it works or will they be turned down again. You can have all the best lawyers but still get turned down till it’s too late to do anything. We’ve already been thru that

    2. After globalists run out of all their fake mail in ballots to count and globalist puppet mcawful is still losing then globalists will simply project globalist puppet mcawful the winner, the same exact they they did to appoint globalist puppet, chester biden .


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