This is How GOP Leadership Could Change After Next Year

Photo of the US Capitol / Photo by the US Capitol via Flickr

Major Shake-ups are going on with the GOP and many are wondering who will be in charge of the party and who will be leading the party come next year. 

House GOP Leadership elections are only one year away but everyone is getting ready to strike now, before things become official. 

Here are some of the potential shake-ups in the GOP we might see in the near future: 

  1. I didn’t see a single name on the list that I would support for the positions mentioned. Granted I stopped reading half way through the last.
    I would support Trump for Speaker but only until shits and giggles are impeached.
    I would like to see Jim Jordan, John Kennedy, Tim Cotton and a few other rabble rousers included in the mix.
    The rights of succession should no longer be observed, we are not a monarchy.

    1. Agree!!
      We need more republicans with stones!!
      Too many passive republican bureaucrats have sat on their azzes and basically been complicit while the face of America changed and became a country that too many of us no longer recognize.
      And, increasingly, other countries no longer recognize either.

      1. If the GOP takes over the House & Senate in the historical manner ( replace the majority of the House with the likes or look alike : Romney ,Clark & all the
        GOP lites ) .The demise of this country will continue at a faster pace .The “sheep ” will believe that someone has come to save them and continue to graze .> NO CHANGE WILL COME UNTIL WE VOTE OUT ALL INCUMBENTS !!

      2. Yes sir other countries look at us like pantyhose wastes like when obummer was president tell everybody we are sorry. What the lleh. Sick demented satanistic freaks need to go to gitmo

    2. In future i doubt there will be 2 Parties. it causes division and under NESARA/GESARA there must be no fighting in our World any more. President Trump will be World Commander in Chief overseeing other Countries Commanders in Chief. The Criminals who have been running our World are being removed thank God and Marshall Law take over

      1. Well now if that doesn’t sound Fascist – Communist I don’t know what does. One man’s criminal is another man’s saint. No, Trump as World Commander is a really bad idea. He’s a true American but not a God.

  2. Name DJT as Speaker, impeach the current two Dem losers, thus making DJT the President. Replace all Bidens changes and get the USA back on track again.

  3. The names mean nothing without knowing their actual positions on matters. Are they establishment or are they populist Republicans? Are they RINO Republicans or actual representatives of the people?

  4. I don’t trust ANY politicians. Yes, the Democrats are far worse than their Republican counterpart but they are ALL corrupt.

    Donald J. Trump IS NOT A POLITICIAN and that is why I trust him and would love to see him as President again. He was a businessman and he actually worked FOR the American people.

    Politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. Lawyers are a close second (probably why most politicians were/are lawyers).

    Today, our government is so corrupt that nobody with an ounce of sense trusts it. The Declaration of Independence clearly states in paragraph 2;
    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and to institute new Government……..

    All I can say is that we are now at that point. The ineffective, and maybe insane, Joe Biden needs to be impeached before he completely destroys our country or turns it into a socialist republic.

  5. To any GOP officials reviewing this. I have concerns about Kevin McCarthy as this past year he has proven himself to be more of a RINO than a stanch supporter of the “new GOP Platform,” that being the (TRUMP) America First agenda. McCarthy has caved in to Democrats this past year and has done a poor job of standing up to the crazed Pelosi! I love Steve Scalise and support him whole-heartedly! I’m not familiar enough on the others listed but can only hope that they pass President Trump’s muster and support the America First agenda in every aspect. The New Patriots will be relying on President Trump to set forth the agenda to return America back to greatness and lead the America First Agenda going forward.

  6. It’s the money stupid. The Republican Party dances to the tune of globalist Wall Street corporations & The Military Industrial Complex, period. And both o f them hate Trump because they do not control him. Replacing Democrats with Republicans doesn’t change that. The Republican Party is divided from within, and the big money controls the politics. It is time for the “deplorables”, the overwhelming number of middle class working people who have been betrayed by the Communists on the Left (Democrats) & the Robber Barons on the Right, to join together and elect independent politicians who serve we the people and not themselves. Those in the Republican Party who agree are welcome, those who don’t, we know where their loyalty is. Now is the time for new leadership.

    1. Amen to that!!!!! Research the heck out of these people. Just cause they say they’re Republican doesn’t make it true. There are a few Republicans who have stood up for America and those who have voted with the Dems and those who have stayed silent need to go. I wouldn’t vote for McCarthy for dog catcher. I wouldn’t vote for McConnell to pick up shit.

  7. Not one woman or person of color mentioned. When is this going to change with the GOP? Pelosi, curse her evil heart, has been consistently outstanding for the Socialist, I mean Democrat, cause. The GOP needs to train someone with at least her determination and clever chutzpah. Fight bitch with bitch, Playing nice won’t work any more.

  8. Fight fire with fire. The only woman that can take on Pelosi is Sarah Palin. Maybe Marjorie T Greene, but she doesn’t have the same cleverness. Think about it: Palin as Speaker. I’d LOVE to see that fight!

  9. I’d rather see Jim Jordan as Speaker of the House. I’m tired of the RINO’S. We need to shake things up. We can’t have weak leadership.

  10. McCarthy, a rino picked and confirmed by drunkard Bonehead and Rat Ryan. Woopie!
    Right now McCarthy knows the thoughts of the deplorables that I have expressed. Why is he going to be the speaker? Because he was delegated to that position by his fellow rinos and the two snakes he will follow.
    Pick a better rep. McCarthy is just all talk and will fall in line with the wishes of his dimwit nitwit partners. All through Bozo and Trump’s terms the house was lead by Bonehead and Rat Ryan who both did nothing but go along and get along. McCarthy is the pick of the last two worthless speakers of the House noted. And he will do the same, and has already demonstrated that in his short spell of House Speaker before the dimwit nitwits stole the 2020 elections. McCarthy is, was, and always will be a RINO!
    So expect nothing but business as usual. McCarthy has been called out and is now posing for the new changes of 2022. He needs replacing and this is the very reason I will send no money to the GOP. Sick of this establishment process that puts rinos and dimwits like Old Nanc in the seats of power in the cesspool of DC.
    McConnell is another fine example of the establishment picks in the senate.
    Changes in the GOP? So far, I see nothing different! Talk the talk then walk the walk and we will judge your actions then accordingly.

  11. Time to clear the deck of all the Rinos so America can be saved from the socialists/Globalists before it is too late.


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