The Upsets and Points of Interest in This Weeks Elections

Republican candidate for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin / Photo by Glenn Youngkin via Wikimedia Commons

The Underdog Story 

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr


The State Senate President of New Jersey, Steve Sweeney(D), is on track to be ousted from office by former Truck Driver Edward Durr(R) after a stunning series of events. While the win is not official yet(go figure) it is clear that Edward Durr is ahead in this race(52-48%).

What was so fascinating about this race from a national perspective was the fact that Edward Durr only spent $160 on his campaign and managed to beat the Senate President. Typically, the Senate President of any state and of any party has to retire to lose their position or be ousted by the party they represent. Officials like Sweeney have massive campaign war chests and that money tends to go very far, it clearly didn’t go far here though. 

Blue-Collar candidates might be the way to go in the future of GOP politics, certainly in areas like this where one was able to go toe to toe in an unwinnable battle with no support. 

  1. Does anybody proofread the copy before it’s published??? Grammar, syntax, spelling keep getting worse … what’s up with that?

    1. They don’t teach things in school any more. Like spelling, grammar, etc. You don’t need to learn those things any more even if you want a job like a reporter, etc. No need to learn spelling, history, math. Just learn about race, what your rights should be and how to riot, BLM & commit crimes.

      1. And how bad white supremacists are, and they think ALL white people are supremacists!!! So many BAD things happening now, the DICTATOR really screwed AMERICANS!!!

    2. Probably our public/state schools. I cannot believe the elementary spelling/english errors, but at least we’re gettomg factia; omfp

    3. It could be typos, but I think its the public educational system. I am acquainted with children from our public schools who cannot understand the printed word, even when they can pronounce it..guess it follows through to adulthood

  2. Considering the clear and obvious destruction of the United States by the demwits, more republicans should have won and by much wider margins.
    It’s obvious, there are still millions of fools out there….and the ‘rat party is very aware of it!!!!

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  3. The dumbocraps never learn anything, they just don’t get it. When their party becomes irrelevant, in 2022,2024, and republicans take back the house,senate and presidency, then they might get it, but I seriously doubt it.

  4. Jack Ciattarelli did not concede the race because there were too many irregularities in quite a few counties. 56 voting machines votes were not counted, because of some “technical” difficulty. The Republican Party sent over lawyers to ensure a forensic audit in places where numbers were messed up. You know, like Republican Counties showing the Democrat won, etc. Ciattarelli was ahead the whole night, when a vote dump of 40,000 ballots was dropped, boom. 2020 deja Vu.
    The media isn’t reporting on that point. Murphy brought in NEW “voting machines” this year. Surprise, Surprise!


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